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Golden Girl Shreds the 'Sex & the City' Chicks

9/16/2009 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The ladies of "Sex & the City" have often been compared to "The Golden Girls" -- but yesterday in NYC, Rue McClanahan told us the Cosmo swilling quartet doesn't hold a candle to Blanche Devereaux's crew.

Rue McClanahan: Click to watch
The woman who played the original Samantha Jones came out swinging at LaGuardia, telling our camera guy, "Don't even mention them" -- and adding the GGs are on another level because "Our humor is much better than that."

So we gotta ask ...


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toby cameron I can still fit into my hs cheerleader uniform!    

my GOD what a bitter fat bitch... she is an old has been or never was... Golden Girls was one of the worst shows ever on American TV... People only watched it because they felt sorry for the hags. What expecially ENRAGES me is the lack of diversity on the show. I hope this isn't offensive to anyone but I would like to have set fire to the the set and watched those hags perish.

1863 days ago


Love her!

That being said, any word on Patrick Swayze's funeral? It's been so quiet.

1863 days ago


You are a loser!!! Golden Girls ROCKED!!! I have all the DVD's. I am not old either....

On another hand I have never seen Sex & The City, nor will I ever.
HOpw on earth can you not thing Sophia and the girls are Funny as CRAP!!

1863 days ago

Amber Berglund    

Size Zero, you're a lame ass.

1863 days ago

toby cameron I can still fit into my hs cheerleader uniform!    

I never said Sex and the City was a good show. I said that the Golden Girls STUNK. Missay you are trash and most likely a tad on the fat side. Ger off your recliner and do some exercise! You most be total loser if you are under 70 and find the Golden Girls humorous. Did you have some sort of crush on Bea Arthur? BE HONEST

1863 days ago


"Especially." That's how you spell it.

1863 days ago

toby cameron I can still fit into my hs cheerleader uniform!    

Please forgive my typos... English is not my first language. thanks for pointing this out Kim! See you at lunch later!


1863 days ago


lol She did not understand him when he said are you still a Mac lol she said no I kept my last name lol but I still love her I watch the show everyday and never get tired of it.

1863 days ago

J C    

The both shows have one thing in common.
Real women don't act like that.
The shows were basically written for guys in homosexual addiction to live vicariously through.

1863 days ago

Justice !    

Wow, I am feeling older! At first I was like that can't be Rue, but listening to her ... that's Rue She still got her Spunk!! I love her , she is an an amazing women. The Girls was one of the most entertaining shows of all time!

Hey Zero , you shouldn't be proud...Is that your actual size or IQ?? You're a laugh, and sadly oblivious to what the Girls (Rue, Betty, Bea, Estell)brought to tv.

1863 days ago

.:Loki 4Ever:.    

Give me a Break.. the Golden Girls RULE, and can say ANYTHING they want... she is right anyway... SITC IS basically the same storyline.. GG's did it first :)

1863 days ago


Size zero.... why is Missy fat?? I'm in my early 20's and love the Golden Girls. Peole loved I Love Lucy for decades. Some shows are classic. Now go eat something and stop worrying about other people, you hate mongering bitch.

1863 days ago


the golden girls rule!! that is one of the funniest shows ever. do not even compare the trashy sex in the city girls with the golden girls.

the re-runs are played on WE and the Hallmark channel and i watch them.

they are classic! they still make me laugh today. they are all funny, but i think dorothy was my favorite.

1863 days ago


Not a fair comparison since Rue is so much older. But I'm sure she was FAR more attractive than Sarah when she was young. Sarah will look truly frightening when she gets old.

1863 days ago


First of all "by size zero and proud of it" you need to go back to school and learn how to spell. When you purchase something its spelled BUY, when you stand near something you stand BY it. Secondly, Golden Girls is from the 80's and the rules for tv back then were much different. The Golden Girls pushed the boundaries and set new standards for what was acceptable on tv. Shows like the Golden Girls paved the way for show like Sex in the City to be acceptable on tv. You sound like an ignorant, uneducated little girl. You also sound really angry, maybe you should go eat something! Golden Girls was a HUGE hit and continues to popular with people of all ages. Golden Girls didn't follow the rules, they pushed past them. People did not watch their show because they felt sorry for them, they watched it because these girls were extremely talented and funny actresses. I do however feel sorry for someone like you with such a negative, nasty and limited view.

1863 days ago
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