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Anne Heche -- We Need a Parenting Referee

9/16/2009 2:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's possibly the worst job in the world -- some poor woman has been ordered to get in the middle of the nasty war between Anne Heche and her ex-husband Coleman Laffoon ... to teach them how to parent.

Anne Heche -- We Need a Parenting Referee

After Heche famously blasted her "lazy ass" ex on Letterman, the former couple agreed to get a "parenting plan coordinator" -- a highly paid court-ordered chaperone -- who will help them play nice for the sake of their son, Homer.

The coordinator will make $375 per-hour to do the following things:

-- Coach the parents on effective co-parenting
-- Help the parents make joint parenting decisions
-- Resolve disputes between the parents concerning the court-ordered parenting plan

Both Anne and Coley signed off on the deal -- which will remain in effect until May 1, 2011.

Good luck, parenting lady.


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from Bottom-Turn

1862 days ago


court ordered coparenting is a joke. lets say one of the parents of a set of kids is a pervert that surfs porn at his job where he works with kids. then he gets someone to perform sexual acts on him as he drives with his kids present in the car, drinks and drives with the kids in the car and has killed their pet because he was angry and drunk. any judge that allows this person to keep custody of their kids as long as they seek lessons on how to be a better parent should be hanged! judges make quick decisions in order to clear out their schedules and thats how kids end up getting hurt. the legal system essentially gives bad parents the benefit of the doubt because it is easier then admitting the dirty truth. god help them all if my kids are hurt......hell hath no fury like a MOTHER who's kids have been harmed. good luck FT

1862 days ago

Linda Mott    

What a shame there is so much hurt and anger. I hope it works for the child's sake. Passion often turns to hate. They have to let it go or they will never be able to be good parents.

1862 days ago



1862 days ago

mrez golucky    

Yikes! Simon, we're really late tonight!

1862 days ago

mrez golucky    

Yikes! Simone, sorry misspelled your name.

1862 days ago


mrez golucky, I was watching TV. So, it is difficult to pay attention here and there. Hehehe.

1862 days ago


Mentally ill women should be prevented from being near children. This bitch has proven time and time again that she is insane and a danger to everyone. Her career is over, now if she would just kill herself........

1862 days ago

The Truth    

this is the big problem we have in this country...60% of people in this country have no clue on how to raise their kids and that's why we have so many THINGS for a lack of a better word running loose on the streets..Wake up AMERICA!!

1862 days ago


$375.00 per hour...... WHAT A JOKE... I need a job like that.

1862 days ago


Well, now you know the premise of next's season's hottest reality show. You read it here first.

1862 days ago


I swear this world is arss backwards!! this lady is making 375 an hour!?!?! for what?!?! no folks thats not 3.75 an hour (more than a waitress as it stands) thats 375.00 an hour!~

teach them how to do what I am supposed to learn from life/society and in an hour make more than I do in a week of sweating and breaking my back loading bundles of shingle? absolutely sickening.

where do I apply? cause im sitting here in Michigan laid off fighting forclosure and I'll beat her best price. Heck ill do it for like 70% off!! 100 an hour! beat that!

1862 days ago


$375 an hour is not enough to deal with that crazy woman. An hour with her is like 8 hours of hard work. It's too much work for any one person to handle.

I hope a certified doctor is there to give her a shot of Demerol and a tranquilizer when she goes completely apes**t again. Just think she is on the lose in Beverly Hills and a child is involved? Why this guy decided to procreate with this crazy woman is beyond comprehension. Not only does he gets to suffer for an eternity, but his poor child has to suffer for the rest of his life with a mother who is a skank psycho crazy deranged lunatic whose nutty as a fruitcake.

1862 days ago


I just finished watching the rerun on Letterman (saw it the first time too); the woman is a ditz. She definitely is 'out there'. I would only give her supervised meetings with her son. She'd be the type to take the kid and run. Personally, I don't see the attraction that Ellen, her hubby or present lover see. Once she opened her mouth, my toenails curled.

1861 days ago


I feel so sorry for their kid.
She's nuts!!!!!
What kind of name is Homer for a kid?

1861 days ago
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