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Francis -- I Would Never Coach a Witness

9/3/2009 4:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Additional text messages show there's more to the Joe Francis story.

Joe Francis & Abbey Wilson

TMZ spoke with Francis' rep, who told us, "Abbey Wilson, Joe's ex-girlfriend that he lived with for almost a year, has a little problem telling the whole truth ... Abbey conveniently omitted the last part of that text message which puts everything in context."

The text message reads: 'Also remember jade hit you the last time, don't lie for them."

Francis' rep says, "Joe would never coach a witness but simply wanted Miss Wilson to tell the truth about the incident and put aside her vendetta towards Joe for breaking up with her and asking her to move out of his home."

Francis' rep added, "Joe has bigger fish to fry and is sick of this whole thing and just wishes that his ex-girlfriend would just leave him alone and go back to Oklahoma and quit trying to make herself famous."


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dish rags    

First page whores!!

1876 days ago

mrez golucky    


1876 days ago


Joe may have millions of dollars, but he certainly has no class or brains.

Joe is going to keep hurting people for his own selfish agenda until he ends up back in jail, mark my words.

1876 days ago


My friend knows this chick Amber. She has been using Joe Francis since he got to town. She got a Mercedes, a Rolex, he even supports her family! She's a using whore.

1876 days ago

The Source    

Why are we still talking about this?

TMZ, I vote the next time you have nothing interesting to report about, you give us more pictures of puppies at the shelter, instead of this trivial nonsense. Please and thanks

1876 days ago


Joe has always been cool to me and my friends. We love Joe. Brody Jenner is a douche.

1876 days ago


This chick Amber looks like a real tool. Why is she trying to get Joe into trouble? Because he moved on from her?

1876 days ago


How convenient the important part was left off.
As I said, the police reviewed the security footage 2 days ago that Jayde said supports her story - why haven't they arrested Joe yet? Oh that's right, because the tape DOESN'T support what Joan Rivers Jr. said.

1876 days ago


Joe always comes out ahead in these things. It's the people who want to drag him down that keep shooting themselves in the foot. It's hilarious.

1876 days ago


The girls in LA look for guys to use and then when they get dumped they try to get press because they have nothing else going for them! Amber looks like another user. Just like Jayde. Bitches.

1876 days ago


Boy, you can tell a woman writes the story synopsis on the front page of TMZ. So unbelievably BIASED against men.

1876 days ago


I've seen Brody Jenner acting like a drunken tool around town. He'll probably go to jail this time. We can all hope. I hope they throw that bitch Jayde in jail, too, for assaulting Joe Francis for no reason.

1876 days ago


Team Joe!

1876 days ago


Losers like this always sponge onto successful guys like Joe. Put her on a greyhound back to wherever she came from.

1876 days ago


Clearly the man who gets young girls drunk and persuades them to take off their top is the victim here........pause for laughter!

Seriously, I don't care who hit who first, i'm just glad that someone took a swing at Joe 'douche bag' Francis.

Any man who profits off girls with little self esteem deserves to get hit every now and then. I'm sure there is a long list of father that would love to get their hands on the man who got their daughters to flash their goods.

TEAM BRODY!!!!!!!!

1876 days ago
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