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MJ Burial After-Party -- Brought to You By A&E

9/4/2009 4:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonThere were cameras shooting everything at the after-party for Michael Jackson's burial -- and we're told the whole thing could end up on A&E.

Sources tell TMZ footage from inside the party -- as well as the funeral itself -- will be used for an A&E special, plus a DVD at a later date.

Don't expect to see Joe or Katherine Jackson, Michael's three children or Elizabeth Taylor in the footage though -- we're told none of them went to the restaurant after the burial.

A few other random tidbits about the affair: Rat Pack music played all night, "Casablanca" was projected onto the walls, the brothers talked about a reunion tour -- and Janet seemed the most grief stricken of the group.


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Honestly, do they have to sell everything?? Let the man have a little dignity, not to mention his children!

1845 days ago


Why were the Jacksons delayed from their own son's funeral for almost 1 1/2hours? Were the people there ever told why?

1845 days ago


I love you Michael...Always...RIP

1845 days ago


So now it makes sense why it took so long for Michael to get figure out how the family would profit...this is the saddest $hit I have ever seen in my life...RIP MJ now you are not surrounded by the greedy vulture of a family that most likely caused your drug addiction...

1845 days ago



1845 days ago


What this family won't do for Publicity.


1845 days ago


Grampa Joe went home with the kids and they played "I gotcha nose!" all night long just like he used to do with Michael.

Oh, wait...

1845 days ago


There are pics of all but Elizabeth Taylor at the restaurant.

1845 days ago

mrez golucky    


1845 days ago

Gotham Gossips    

Last night a commentator said that LaToya's dress was not appropriate for a burial, but rather for a tv or movie related appearance. I did not see it until this morning, and I'd have to agree with the commentator. Janoet on the other hand, was dressed appropriately, and with class fitting the occassion.

I would consider the party to be a repast if Katherine and the children were there. This way, it just looks like staging.

1845 days ago

Cory (yes Feldman)    

8. Grampa Joe went home with the kids and they played "I gotcha nose!" all night long just like he used to do with Michael.

Oh, wait...

Posted at 4:47PM on Sep 4th 2009 by Wombat

That joke always gets me... "Oh Michael, sorry ... I really do have your nose!"

1845 days ago

Jennifer Ann Taylor    

Come join us in celebratingMJ's work, but dancing THRILLER. I'm joining the NYC group ( ) but there are groups all over the world participating in the October 24th event. Last year nearly 4,000 people from over ten countries danced THRILLER simultaneously. COME CELEBRATE MJ!

1845 days ago


The news reported that the Jacksons' departure to drive to Forrest Lawn was delayed because they were waiting for traffic conditions to improve. I used to live in greater L.A. and this makes perfect sense to me. Everyday there are periods of time when the freeways become a big parking lot with no moving cars, and this condition can last for a long time. There are wrecks that cause this, as well as rush hour traffic, which would occur any evening as people are commuting home from work. I noticed the police escort was not even in place until about 10 minutes before the Jacksons were allowed to leave, so the police were the ones calling the shots as to when they could go. Stop blaming the Jacksons, it wasn't their fault they were late. They had to sit in those cars for so long the kids' legs fell asleep and Prince almost fell over after he got out of the car.

1845 days ago

MJ's PYT    

TMZ,Rat Pack music. I saw photos of the party and
Prince 1 was there. Leaning over a rail looking like
a cutie patudie.

1845 days ago


Please, please, please A&E...don't do this! There's no way I could watch something like this now. My God, how far will this family and others go to feed off Michael? This just breaks my heart for him and, yes, for Janet. It sounds like she's the only one of the bunch who has a semblance of a heart. I completely understand why he stayed away from the blood-suckers as much as he possibly could. Unbelievable!

1845 days ago
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