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Chris Brown

There's No Place Like Home

9/8/2009 2:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown may have to complete court ordered hard labor in Virginia as a part of his penance for beating up Rihanna ... but he's got a pretty cushy place to rest his head while doing it.

Chris Brown
Brown recently twittered pics of the home -- filled with enough distractions to last a lifetime -- where he sought refuge after the infamous incident with his former girlfriend Rihanna.

Ironically, part of Chris' hard labor sentence will likely involve graffiti cleanup.


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It looks like Harvey may be a little taken with Chris, after all I do agree that a lot more serious things have taken place and haven't recieved as much as attention, I mean know one wrote as many comments on Tommy Lee and Pamela Sue,Farrah Fawcett and Ryan O' Neal who was a druggie and abuser, I could go on and but... most of you have a one track mind and will never see that he's not the first star who has beaten a woman, man or child, but... thanks to Mr. Harvey he has been made the poster boy of abuse by the media, I know the Joe Francis's etc. are happy that know matter what anyone does, their story is there for a minute then it's back to bashing Chris. Chris Brown has a right to have the cars, shoes, clothers etc. I didn't read that many comments about the youngmen jumping on the $500,000 car, well... I guess the bottom line is that in this double standard country we show our children that it's okay to do drugs and become great actors, actress, swimmers etc. but don't hit women...

1840 days ago


Hey racist Karma # 44, what about your folks, if they aint the worst of all time, check the news and it can't get any worse than that, murder their own family members,kill their spouses, molest their children, kidnap people children and the list goes on, so worry about your problems you got tons of it. Chris going to be just fine. And yes Chris is already forgiven, Jesus already for gave him and thats that. maybe you need to ask for forgiveness. because this mess you talking sure not forgiveable.

1840 days ago

Chris G    

Yep, that's a women beater and a fa6 all in one. Hope someone puts broken glass in ur food, LOSER! and all the Chris Brown fans: Wats that up ur azz???

1840 days ago


James May's Bugatti Veyron Top Speed Test - Top Gear -
Bugati Veyron 1.5 mill.if he run low on cash he could this ride.copy and paste top line to your browser

1840 days ago


Have you ever noticed that some dude smack their lips in between licking them when attempting to "speak"...Isn't that just absolutely disgusting?

1840 days ago


@44 Karma- My, my it's always a race thing no matter what... Well, lately it's been all about the white americans, kidnapping 11 year old child and fathering 2 babies with her by the age of 14, 7 members of a family killed in Georgia by a relative, good old southern upbringing I guess, man kills family in La, daughter-in-law escapes , oh she was pregant and jumped out of a window to save her life and her baby's, did I mention he killed her two year old and husband? So let us not play the race card here, because there have been plenty white hollywood stars and singers who have beat the crap out of their women or children and nothing happened. The list of serial killers are almost all white men for the exception of maybe 1 or 2, white american loves to blow up ferderal buildings with innocent, children, women and men... So let us not go there because of the color of ones skin... Because abuse is wrong no matter who do it, but... he has accepted his sentence and it don't matter if you or I don't like it, Chris Brown I'm sure he had the same things in his house before the incident happened and as far as his career"s over, most of thr negative posts are from people who knew nothing of him until this occured, he will continu to perform and he's not broke, he's has a numBer one song being played on the radio... oh he's not singing it but, he co-wrote it with Mary J. and he will be performing this month. Have a nice life

1840 days ago

Some Faustkateer    

When this idiot was on "Punked," he kept threatening to beat up the waiter. He will kill someone someday. I'd bet on that, however you wanna say it.

1840 days ago


This kid is an IDIOT! Why the hell would you show off your HUSTLER collection?: Be careful what you Twitter Pic CB! This is very bad for your image.

1840 days ago


I saw him the other night and he looks like he is trying to change. I had never meet him before this. He was bowling next to us in Virginia. You people need to quit judging him and let God do that. There are always two sides to a story. I am not saying that he was not in the wrong but I have seen women get up into a mans face and slap them and push them and beat them. I know as a women that if someone hits another person in the face it is a reaction to ball their fist up and hit them. Well there is two side to this story and looking at what has been wrote it looks like Rhianna started it and it just got out of hand. I know men need to control their anger and its was not the right move for Chris and he has to pay for what he did and he will and he is also getting counseling. Let God judge not you. And as for his cars and shoes and wall paintings I think alot of you are just jealous you dont have the stuff he does. Get a life!!!

1840 days ago


Chris Brown a man??? You have to first stop living in a house that looks like Michael Jackson gave you for services rendered.

