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Jon Gosselin -- Pimping Your Kids Pays

9/6/2009 1:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Whoever says selling out your family doesn't have any advantages obviously didn't see the new Mercedes delivered to Jon Gosselin's home yesterday.

Jon Gosselin

Jon and Kate


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I think jon is doing alright for himself. It is not like Kate earn her money. Let the man spend his hafe on what he wants.

1871 days ago


That's not big enough for him and his 8 kids to ride in.

1871 days ago

Give Jon a break. He's had to put up with Khate for over ten years.

1871 days ago

#51, you're right on the money!

1871 days ago


This is Jon's third new car purchase in 2009. Hailey as at the dealership with him a few weeks ago. Did he buy that car for her and she returned it??? Something is strange. He is photographed at a Mercedes Dealership in NY but the car is delivered to PA. Could this be a rental to transport his visiting relatives????

1871 days ago

FYI, the State of Pennsylvania paid for the kids college education when the tups were small. Khate and Jon don't get credit.

1871 days ago

How do you report spam on this site?

1871 days ago


YOU ARE A BUTTHOLE get a life jon

1871 days ago

Lady Z    

To 27:

Octo Mom is the biggest liar in the history of the world. She lied and said she was not on food stamps, she lied and said she never had plastic surgery. I do not believe for one minute that that dummy has a B.A. degree and as for as her getting a Masters degree...what are you smoking? She cannot even wipe her own ass much less earn college degrees. She cannot even work a regular job, she used to work as a stripper. When she did work a job, she wasted no time is sueing her employer. She is a lying, thieving leech. Gosselin is no better. In two years time, he will have blown through all his money, his house will be in foreclosure and he will be flat broke. He is a lazy ass loser who will will be doing gay porn soon enough.

1871 days ago


VERY ugly car. Classic style is GONE. Too bad. If someone said it's a toyota I would have believed it. Hell, my old SUV has more style than that thing. John is a big hypocrite too, claiming he was there "just for the kids" while obviously implying that Kate cares only about money. I guess the money doesn't hurt, does it Johnnie boy ?

1871 days ago

Lady Z    

To 52:

Just how do you know these kids will not regret being on T.V.? What gives you an insight into their minds??? Are you a mind reader? Are you a child psychologist? These kids have been damaged and harmed by having camera's shoved in their faces their entire lives just to satisfy their parents greed. These kids have nice clothes, houses and trips, but they have no privacy and are forced to perform like circus animals. The Gossleins should be arrested for child abuse. I love how morons think that material possesions make up for lack of proper parenting. I would rather have a wonderful, carefree childhood than matching Gymboree outfits. Kids that age just just as happy camping in the park as they are in a five star hotel.

1871 days ago

MsCibolo TX    

Looks like a girly ride and there are so many more manly SUVs outhere? What a DIRT BAG and I hate watchn the show because of him!!

1871 days ago


What a douche bag. No, he's the leftovers!

1871 days ago


Well, there goes Cara & Maddy's college fund. This guy is the biggest fool & he thinks he's hot. OMG! I think I just threw up in my mouth...ugh! My 10 year old son has better judgement than Jon. Those poor kids are so embarrassed. Suck it up, Jon! Try to be a man.

1870 days ago


Jon is @ss. He says he doesn't like doing the show any more, but then he's all out there in front of the cameras. Way to save for the near future when TLC cancells your show. Jon is going to get a rude awakening when the show is off the air and the money stops pouring in. Jon is all out for himself. Save for your kids future you idiot instead of buying expensive cars.

1870 days ago
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