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Washington Redskins -- The Supreme Challenge

9/15/2009 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Washington Redskins -- The Supreme ChallengeThe war over the Washington Redskins -- the most offensive team name in professional sports -- might finally go to the U.S. Supreme Court.

A group of American Indians is asking the highest court in the land to cancel the trademarks on the Redskins team name and logos -- due to the fact that they're extremely defamatory toward Native Americans.

The American Indian group has been fighting this battle since 1992. They won a ruling in 1999 ... but the decision was defeated soon after by judges who decided they waited too long to bring their case to the courts.

The Redskins -- worth a reported $1.5 billion -- have been using the name since 1933.

Now, the Native American group wants SCOTUS to review the lower court decision -- and finally force Washington to understand why naming an NFL team after the color of someone's skin could be offensive.

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wade crowe    

whining? sure, what if we took your women folk and lopped off their breasts and used them for tobacco pouches which is what the cavalry did to the northern plains tribes. scalps, breast pouches and testicle bags were common for the white folk to cherish.

1866 days ago


#61--it's fine if YOU'RE not offended. But you can't be upset with or tell someone else not to be. It has nothing to do with growing up. When we stop having racism, sexism, ageism, and every other "ism" that exists and have some other person tell you not to offended by it, then maybe people can stop being angry. As long as it exists, there will be those who are offended.
For example, when people who are commenting on this very post will stop making stupid, racist remarks, then maybe groups can begin to put the hurt behind them. As long as you have people who constantly use race to describe or even downgrade another, there will be offenses taken.

1866 days ago


i always thought the name was a tribute to native americans. you know, a good thing. does this mean they are going to have to change the name of redskin peanuts also? this seems a little ridiculous to me.

1866 days ago


16. Ya Know...I'll be the FIRST one to call out racism when I see it...(such as the thinly vailed racism against the first black president of the United States)but I really don't see the problem here....?????
If there was a football team called "The Washington African Americans" that won Super bowls, and had all kinds of fans...I'd be proud....
Indians should shut the HELL Up and thank their lucky stars that they are being (and have been) acknowledged for all these years: The Cleveland Browns, the Washington Redskins...etc...
Who knows..they might even have the first Indian PResident of the United States one day....and if it ever happens,I bet HE'LL get more respect than our current President!
People won't let their children listen to a GOSH DARNED SPEECH from the President....AS IF....
I bet they don't want him or his family swimming in the same swimming pool either....?????!!!
The things white people do..Tsk, Tsk....
Posted at 10:56AM on Sep 15th 2009 by The Only Good One is a Dead One

You need to take your own advice and shut the HEll up. I am sick of people like you who always want to play the race card. The reason people didn't want their kids to hear Obama is because he's incompetent fool and the kids go to school to learn. They don't have time to listen to some clown. (If they need to listen to that clown, they could have have easily done it after school. After all he was on TV. He was not at the school personally.) If America was still so racist, you hero would not have been elected. Those white people you hate voted him in. It sure wasn't African Americans because we don't have that kind of strength. Yeah I said we, I am an African American. I didn't vote for Obama and I am proud, I saw through his BS right from the start.

As for the Indians, I can understand where they are coming from, but this team has had this name for 76 years. If the name was offensive it should have been taken care of a long time ago. I feel it was up to the indians who were living around the time of the team's establishment to complain about or to have have at least have tried to do something about within the 10 years of them being called the Redskins. Unless they can prove those Indians were prevented from going to court about this, I don't really see how they can win.

1866 days ago


No Native Americans don't have red skin, black people don't have black skin. My skin is also not really white it's more pinkish beige. But I don't insist on being called beige or pinkish off white.
It not an insult.

1866 days ago


Btw If they win can I sue the Minnesota Vikings

1866 days ago


For all you people asking why they waited.....well Native Americans didn't even have the RIGHT of Self Determination until the 1970's when Nixon gave it to them. They have been THE most oppressed racial group in america and no one even knows anything about them. If a team had been called the the Cleveland Coloreds and featured a black mascot in white face, or the Oregon Orientals and featured an asian with buck teeth and a straw hat and a stupid grin, would that be offensive, would you UNDERSTAND?????? THIS IS THE SAME THING YOU RETARDS. Just because you don't care about Native Americans, that UNTIL THE 1970'S THEY STILL FACED THE TERMINATION OF THEIR ENTIRE CULTURE, then don't talk. You're all racist redneck idiots. My husband was born on the reservation in 1958....he was FORCED to a government boarding school where they cut off his hair and forced him to speak english, speaking Navajo was FORBIDDDEN even in their spare time, he was then adopted out into a "nice mormom family" where he was further beaten until he was no longer a "savage"....

