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Woman: I Went Boom Boom Ow at Peas Rehearsal

9/2/2009 2:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One woman claims a Black Eyed Peas concert rehearsal left her with "mental, physical and nervous pain and suffering" -- and it had nothing to do with Fergie's singing.

Black Eyed Peas
According to a lawsuit filed earlier this month, a woman named Winter Sumpter was doing work for a rehearsal the Peas were doing in Burbank, Calif. back in 2007. Sumpter claims she was walking down a flight of stairs when "one of the treads became detached" and she fell through.

Sumpter claims she suffered "severe and permanent injuries." She's suing the Black Eyed Peas, BEP Touring and others for unspecified damages.


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You go sister and get that money. It's the american way!

1877 days ago


lose some weight you fat ass.

1877 days ago

mrez golucky    


1877 days ago

What do building problems have to do with the Black Eyed Peas? She just takes her gun and sprays it toward anything with money. A scam.

1877 days ago


ppl find the stupidest thngs to sue the rich..even they know its ridiculous

1877 days ago


This broad is a real piece of work-check out her myspace page:

About me:
I am rude,crude and tattooed.I don't sleep.I stay up thinking of ways to destroy you, yes YOU!I am what keeps you up at night and kills your buzz during the day. yes i am me!!!!!!!!!!!!I am the friend who laughs at your pain before i check your well-being. My favorite moments involve the words "hey, check this out bro". those moments are always memorable. if you are sensitive, i suggest you snort your Midol, it takes effect faster.then continue reading. also i have a no patience and i merely tolerate you all. i like dirty jokes and clean teeth. i love to wear my pj's in public and scaring the locals. well not at the same time!i am strongly dedicated to researching things that don't work out and are not in my best interests, like clothes, relationships , get it.i like the color blue. and my skin melts when it comes into contact with pink or yellow. i think blondes should be drowned in a vat of real womens tears and i guess by now you have figured out that i am made of rainbow sprinkles and farts.i am racist, sexist,elitist,and an emotionally crippled narcissist basically anything 'ist.i am judgemental and a hypocrite, if anyone tells you different they are a liar and you should delete them immediately from your friends.oh and republicans please refrain from breathing, (i apologize for you not being drowned at birth)the sweet air of freedom gives you cancer(i heard).

1877 days ago

barry Gordy is genius    

yeah, the permanent damage she suffered is her extra chromosome.

1877 days ago

doc murry    

use condoms

1877 days ago

doc murry    

now thats black on black crime there..ha ha

1877 days ago


how pathetic learn to walk! i am so sick of people suing anyone to try and get a payday...and it took her 2 years to decide she wanted to sue? over something that has nothing to do with the group. it's times like this that i wish stupidity was fatal

1877 days ago


"....made of rainbow sprinkles & farts."-Charming!!

1877 days ago


I saw her myspace page...the chick is a whackjob!!!!!

1877 days ago


the black eyed pees as a whole are a public heath nuisance. i expereienced severe nausea and black out periods at a black ied pees concert in 1999. there was a mass and dangerous exit to the bathroom or to get more beer while they did their set. i've heard the CDC and ASCAP are both investigating.

1877 days ago


Loser! This economy brings out the best....

1877 days ago

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