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Jon Gosselin -- Pimping Your Kids Pays

9/6/2009 1:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Whoever says selling out your family doesn't have any advantages obviously didn't see the new Mercedes delivered to Jon Gosselin's home yesterday.

Jon Gosselin

Jon and Kate


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Is he trying to compensate for his "short" comings????

1836 days ago


That's it exactly. Them and Octomom and probably the Jackson family in future (as well as in past) have been making a large chunk of their living from kids.

1836 days ago


So what's the big deal? Kate gets new boobs and an abdominoplasty and John gets a new car?

1836 days ago


JON the pig should be home spending quality time with his children. BALDY JON is just out for himself. Where is his ugly gf Glassman? She will never compare to beautiful Kate. Glad KATE dumped him. She can do sooooooooo much better.


1836 days ago


The guy wouldn't know how to work a real job... He is a loser..

1836 days ago


So sick of this ugly assed bug eyed fool.
Over saturation of this moron.
He is nasty, fat , going bald, disgusting feet , hard on the eyes , he looks like a mongoloid, what is the obsession with this guy ????

1836 days ago

marky spark    

seriously, does this guy have down syndrome.

1836 days ago


It's sad. Jon used to be the better parent. Of course, with Kate buying herself a new car in June (Toyota Land Cruiser)... as well as new boobs... and travelling all of the time... he probably felt he deserved something.

Guess neither parent wants to drive the van that can actually hold all of the kids.

My guess is this will be the Gosselins last season... and then they'll both have to figure out how to support their kids. Hope Kate's keeping her RN license. Hope Jon is looking at college programs... because a MS certificate and High School diploma isn't going to do crap to support 8 kids... especially in today's economy. Say what you will about Octomom, but at least she had a bachelor's degree and was working on her master's degree when she got pregnant. Kate does not have a BSN, nor does Jon have any higher education. Sad and pitiful lot.

Pray for the kids.

1836 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

What did Jon the Dipstick do before he had 8 kids and was on TV? He is so repulsive and publicity hungry, maybe it's good that he isn't around the kids more. Don't know what any woman would see in that ugly, bald guy. He will probably be like K-Fed - living off of women the rest of his life. Jon and K-Fed should be in a one night TV show called, "How to be an A-Hole and never have to work".

1836 days ago


Nice GERMAN car.... nice way to support the domestic car industry.

1836 days ago


I feel sorry for these children. Their parents pimp them out like Barnum & Bailey. That's love?

These two should have never been allowed to breed!

How are they supposed to grow up and ever live any kind of a quality life in the shadows of Mommy and Daddy who self inflicted through purely selfish choices?

Jon and Kate take and take and do not care how it affects the outcome. They're both a couple of wack a doo's.

I see absolutely nothing positive about either one. Those kids will grow up thinking that the world owes them everything without consequence.

Very sad.

1836 days ago


BTW, Kate's car... new Toyota Land Cruiser, V8, starts at $58k.
And knowing Kate who feels the world owes her something (and has since she gave birth...just look at the hearings for her to keep her nursing help longer)'s unlikely she got the basic no frills model.

Jon's car looks to be an M-class, which starts at $45k... so he's actually the more frugal parent.

Of course, both are wasteful spendthrifts. The kids should have had guardian ad-litems appointed years ago... to protect their financial interests.

1836 days ago


With the way that he spends his money, he is going to be broke before you know it. He'll be begging his kids for an allowance. I just hope that the children, all of them, are making their own money and that it is being properly invested so that they will have something when they get older. It would be a shame if all the money is going directly to the parents and being thrown away.

1836 days ago


Hey Jon, Get ya some nice wheels !
Sure beats that ugly ass van he was driving the mullet and the kids around in.

1836 days ago


Don't hate on him he's got 8 kid's after all that's a lot of work

hes also has a 350z bike and other toys

1835 days ago
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