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Evicted 'Housewife' Accused of Looting

9/5/2009 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Not only did "Real Housewife of Orange County" Lynne Curtin not own the house she was living in on the show, she also didn't own the furniture ... and now she's accused of stealing a bunch of stuff after she moved out this week.

The actual homeowner claims Curtin stole a bookcase, credenza, armoire and a glass shelf -- worth around $5,000 -- and reported the alleged thievery to Laguna Beach Police Department yesterday.

The homeowner also claims the home's carpet was trashed, there were holes in the walls and the travertine tub was damaged.

We got a statement from the homeowner, who said, "I am blown away that grown people can behave this way. They have daughters, how can they seriously think they are setting an example."


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1873 days ago


Everyone together now. 1-2-3- WHITE TRASH!!!!!!

1873 days ago


It will be interesting when and if this OC housewife returns to the show. Vicki will eat her up and she has to deal with Gretchen who got over 2 mil from Jeff. Vicki, Tamara and Jeanna may have short sales on their houses, but at least they OWNED them. So sad that Vicki lied to everybody to fit in. High School for them is long gone.

1873 days ago

John Q    

They are all frauds!

1873 days ago


One moment Lynne is a respected housewife of Orange County, and the next, she turns into a whore. - Or is it that all housewifes of orange country are just overpaid whores.

1873 days ago


Haven't you seen the show? She's a lousey mother. She cares more about appearing young than being a mother. Her kid is an alcoholic and is totally spoiled. The family are total posers.

1873 days ago


I hope she serves time in jail. I feel sorry for the homeowner for trusting this white trash family to live in her home. I hope she recoups her losses in court.

1873 days ago


Whenever I watched the show I thought it was really wierd that their house didn't have that lived in look with normal decorations/junk etc. on walls and cabinets. Now I understand - they didn't have any stuff. I always thought she was a lightbulb short.

Come on Housewives Production Team - start researching some of these people's 'real lives if this is supposed to be a reality show.

1873 days ago


Don't feel sorry for the homeowner. I rented a furnished house for 5 years before I bought my own home. I gave the landlord/homeowner 30 days notice that I would be moving because of my purchase. One week before I moved I cleaned the rented home thoroughly to include having the carpets steamed cleaned. Three days after I moved into my new home I get a call from the local police telling me that I am needed at the police station. The landlord called the police and filed a report against me telling then I trashed the house. Good thing I took pictures before I moved out. The landlord trashed the place himself so that he would not have to return my $2000 security deposit. By the way, the police carged the landlord with filing a false report and I did get my deposit back.

1873 days ago


You will be able to find the furniture,at the closet trailer park, where the residents are throwing Lynne Curtain back in her moving van,They are telling Lynn they don't her kind living there:-)

1873 days ago


White trash sees every home as just another trailer. People wonder why twisters hit so many trailor parks...believe me, it's not by accident. Thank you God!

1873 days ago

Illinois person    

Trash is as trash does. It's amazing what people will do so they can pretend to be famous when they're not. I agree with wombat, white trash always lives in a trailer park even if that current trailer is a upscale Orange County home. If you're going to rent your home to a grifter, then what did you expect? It's to the OC Police from here.

1873 days ago

dr fred    

TO JJ good for you(takeing pix) I always learned to do a "signed walk through" after you move out of a rental. that way no way they can claim dAMAGE...

BUT IN MOST CASES THE RENTER TRASHES THE PLACE, I have never trashed anything,not my style..I can see how some low class skank that got evicted would also go far enough to loot & trash the place.

I hope she does time for that

1872 days ago

Linda Mott    

I think this is a case for The People's Court Raw!! The landlord and Lynn should state their cases and let the people decide who is right and who is wrong.

1872 days ago


What what a lowlife bimbo that is nothing more than a total fake!
She has done nothing but totally embarASS herself and her family.


HEY BALLS, have any more intelligent things to say?? What a loser!

1872 days ago
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