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Kramer's Coming Back Atcha -- You Ready?

9/11/2009 2:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's been almost three years since his infamous n-bomb tirade at the Laugh Factory -- but it seems Michael Richards is finally gearing up for his big comeback ... that is, if you'll let him.

Michael Richards: Click to watch
Kramer was all smiles when we saw him last night in NYC, and why not? He was just on the cover of Entertainment Weekly and is reuniting with his old "Seinfeld" pals on an episode of "Curb Your Enthusiasm."

These could be the first steps out of that deep, dark black hole his career has been in for the last three years -- so we gotta ask ...


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Black Power    

Comics of color will constantly use white people as their basic routine, and the audiances just laugh their asses off when they say, 'Why do white people do this or that?' I know what he did was overkill when he went on his rant, but I've heard worse from guys like Chris Rock or George Lopez. I find it kind of odd that nobody cares and feel it's alright because of the injustices of days gone by. This country will never be truely free of racism on both sides of the fence. Groups from both sides, (the kkk and the naacp), will never let it happen.

1876 days ago


Never though he was funny, even way back when. Always thought he was a jerk.

1876 days ago


Kramer and Richards are both done as far as I'm concerned. Maybe I should make remarks about Jews and direct toward him? and I'm a white Jew...

1876 days ago


53. I love how all these stupid people want others to boycott him. He used free speech and something those dummies didn't like, so according to them he should never be able to make a living again. I hope you all would have to face loosing your livelyhood becuase something you said offended someone else. Sheep, selfish sheep. Who says you all have the god given right to never be offended

Posted at 3:10PM on Sep 11th 2009 by rebecca


The word is "losing" you freaking idiot.

1876 days ago


MJ, I WANT YOU BACK!! 4 5683 968 6673!!

1876 days ago


All of America loves you, dude! Please come back! The most amazing comedian alive!

1876 days ago


Most comics, not just comics of color point out differences in the races to get a laugh during their comedy routine. Chris Rock and George Lopez along with many others also speak on their own race for a laugh. Unfortunately heckling comes with the job, especially if you're not being particularly funny at that moment. I've never heard of the guys mentioned above or any others go off on a hateful racist rant because they couldn't take the heat. Richards should watch DL Hugley to see how to handle hecklers. And to lump the KKK with the NAACP is just plain IGNORANT. DUMB-ASS.

1876 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

I can't watch Sinfled .. I wish he would just GO AWAY !!!

1876 days ago

Love the Lawyer    

8. To channel Whoopi Goldgerg, the 'N' word has a diffrent nuance when a black person uses it. It means an ignorant, crude, oppressed person. Although a white person may mean the same thing, it will not come across as such. And I saw the Richards video, he meant to inflict insult. Boycott Kramer.

Read more:


Is that a direct quote from Whoopi Goldberg? That goes to show the double standard. Racism is not just hate, it could be simple favoritism towards a specific race. I have dealt with it at every work place. Whites favor whites, blacks favor blacks and hispanics favor hispanics. If every quit calling each other names it wouldn't be a problem. My name is Jones, call me Jones. Don't call me cracker, the 'n' word or esse (however it's spelled). Have respect for yourself and show some intelligence.

Why is everyone giving this guy grief, he did 'his time' now let him be. Everyone seems to forgive Chris Brown and Michael Vick. (Who only did time for his role in the dogfighting conspiracy, and not cruelty to animals)

1876 days ago


3 years?? it seems like just yesterday.

1876 days ago


I will never forget or forgive the intentional insults - I hope all blacks boycott his performances, let the white people support and pay for that crap, they seem to think its no big deal!!

1876 days ago


I look forward to his return, honestly I think the rude behavior in the audience was done to make him angry. Isn't Jesse Jackson, Rev Wright and that bunch still making money?

1876 days ago


The man is a comic genius. He screwed up, he apologized, let's move on. I'm ready to laugh.

1876 days ago

Tye Tanikk    

"I'm out there Jerry... and loving every minute of it!!!

1876 days ago


I used to love Seinfeld, and this guy literraly killed my liking for the show. He seems like he is a bitter and true racist.

1876 days ago
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