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Erin to Oprah -- I Thought Nude Tape Ruined Me

9/11/2009 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In this town, naked tapes aren't exactly career killers -- but when Erin Andrews' Peeping Tom footage leaked online, she says all she could do was call her parents and scream "I'm done, my career is over!"

Erin Andrews: Click to watch
The exploited ESPN sportscaster -- who was filmed naked in her hotel room without her knowledge -- did her first and only interview about the incident today with Oprah. She says she's now "paranoid" and constantly feels like she's being filmed.

Andrews also told O that the visit to Chicago was the first time since the incident she'd been solo in a hotel room.

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dish rags    

First page whores!

1833 days ago


By Bottom-Turn

1833 days ago

Look at all the WJ spermette cheerleaders on TMZ. WJ rahrahrah!    

No nipplegate trash here...

1833 days ago


Am i the only one that finds it fishy that no police report was filed. They had mentioned it was an inside job cause there were several shots in different hotels but ESPN continues to maintain that they haven't found the peeping tom. How hard is it to find the person that travels with her for assignment?

1833 days ago


If anything, that incident boosted sympathy for her and her fame. She looks really good on the footage as well. The whole thing looks fishy.

1833 days ago


Nobody has sympathy for you, whore. Next time don't be such a whore ironing naked and s**t in your room, whore.

1833 days ago


If she is a television journalist and that paranoid, she needs time off and good therapy. It was a terrible, traumatic thing and she has a right to be extremely angry and upset. But the only way the incident will affect her career on the long-term is if she harps on it and makes this the only thing we think when we think Erin Andrews. She is a victim of a terrible crime, but people who use their victim status to climb the career ladder are not looked upon favorably. Her therapy should be done in private. If she needs time off, her fans will be there to support her when she returns. Nobody with half a brain can blame Erin for feeling violated. But I don't think anyone wants to watch as this beautiful, articulate woman allows this idiot to destroy her life either. Time off to surround herself with loved ones and get proper therapy might be the best way to move on.

1833 days ago


I feel really bad for what happened to this girl but the fact that he biggest concern was her career is disturbing.

1833 days ago



Erin is an established broadcaster who was basically violated by a voyeur wanting to exploit her. Maybe it was poor judgment to be naked in the privacy of your own hotel room (which normally don't have keyholes anymore) but really...

She is the victim here, and it wasn't like a sex tape or doing something else in poor taste. Erin is very popular, and impossibly hot. There is no way something like this would do anything but provide publicity for her. It might even increase her popularity.

1833 days ago


I find this story hilarious, now you know what it is like to have a camera stuck in your FACE. I love it when media vampires get burned.

1833 days ago


Did anyone who saw it really care? I mean.. some woman getting ready for work. I can see that any day.

It seemed that she drew more attention to it with her reaction than it otherwise would've gained on it's own.

Even the interview seems timed to bring it back into the news just in time for football.

1833 days ago


She said this is the first and last time she talks about this. Honeslty, i really hope she keeps her word.

1833 days ago


C'mon. There are websites (which I am not promoting on here) that claim Erin is into this type of kink; as well as others. The video does lend itself to supporting this. Multiple rooms with the same sort of setup.

I'm just not buying any of this nonsense on Oprah. ESPN/ABC/Disney timed this interview with Oprah at the start of football season. Erin is playing along because if her employer found out she was such a freak and was patrolling college football sidelines, she would be doing porn in the valley or the weather forecast in Scranton.

1833 days ago



1833 days ago


Actually Father Cutie's interview was a lot more interesting than whatever that Andrews had to say.

1833 days ago
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