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Evicted 'Housewife' Accused of Looting

9/5/2009 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Not only did "Real Housewife of Orange County" Lynne Curtin not own the house she was living in on the show, she also didn't own the furniture ... and now she's accused of stealing a bunch of stuff after she moved out this week.

The actual homeowner claims Curtin stole a bookcase, credenza, armoire and a glass shelf -- worth around $5,000 -- and reported the alleged thievery to Laguna Beach Police Department yesterday.

The homeowner also claims the home's carpet was trashed, there were holes in the walls and the travertine tub was damaged.

We got a statement from the homeowner, who said, "I am blown away that grown people can behave this way. They have daughters, how can they seriously think they are setting an example."


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#12 - Is this a common practice by the landlords when they do not want to payback the security deposit to their former renters?

12. Don't feel sorry for the homeowner. I rented a furnished house for 5 years before I bought my own home. I gave the landlord/homeowner 30 days notice that I would be moving because of my purchase. One week before I moved I cleaned the rented home thoroughly to include having the carpets steamed cleaned. Three days after I moved into my new home I get a call from the local police telling me that I am needed at the police station. The landlord called the police and filed a report against me telling then I trashed the house. Good thing I took pictures before I moved out. The landlord trashed the place himself so that he would not have to return my $2000 security deposit. By the way, the police carged the landlord with filing a false report and I did get my deposit back.

Posted at 6:02AM on Sep 5th 2009 by JJ
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1837 days ago

I am    

Under what rock did the producers find this prize? If this is indicative of the caliber of women on RHoOC...from which pool will you extract Lynne's replacement after her conviction? The REAL HALFWAY HOUSE of the OC?

1837 days ago



what a loooooser

1837 days ago


I don't get the "reality" aspect of these shows. Is it like The Hills as far as scripting goes? Is The Hills scripted?

Also, where do these odd reality actors come from in these shows? Are they bred somewhere in a Truman Show-like environment, never allowed to interact with real people?

The whole concept is confusing. To enjoy a movie, a person needs to suspend some beliefs in order to get into the plot. I'm not sure what needs to be suspended in order to get into this particular genre of reality shows? Do we need to suspend our frontal lobes and all of our ability for higher logic, so that we can identify with the glorified unkowns filling the screen?

Someone please explain this to me. Inquring minds need to know!

1837 days ago

Yolanda Nixon    

Most of these so-called housewives should be living in a van, by the river. Fame whores to the hilt and no brains. Boycott these shows and they'll stop making them.

1837 days ago


Hi Guys, check out the public records in OC
this is not the first time they were evicted.....maybe the next filming is from a hotel...thats if they can get a cash advance for a room??? Welcome to California.....

1837 days ago


and by the way, check out slade smileys traffic record....
FUNNY!!!! No wonder he was arrested......

1837 days ago


Lynne is not all there, I think. That was my impression when I watched the way she interacted with her friends and family on the show. I hear her husband is in big trouble, too. Something to do with his "business." They're a couple of screw-ups, so they deserve eachother. Just a shame they had to have kids. Both daughters seem to have major issues.

1837 days ago


Hey Kids: This is her SECOND eviction this year!!! She was also evicted in late May from her Capistrano Beach duplex.

1837 days ago


30. and by the way, check out slade smileys traffic record....
FUNNY!!!! No wonder he was arrested......Read more:

****How is one supposed to find this info WITHOUT the case #.?????

1837 days ago

Lady Z    

Why is the homeowner "blown away" by this woman's and her husband's behavior? The homeowner had to get the Orange County Sheriff to EVICT this leech's out of her home. I live in Newport Beach and I see people like these losers all over town. Everybody here feels entitled to live like Kobe Bryant. They lease their cars, they don't own their homes, they blow money on expensive vacations, restaurants, clothes and other junk. Their children are lazy, stupid, worthless, thoughtless, entitled, druggies and often times criminals. This city is pretty on the outside but ugly on the inside.

1837 days ago


What happened to her cheesy jewelry line?? what a joke that was.. did she really think anyone was going to buy that junk?? Her daughter was a lazy ass too, quit school, no college, no job, slept all day!! Do these people think that they can just get through life on botox and boobs??

1837 days ago


1837 days ago

Damn! Didn't Sheree of RHOA do the same thing? Time to rename these gals the Roguish Housewives of OC/Atlanta!

1837 days ago

toni Kellam    

david letterman is reported that he died of cancer

1837 days ago
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