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Tila Tequila -- Cruisin' with a Bruisin'

9/11/2009 9:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tila Tequila made her first appearance out in public since her alleged attack by Shawne Merriman -- and was sporting some serious bruises!

Tila Tequila: Click to watch
As TMZ first reported, Tequila met with investigators from the San Diego District Attorney yesterday to discuss the altercation, where she alleges the Chargers star "choked and physically restrained" her last weekend.

Merriman claims Tila was drunk and he was simply trying to "encourage her to stay until safe transportation could be provided."

When asked yesterday by paps if she'll forgive Shawne, Tila replied "I don't know."

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No Avatar


Hey TMZ, get it right. The DA said that they weren't aware of any "meeting" with famewhore.

1869 days ago


hey anon you racist prick I would LOVE to see you call Merriman that to his face. SO brave hiding behind your computer...Grow the hell up.

1869 days ago


I think it's funny how everyone had Rihanna's back during the Chris Brown thing, saying that it's disgusting and condemnable and "a man should never hit a woman"... and yet it's perfectly okay for it to happen if it's Tila Tequila because she's a "skank" and she's "asking for it"? The public thinks they know everything. How about you all shut up and respect the alleged victim unless an alternate truth comes out.

1869 days ago


she got it reap what you sow. and maybe he should have give her a touch up on her face .she got a hot body but the head is put off.

1869 days ago


why couldn't she have met that reality show guy that killed people? I am sure she would fit in a suitcase

1869 days ago


Bye Bye Merriman,
I'll be seeing you
on the side of the
15,5,163,or 8 freeway
picking up trash that
other dirtbags throw out
their windows.

1869 days ago


TMZ DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!!! The DA Office has already stated that they DID not have a meeting with Tila. This news came from Tila's twitter... funny how the DA said there was no meeting... Tila deleted the tweet saying this.

Also, please explain to me why the police and hospital report stated no injuries?? Now... 4 days later she has these marks... nice try. Not buying it!

1869 days ago


I would never defend an abuser, but let's evaluate the known facts: she has poor credibility and was often seen to be falling down (not "drunk", I guess, since she now claims to be ironically "allergic to alcohol") and otherwise injuring herself on her reality show and other video clips, this man has no history of abuse against women and has, to the contrary several past girlfriends who vouch for his gentlemanly nature, and, IF he did cause the no-mysteriously-appeared bruising, it is quite consistent with someone having been forcibly restrained from leaving, as he claims was his intention all along. He shouldn't have been in a situation alone with her, granted, but if he'd have allowed her to leave before securing her a safe ride and she were injured due to impairment or emotional upset, he'd have been blamed in that instance, as well.

1869 days ago


I wouldn't be surprised if she took and bag of potatoes and self mutilated herself. She is such an attention whore, I don't believe anything that comes out of her mouth.

1869 days ago


This chick is too much! I think she's a liar and I hope Sean Merriman sues the crap out of her. She is a skank and this is a pathetic and destructive ploy for attention. I don't care if she is bruised. Better she have a couple of bruises than someone loses their life because she decides to drive drunk. I am no fan of abusers but this stinks to high heaven.

1869 days ago

happy day    

What a waste she is, go back to picking rice, and dont forget the egg rolls on my next order so chop chop get in the kitchen.

1869 days ago


I think she is doing it for attention too. Thats just how she rolls, just like she made up stories about being pregnant etc etc. Since her fame has died down to bare minimums she needs all the attention she can get. They should have checked her alcohol level first....bruises may prove someone touched them, but it doesnt mean harm. Some people bruise easier then others.

1869 days ago


Poor form on merriman's part. Maybe if we ask nicely, we can get Chris Brown to take her out back for a few minutes.

Her father must be proud!

1869 days ago


Those bruises dont prove anything. If anything they could prove he was restraining her. Why else would she cover up the rest of her body? hmm no marks other than the ones on her arms from him holder from leaving?

1869 days ago


So she finally got a bruise almost a week later. That's believable....... NOT !! Money hungry, career gone, $lut!!

1869 days ago
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