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John Legend Ticketed -- It's Sabotage!

9/18/2009 1:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John Legend claims he was done in by the valet last night -- blaming the car parkers for the ticket he got for driving around Hollywood without his headlights on.

John Legend: Click to watch
We got him right after LAPD ticketed him outside Bardot -- and like a good celebrity, Legend promptly took to his Twitter to clear his good name.

He writes: "Valet sabotaged me! didn't notice becuz the dashboard lites were on and usually I have my headlights on "auto" so they come on w the car. Valet turned them off. Oh well! More money for the California state treasury. I guess they need it."

The state thanks you for your contribution.


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im pretty sure he can afford the ticket.

1869 days ago


John Legend Sucks!

1869 days ago


Did you have you eyes open? If you did and you look in the direction of travel you might have noticed your headlight were off,You sound like a guy at work who blames somebody else for his mistakes, So now there are 2 of you

1869 days ago


Yeah, you know what, I'm sure it was because the cop was a racist. Maybe he should call that Gates guy.

1869 days ago


I hate it when people borrow my car and do that to me!
I have also been spoiled by automatic lights.

And when people borrow my car they also leave the cruise control on sometimes which I usually notice after some 'random' engine revving.

But you really can't blame the valet for the ticket, because it is our job to check everything before we start driving. I don't always, either, but it is what any driver is supposed to do and what we are responsible for.

1869 days ago

mrez golucky    

Yikes! Take responsibility for your own actions, Johnny!

1869 days ago



1869 days ago

are you kidding?!    

Yeah, you know what, I'm sure it was because the cop was a racist. Maybe he should call that Gates guy.
Posted at 1:06PM on Sep 18th 2009 by Verne Troyer

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OMG that’s so funny!!!
…for sure he was a racist!!!!!!!!
Poor John Legend!!!

1869 days ago


Twitter some more John....

Make yourself sound like a bigger queen


1869 days ago


Can't relate John. The rest of us in the free world have to be responsible and learned there are certain things to check in a vehicle before you hit the gas pedal. I guess you were rich before you learned how to drive and now you are so use to people doing FOR you that you have forgotten how to look out for yourself. Tisk, tisk.

1869 days ago

are you kidding?!    

Thank you John Legend!!!
Now, I feel much better about my English

1869 days ago


According to the Obamasiah's folks, if anything happens to a black man it must be raaaaaacist!


1869 days ago


It's safe to assume that Obama will now call the valet a jackass and also say that the cop acted stupidly. He can then invite them all to the White House for a beer.

I hope that Maureen Dowd will write a column about this latest victim of racism.

1869 days ago


LOL @ all the racists on this page calling John racist, when he NEVER SAID ANYTHING about race. Showing your true colors, you bigots.

In other news, I can totally picture something that like happening to me! I've never used a valet, but you do forget to change everything back when someone borrows your car. I hate when I get in the car and the radio is turned ALLLLL the way up. I jump out of my skin!

1869 days ago


It is written in the owners manuel to never let anyone drive your car.

1869 days ago
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