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La Toya Still Thinks Michael Was Murdered

9/12/2009 11:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The coroner says the death of Michael Jackson was a homicide, but La Toya Jackson is still calling it murder.

La Toya Jackson

La Toya was on "20/20" last night with Barbara Walters, where she once again asserted that Michael was murdered by people who would benefit financially from his death, but she doesn't know exactly who.

Dr. Conrad Murray, who administered the drug that resulted in Jackson's death, is the only person the LAPD is focusing on in their investigation.


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Hey Lankandiva,

Thanks for this. I did actually read the whole thing :). I have a fair bit of an understanding about the illumanti and know of their existence (have done for many years). I've also read other peoples posts and theories regarding them. I asked my husband to read it and get his take on what he thought. He has done quite an indepth study on world religions , secret societies and completed 6 years on theological studies (believe it or not he actually lectures on this subject 3 days a week) He was also raised in a very strict and devout catholic home (although in his teens he became an evangelical christian and still is to this day). I appreciate his wisdom and understanding in this area as obviously I wasn't raised in a religious home and became a christian later in life. So my understand of this stuff is a lot more limited than his.

Most of the things you mentioned he was able to shed more light on for me (the Madonna song & symbol on her jacket, the lyrics of Michaels songs, the backtracking of songs, as well and why some would believe that the illuminate were involved). I have seen the different symbolic items Michael has worn over the years too. I don't know if he wore them in support of them or just as a fashion statement (I only say that because growing up I wore jewellery and different items with religious symbols without regard to the meaning), plus Michael had somewhat of an interesting dress sense to say the least :)

I honestly appreciate your research and theories into this as obviously like many of us, we all want answers. Until that happens, all of us will be searching for the truth and may uncover things we may not like or will truely never understand. Although the research I have (and am continuing to do) is taken me in a different direction, I do not for one moment discount that this is or could have any less validity. I think at the moment anything is possible as none of us can say my theory/research is correct and yours is wrong, because we all don't know.

If you come up with more stuff regarding the illuminate and their involvement in Michael's death, please continue to share this with me. I'd really love to hear about it.

1811 days ago


Watched LaToya's interview in its entirety.
It made me recall my favorite line from "As good as it gets". It goes something like "SELL CRAZY SOMEPLACE ELSE, WE'RE ALL STOCKED UP HERE".

1811 days ago


hohoho,this stuff interesting,share more with me in

1811 days ago


HMMMM....persons who might profit from Michael Jackson's who could that about the Jackson Family?

1811 days ago


Town full of people are ready....guillotine is ready, WHERE IS CONRAD?

2 1/2 months, really?
That man should have been hung just for not calling 911 for hours
Don't we have no decency left for human life anymore?


1811 days ago



Please post the links to good reads re: the connection between Sony, Colony, AEG, Thome Thome, Jermaine, NOI

It seems all MJ got is us fans
Not his “friends”, not his “family” not law enforcement
LAPD might pull a Nicole Smith and close this case

MJ was voice to those who didn’t have voice, now he has no voice
And we owe it to him to get to the bottom of this
Please read up and share hot lead here and let us speculate then be vocal about it


1811 days ago


779. Let us put on our thinking caps on for 1 minute. We all know Tohme was brought back into the fold 6 to 11 weeks before Michael had passed, correct? Before this, Tohme was banished from Michael Jackson since 2003, 2005 or there abouts same as Dileo and Branca. Soooo question is now, how the heck did Tohme sign anything with Juliens and how do they know who they actually spoke to, was it Michael or was it one of his brothers? THINK. Colony had possession of Neverland the entire time Michael was in Bahrain, Ireland for 2 + years. Tohme got the property moved out as fast as he could. Now it is flying around in limbo. I bet Michael Jackson never even knew what was going on. How could he? Tohme was fired. And then I bet when Michael found out about all this crap and the extra 40 concert dates, he spoke up, fired Tohme AGAIN and then he went out. Tohme is fired May 11th or there abouts, Dr. is hired on about the same damned time. Coincidence? I think NOT. I also would NOT trust that Will since that Branca was fired 1 year after that Will was signed, would it not make it null and void especially without an update and signed declaration to bring it up to date? The most ambigious Will I have ever read for such an important and extremely wealthy person who owned so much.

Posted at 1:22AM on Sep 14th 2009 by KnowsIt


As one poster asked: How did Jermaine come to meet/know Tohme Tohme to begin with? And as another poster alluded to: Could it be that Jermaine now finds himself caught up in a web from which he’s unable to extricate himself?

Who’s pulling Jermaine’s strings?
Why was Jermaine rushing to put on the Vienna tribute to “Michael” that would benefit Jermaine’s own charities?
Why is Jermaine pushing for a Neverland burial location?
Why was he sporting the “Jackson 5” outfit (engaging in self-promotion) in the Matt Lauer interview (at Neverland) right after Michael’s life was suddenly and criminally cut short?
Jermaine was left out of Michael's will (like other siblings), but who made him Michael’s spokesperson (e.g, at the hospital)?
Did “they” use Jermaine in order to gain access to Michael?

Knowing Jermaine’s past regarding Michael and the song that Jermaine himself wrote bashing Michael, did someone with sinister motives against Michael take advantage of this situation and also convince Jermaine that, without skipping a beat, he actually could step right into Michael’s shoes and be the next "Michael Jackson"?

Again, who’s pulling Jermaine’s strings, and could it be that Jermaine now unwittingly finds himself caught up in a tangled web from which he’s unable to extricate himself?

1811 days ago


If Jermaine is caught up in any web...he
certainly seems to be enjoying it! Not saying he wasn't used to get to Michael, that much seems
obvious: or, did he USE them to get to Michael???

1811 days ago


Eyaz Maddy,

you're welcome and o you do know most probably mor than me then...yes i will keep on looking and searching for more..

take care and see you around..

one love

1810 days ago


I, too, always thought LaToya was a bit of a ding-a-ling, however, she was composed, direct and very well spoken in her interview. She didn't say any more than she had to, stayed within the boundaries and didn't openly point the finger at any one singular person. Atta go, LaToya, maturity certainly looks good on you.

1810 days ago


Something sneaky about Tohme. He returned 5 million, but how much did he keep? I doubt he was doing this for nothing, there had to be something in it for him. He has tried to keep his life under the radar-----why???

1810 days ago


I think La Toya knows more than what she's saying - alot more. In my opinion she was vague in some of her answers. And with all the controversary going around wouldn't you think that the Jackson family would make some type of statement?

Too many inconsistencies with the 'death' (first, don't you think that they actually could have used a recent pic of Michael in the ambulance?). The timeline makes no sense, the 911 call makes no sense, the ambulance snaking its way out of the drive way makes no sense, the LAPD not making any sense, the 'dead' body moving in the helicopter makes no sense. Get my drift here? None of this makes sense!!

Michael - where are you????? Oh, I know - A Place With No Name!

1810 days ago


If only this were a dream gone awry
From which we would awaken
And find that Michael was still with us…

If only this were an ugly ‘sting operation’
But with a beautiful ending to ‘Change the World’
And Michael was still with us…

If only this were June 24 again
Or the day before..or the day before…
When we knew Michael was still with us…

If only Michael would somehow appear
Before our very eyes again
And we knew he was really still with us…

What would we do or be willing to do differently?

1809 days ago


Then why was she dressed like a vamp and hooker at her brother's funeral?

I have to question her motives.

1809 days ago


1. LaToya's "white" looking, because she's got Vitiligo - it runs in the family.

2. Jermaine and Tohme Tohme and the nation of islam are the killers of Michael jackson. you wait and see...

1806 days ago
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