1840 days ago

secret ninja    

to all you people out there saying Mr. Brown is just a child/that people making truthful remarks about him are jealous/that he's sorry/and all of the other comments, i have to say i agree with you. Mr. Brown was so "sorry" that he ran away like a punk bitch when he beat the mess out of his girlfried, he was so "sorry" that in a written statement he referred to the crime of violently beating up his girlfriend as "the incident" and then proceeded to let people know that he was in the studio working on his new album. Chris was so "sorry" that he arranged for a meeting with Rihanna to "talk" when all he did was arrange for the shutter bugs to get pictures of them together, he was so "sorry" that on that same day he was seen jet skiing, sans Rihanna, he was so "sorry" that when he finally did apologize after months of silence, he went to Youtube (of all places) Dr. Murray style, continuing to refer to what he did to Rihanna as "the incident", he was so "sorry" that he went on Larry King Live with that ugly as suit and bowtie and refused to properly address the questions he was asked, making vague remarks and after being repeatedly asked the same question because he wasn't giving an answer, proceeded to say "i don't remember what happened that night", in fact, Chris Brown is so "sorry" that, like a spoiled brat, he criticized someone that was only pointing out the obvious--that he needs help, he's so "sorry", that right after the trial, he violated his parole by partying it up in a club that is not supposed to be serving alcohol to minors, he's so so so "sorry", because just recently, he posted photos on his twitter page on how he'll be living it up on probation--in a house with way too many shoes, a probation sentence, that correct if me i'm wrong, has absolutely nothing to do with domestic violence, but cleaning up graffiti and picking up trash on the side of the road. someone, please inform me if i missed something that Mr. Chris is so "sorry" about. he should have gotten 5 years behind bars with all the other domestic violence offenders and then 5 years probation. i'll agree, some of you are right, there are way worse things that have happened, but let's face it, it could have been worse, because the injuries sustained to his girlfriend could have killed her. whether or not Chris was provoked is not the point, he's a human being not an animal, and yet he acted like one. and now, he needs to man up to what he did and show some REMORSE. what he did shows not only that he has some serious deep rooted psychological issues to deal with, but that he also very immature, because only immature people react to an arguement/disagreement with violence. you can't express your emotions with your words so you do it with your fists. you know what happens when people like that immature people with issues get into a situation they can't handle? they beat up their girlfriend, or worse yet, they strangle her to death and then remove her teeth and fingers so she can't be identified and then stuff her in a suitcase. that's right, i said it. that's the road he is on if he doesn't deal with his emotions and psychological issues properly and picking up trash/cleaning graffiti won't fix them.

1839 days ago


wow. you people on here commenting about how he's a spoiled brat need to get lives. He owns that house, he can do whatever he damn well pleases to do with it. If he wants to have graffiti on the walls, and giant comic book characters than he will do so. It's his home, he worked hard for his money. Talking bout "y does he have so many sneakers? he should donate them to charity" like i said before, he worked for his fortune, therefor he can spend it however he pleases. and FYI he has donated money to charity, do your damn research! a spoiled brat would be someone that uses mommy an daddy's money, while CB has toured relentlessly, made music, and has had endorsement deals, i think its safe to say he EARNED his money. you idiots go on countless rampages about CB, when in reality, you don't even know him, and you've never supported him before this ordeal. going by these pictures, you guys claim that he has no remorse!!! .... do you hear yourselves? how in the hell can you determine he has no remorse?! because he is riding a skateboard? because he is riding a dirt bike? also, you have no idea when these pictures were taken, before or after the incident. you people are just retarded and have nothing to do with yourselves.

1839 days ago

secret ninja    

wow Cheech (#65), you sure are working Chris' jock pretty hard! i hope you realize that you're doing so is not going to get him to take you out on a date. no one has questioned whether the stuff Chris has is his, a lot of us are just pointing out the obvious: chris is a spoiled brat with absolutely no remorse for his actions as i have stated in the above comments. YOU on the other hand, have not shown one shred of evidence of how this jackass is in any way, shape, or form remorseful. and, just to show you how much you DON'T know, there are many, many shades of being a spoiled brat, but let me Barney size it for you and give you the definition:

The syndrome is characterized by "excessive, self-centered, and immature behavior". It includes lack of consideration for other people, recurrent temper tantrums, an inability to handle the delay of gratification, demands for having one's own way, obstructiveness, and manipulation.[4] McIntosh attributed the syndrome to "the failure of parents to enforce consistent, age-appropriate limits", but others, such as Aylward, note that temperament is probably a contributory factor.[1]
It is important to note that the temper tantrums are recurrent. McIntosh observes that "many of the problem behaviors that cause parental concern are unrelated to spoiling as properly understood". Children may have occasional temper tantrums without them falling under the umbrella of "spoiled". Extreme cases of spoiled child syndrome, in contrast, will involve frequent temper tantrums, physical aggression, defiance, destructive behaviour, and refusal to comply with even the simple demands of daily living.[1]

Wow, that describes Chris pretty well to me. for your information, i loved Chris, i loved the way he danced and sang, that is until, he beat the living day lights out of his girlfriend, someone he ludicrously claims he still loves. and by the way, it's not retarded anymore, it's mentally challenged, which is a fitting description of you, reel it back in to the real world will you? just because someone has money or is good looking or talented doesn't mean they are beyond the law. correct me if i'm wrong, but i thought we lived in the united states? and in this country, you're innocent until proven guilty. by all accounts he was proven guilty, he's not innocent anymore so STOP acting like it.

1839 days ago


I really respect the fact that Chris made his home exactly what it is---his home.It is so unique and artistic I love all of the artwork.I saw half of this two years ago so I am familiar with the contents of his home. It's pretty cool that Chris is so artistic because he said he did some of the work himself.I am glad he is moving on and living his life.I don't want to see the boy down and quite frankly I could care less what he did to Rihanna. His new music is coming out and that is all that matters.Good for him!

Stop hating y'all!

1839 days ago


This worthless TWIT should be in prison!! I hate him!!!!

1839 days ago
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