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Writers Sue - New Aniston Flick Must be Stopped!

9/15/2009 5:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Two screenwriters claim the script for Jennifer Aniston's new movie was straight up stolen from them by NBC Universal -- and now they want to stop the movie from being released ... or they want more than $100,000,000.

jennifer aniston love happens

Greg Crowder and Tony Freitas just filed a lawsuit against NBC Universal, claiming they gave a script titled "The Truth" to Scott Bernstein in 2006 -- when Scott was VP of Production for Universal Pictures.

In the federal lawsuit filed by the screenwriters' lawyer, Ed McPherson, Crowder claims he had multiple meetings with Bernstein about the script -- but Bernstein told Crowder it needed a rewrite before Universal would buy it. Crowder said he'd rewrite it but only if Universal paid. Bernstein wouldn't pay so the deal fell apart.

Fast forward to 2009 ... Crowder says he submitted the script to another film company, who told him they were "concerned that [he] might have stolen" the script from the upcoming Jennifer Aniston/Aaron Eckhart project called "Love Happens." The suit says it was the other way around.

Crowder and Freitas are asking a judge to block NBC Universal from releasing the film on September 18. If it gets released they want the profits ... which they estimate at more than $100,000,000.


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Jenifer is the same old act like watching the same low budget movie over and over again for thirty years without a break. you already know what happens by heart and frankly your tired of watching! she needs to go back to drama school and freshen up her skills if she wants to people to stay interested. Love ya jen but bring something new to the table!

1843 days ago


Is Jen good box office? Same roles, same looks, some whiney voice. Do we really, really need to see her AGAIN on Ellen and Oprah (if she's lucky) being sycophantic! Jen needs a MONSTER in her life - a la Charlize Theron's award winning role to convince us that she has more range - otherwise sorry she's just Jennifer Blanderston when it comes to movies.

1790 days ago


hi every one i will not stop writing this on websites untill people agree with me jennifer aniston pleaaaase go to a psyckyarist you might be in the need of one im just speculating IM NOT A FAN of jennifers
(bear with this text it might get a litle rough/tough but i think its worth it, especialy becouse the good advice on the end) i have few ideas why your love life dosent work that well. have you ever consideret that you might have fear of comitting in to a realitionship that you might have one of these issues. Becouse your dad left you alone for atleast a year when you were a child so you coud be afraid that every guy you ever have releations will leave you thats why you dont want to get too close emotionally becouse you are afraid that you will be left alone again by a person who you deeply care about, by men, that is and since brad also did that to you your fear has doubled. so therefore you do not want to get too much emotionaly atatcht to anyone so thats why you always find the guys who either are players, not looking for a loong term realationship or are just ducbags/morons.and also im no expert but coud it be possible that your biological mother called you ugly so you grew a complex of needing other peoples acceptance/approval of looking hot/sexy and there is the thing with brad switching to another girl, that maked you feel that you are not pretty so thats why you walk around but naked half naked around your house to satisfy the need im pretty god dammit, but jen when it comes to yourself it dosent mater what other people think at all it maters what you think. ask yourself the question am i pretty and the thout that you think maters the most.and i honestly think that you need to go to theraphy becouse just saying that my mom called me ugly dosent take the bad memory of it go away. you will keep having bad/short term realition ships again and again untill you take care of these issues what ever they might be and not just saiying them alaud, telling your friends about them or running away from them you have to face them. By the way these are just theories i do not have any concreet evidence on them exept you being intrested only in men that are the most famous/hotest thing right now so looking at it from this perspective you seem to be only intrested in your career not in your LOVE LIFE and the fact that your realitionships are going south and there has to be a reason for it.i apologise sincerely for puting my nose where it dosent belong but if you would see a person drowning would you be able to leave her alone to drown of course its not my busines how you life yor life but this is just something that might help/one of these might be the reason to yor realitions ships going south .
PS.i think you looked hot in a maids outfit especialy on that show and that movie becouse of you i have a big atatchment on women wearing maid outfits This is soooo your fault i

1847 days ago



1863 days ago

the truth hurts huh    

Good. Spare us from yet another all-the-same-acting Aniston flick. I wouldn't see it anyway - as much as I love Aaron Eckhart - 'cause Jen is sooooo bland and predictable.

1863 days ago


Yet more hollyweird lawsuits and claims ... oh and what's with all the "first" losers. who gives a f*ck?

1863 days ago


Can someone remind me why Jennifer Anniston is famous?

Her acting is mediocre at best as she always plays the same "why me, i'm so lonely" part.

1863 days ago

Just sayin'    


1863 days ago

Just sayin'    

She can't act worth crap!
Go away weird nose!!!!

1863 days ago



1863 days ago


Jenifer's movies are all the same. She does one movie after another & she ACTS the same in all of them. They all just run together. She needs to lay off movies for awhile.

1863 days ago

the truth hurts huh    

Hell - it MUST BE STOPPED just because Jen is in it!! Another romantic comedy with the same character as in every other one of her romantic comedies. $10 million for WHAT????? What a joke.

1863 days ago

Just sayin'    

Heres the movie: He needs someone she needs someone. They meet. They fall in love.
THE END! Same old same old!
Now there is no need to even release it and old hag Aniston can retire and be gone already!

1863 days ago


I think these two need to date in real life. I think they would make a beautiful couple.

1863 days ago


Yes....her screen life has become her reality. She must be miserable. She lost the gorgeous Brad Pitt to the stunningly beautiful and charitable and fertile Angelina. I heard she is really insecure about her looks, and it's completely understandable. She has a huge jawline like a man, and Angelina looks like a Goddess. But I do love Aaron Eckhart....just don't know if I love him enough to stomach another one of her movies....

1863 days ago
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