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O'Day Hails Self for Hailing Hitler

9/3/2009 1:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She's still not backing off her Hitler and Castro statements -- but now Aubrey O'Day is singing her own "brilliant" praises, calling herself, "a 25-year-old pop star liberal who had the courage to go on FOX News against three 60-year-old republicans and have an opinion."

Aubrey O'Day: Click to watch
And in a move more transparent than her Playboy spread outfits -- her dinner date last night was of Cuban descent.


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Oh my, I don't know who this woman is, I guess she must have done something for this notoriety, but someone should tell her to go sit down and shut up!
Immediately if not sooner!

1846 days ago


I do not mind if you are stuck to the left or right but this one here has no clue what she is saying just regurgitating what she has heard from those real wacky liberals;But I guess thats cool?

1846 days ago


Oh sweetie! Why won't you just shut up & go away?? You just keep popping up & making things worse for yourself. Go on now! Git!

1846 days ago

mrez golucky    


1846 days ago


Sean Hannity is 47..

1846 days ago


Just remember, in the U.S. you can never make any sort of positive comment about Germany in the '30s without being branded an anti-semite. For example you can't say that the Autobahns were great roads built by Nazis or you can't say that the original Volkswagen, commissioned by Hitler, was a great car.

1846 days ago


OH get over it people! I admire her honesty! I appreciate someone being honest rather than taking the easier way out and saying "oh the man was an evil idiot" or something". If she had said that people would be on her side but would also know she was full of it but would love her at the same time for bashing him. Just admit he was smart and move on. Smart is not always good to be , it depends on who is smart. And also, intelligence is not the most important thing in the world, being a decent person is. I can't tell you how many times i've heard "she's sweet but dumb as a rock". And I think "really?". I think how pathetic it is for people to cut someone down based on them being below average in intelligence when they are a decent person. Being decent is what is most important, not being smart.

1846 days ago


When I first read about Aubrey's comment's on the Hannity Show, I was floored! However, now that I have heard her speak about the comments, I praise her! It does take a LOT of BALLS to stand up to three Conservative Republican's and say on National Television that these dictators were "brilliant". I think they brought her on to set her up in the first place; I had no idea who this chick was before, and now I have a new respect for her! She has a lot of guts for saying what she did! Hitler and Castro are two of the most prolific people of our TIMES, and most Americans have no clue to who or what they were about! Kudos!

1846 days ago


it's a free country, and she has the right to her opinions. not nearly the big deal that fox news and tmz are making it out to be, please, there are worst things.

1846 days ago


Get over it people. It's obvious that TMZ is run by a bunch of Jews and they want to make an example out of her...however; she right! She clearly said in the first video that she did not "condone" what Hitler did, she just made a comment about his intelligence. Intelligence does not equal decent. Get over it!!! TMZ...suck it!!

1846 days ago

#645732 - Cell Block H    

Aw, come on now amigos. Hitler wasn't such a bad guy. He had several dogs, and those dogs thought he was the greatest guy. Oh to be a dog.

1846 days ago

who cares    

Well im glad she thinks so highly of herself....WHO IS SHE?? This chick gives herself tooooo much credit for being a nobody. Is she a Pratt? just asking ..

1846 days ago

#645732 - Cell Block H    

If I had one wish, it would be to send her back in time to Germany during WWII, slap a yellow star of David on her chest, then toss her into the shower. Into the shower! Into the oven!, I would scream at her. Then within minutes, I would drag her lifeless body to a pit filled with dead bodies and toss her in. Then I would piss on her torso as Wagner blared out of the speakers in the compound. Of course she would have to be stripped naked and degraded by any officer over the rank of Captain first.

1846 days ago

a john mayer mugshot    


forget WWII, you don't have to go that far to show her racism. Why not just keep her here, give her a really dark tan and just put a sombrero on her, or better yet give her a muslim headress. Or, make her even darker and just go back a couple decades. Or, even better still, make her japanese and throw in one of America's concentration camps.

1846 days ago

what really happened    

FYI: She did NOT go up against 3 Republicans. Bob Beckel, one of the
three guests on Sean Hannity's show that night, is a Democrat. And by
the way, he also did NOT agree with most of her declarations. She also thinks it's a good idea to teach 5-year-olds sex education and,
specifically, how you get AIDS. To top it off, she credited Castro for being smart enough to live a long time (paraphrased) when "most of our presidents are dead." BRILLIANT.

1846 days ago
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