1866 days ago


13. I do not find the team name offensive and I am Native American (I do not collect a free check, I enjoy working for a living and I'm not a drunk, so no one attack me).

Posted at 10:48AM on Sep 15th 2009 by NativeAmericanGirl

Same here, and the Redskins are MY team. My father who was enough Native American he was qualified to live on a reservation, but he chose to work himself to death in the coal mines; (which killed him on 9-11; same day as the attacks), and it's a family thing that us kids are fans. No matter how good/bad they play. We've always felt it an honor to have that name associated with our favorite team. There always has to be a select few who get their fur panties in a wad and try to ruin things for everyone. (I, too, don't drink or go to casinos, either). I do smoke, though, but it sure doesn't cut me any slack when I have to pay out the yang for them, so leave the team alone, for goodness' sake!

I'm also not a 'rub it in your face' type person, either. I hated that they lost to the Giants, but congrats to that team for their win. (Some of us don't have to be a childish moron about it, either, it's a friggin' game!)

1866 days ago


Actually, the Cleveland Indians and the Atlanta Braves have come in for criticism from American Indian leaders. Russell means of the American Indian Movement said of the Indians back in the seventies, "Can you imagine the uproar if the team was named the Cleveland Negroes and each time a home run was hit, a black guy came out of a shack and did a soft-shoe?" Native Americans also criticized Jane Fonda and Ted Turner for perpetuating negative stereotypes by being seen on TV doing the "tomahawk chop." My observation: It's impossible to avoid offending someone who is constantly seeking something at which to be offended.

1866 days ago


I don't understand the people that DON'T understand the insult -- my husband is native american - it is certainly NOT an honor to be called a redskin -- it's tantamount to calling a white person honkey or an african american the "N" word or any other derogatory term that defines someone by the color of their skin - and yes, there are the Cleveland Indians and the Minnesota Vikings - those names do not refer to someone's skin color

1866 days ago


Come on! Do you know any "native" Americans with "red" skin?
How about the one on the helmet jerk?

1866 days ago


It is offensive. I'm not sure how anyone could say otherwise to be honest. Red skins is a racist term but unlike the Indian's logo, there's isn't an Indian Sambo as the team's mascot.

I'm not sure why it is so many people are complaining that the Natives should have done this in 1933. It wasn't that they thought it was okay then, it was that they didn't have the power to stop it at the time or fight it. You're forgetting how impoverished most tribes were and by the way, most tribes still are. For example, do you think African Americans liked the Sambo being used in advertisements? If they did...then where is the Sambo today? Right. Gone. Because it's offensive and we all agree it is. Just like calling a black baseball team the Clowns is offensive.

So why is it that so many people think it's alright to marginalize and continue use racist terms against the Native American population? Because it's sports and team that's been around since 1933.

The Natives have been around longer...oh, and we took their land and ravaged their nations. But they're the bad guys, huh?

That being said, I don't really even care what happens with this law suit, I just wish people would be more fair before they comment.

1866 days ago


I'm half Native American and could give a rats A@@!! Doesn't offend me at all....I would be more offended if they changed their name!

1866 days ago


its just a NAME. besides, what native american has "red" skin? are they serious? they need to get over themselves, this has gone far enough. they're just taking the supreme court away from real important issues and wasting our money. i don't find it offensive at all.

1866 days ago


#91, Hora...

are you serious? Do you not even KNOW what "redskin" means? It has NOTHING to do with color of the skin. White men used to SCALP indians, and take their bloodied, brains attached SCALPS to the local trading posts, along with their raccoon furs, beaver furs, etc. They had to turn in their "indian skins"....they called these SCALPS - Redskins.....like you would call cow skin, pig skin, bear fur. It associated the indians with ANIMALS....their scalps were called REDSKINS because of all the blood. It had NOTHING to do with their skin color.

We wouldn't even HAVE a supreme court in this country if it weren't for the Indians helping the whites when they landed here. You should have more respect for all of the people mass murdered by the settlers.

It's a VERY demeaning word used to describe an indian scalp as a redskin....lowering the human into the same category as an animal...a savage...a beast. Something that would be skinned, no better than a raccoon or a beaver skin.

1866 days ago
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