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Jasmine Fiore Memorial Photos

9/24/2009 1:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jasmine Fiore's friends and family gathered at a ranch in Santa Cruz, CA on Sunday -- and the private ceremony was decorated with a bunch of old photos of the former model.

Jasmine Fiore Memorial Photos

We're told the emotional memorial was held at the estate of Joanna Miller -- granddaughter of Walt Disney -- because Jasmine was good friends with Joanna's son.

We're told a larger, public memorial for Jasmine will be held on October 4 in Las Vegas.


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I am not whoever you mentioned above. I am a friend of Cardosi's. I dont think you guys will ever be satisfied until you hear that Ryan did not act alone. I don't know why you keep implying that there is some major cover-up. The only conclusion I can come to is that you are Canadian (which is evident by the use of the letter "u" in words such as favour and neighbour) and you don't want to believe that Canadians can be murderous people (which is also evident in another post in which you said that this murder was committed professionally and not by some "new kid in town from Canada"). I feel some of you are making this story way more sensational than it really is. I also don't understand why YOU think YOU are entitled to all this information (i.e: cell phone records, knowing where Cardosi was on the 12-14, and being made privy to information thats "juicy and hasn't been published"). Those tidbits of info are evidence at this point. Why do you think you should have access to such info? Just to quell your hunger for intimate details? You should really consider getting into forensics, or working for the police (or mounties or whatever they call it in Canada). I'm honestly not saying that in a condescending way... I really think that this kind of stuff just excites you... maybe your spin on cases like this could be valuable in future investigations. I seriously knew you were gonna say that about his suicide though. I knew you were gonna say that you're not satisfied with that possibility. There are some people in this world who just want to always say the opposite. If people say the sky is blue, they want to say, "I don't know, it could be maybe be green..just saying". Thats kind of what your theories remind me of. You're right they have ruled it as a suicide, I don't think they would have been able to call it that if the room at the motel showed any signs of a struggle occurring there. I'm also sure his body would show some signs of trauma (scratches, lesions, etc) or DNA of another person under his nails from fighting his attacker who was trying to hang him from a coat rack by his belt. Also, there are much more effective ways of killing someone rather than making it look like fact, thats a rather risky way to try to kill someone since its possible the person could survive. So, I'm confident in saying that the police are correct when they say that Ryan killed himself. I also disagree with your statement about him needing to "clear his head". Once you report your wife missing and then shes found dead and the police want to ask you a few more questions, you aren't entitled to the luxury of "clearing your head" and going home to Mommy. Yes, those are luxuries. You are wanted for further questioning and you have a moral (as a husband/or person who cared enough to report her missing) responsibility and a legal responsibility. Anyway, I've gone on long enough. Once this case is closed and the police announce that he acted alone (assuming they do), I hope you will truly let this case RIP. You keep mentioning how bad you feel for the different parties, and you offer your condolences periodically... I think if you honestly feel that bad for the people involved, then you will let this case rest and not keep posting these theories of yours that only hurt friends and family of those involved.

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1824 days ago


After all that mess, she will rest in peace.

1824 days ago

What a nightmare that Jenkins put her and the world through.

1824 days ago


I am sorry to hear bout her tragic death.
she did chose to "plastize her body" to attract men and money. she screwed around with many men at the same time, lied to all of them , manipulated them to get money,
you can post as many young innocent pictures of this girl that you want but she is poster child for all the women that comd to hollywood and try to "hook " rich men. she believed ryan jenkins was her new meal ticket and then found out his father held the strings, she manipulated him and played with him fragile psych he had just moved to hollywood 4months ago and yet she was very well educated in the "gold digger" world. well, she messed with the wrong guy, listen to his parents speak of what a beautiful son he was. listen to her mother try to make this hooker out to be a good little girl, that little girl was gone for years, she was a plastic, manufactured magnet to get money from men, there are thousands of these witches in los angeles, and many see the same fate that she did........... the lesson, teach your daughters better , to stop depending on their tits and between their legs to get money, teach them to get real jobs and not depend on rich men for their survival

1824 days ago


God Rest Her Soul... We are thinking of you... now you are safe with the angels

1824 days ago

Hugh Jass    

Jasmine Fiore WHO?

1824 days ago

Sad sad    


1824 days ago

making a change    

Slut!!! Of coarse she knows the son. She played hard, died hard. Lets finally move on PLEASE!!!. Alot of sluts die, what makes her so special. Blah blah blah....

1824 days ago


All you puritans out there better be careful if you ever step out of some imaginary line you will be persecuted by all those who will believe any bit of gossip anyone can spread about you!

Jasmine was a young lady with stars in her eyes and a dream - the American dream" to better herself - with the tools she could muster - no different than any one of you!

She was brutally murdered and mutilated!!!! NO ONE has the right to do that to another human being I don't care what your excuse is! So give it a rest - You cannot hurt her anymore - and your ignorant comments only show what bigots and idiots you are!

Did I know this young lady - NO! Did you? - also NO! So let those who did like and love her mourn her loss in peace - She did not deserve such an ending to her life - No one does!

1824 days ago


I think that's a bit rich - a public memorial? A mention on this page? I mean really. Any death is sad, but its only because of the antics of her killer and the way her body was found that this has gained so much attention. Just about nobody who've known who she was a few weeks ago.

1824 days ago


To the NEWWWWBS dissing her on this page. "We don't know who she is." "Jasmine who?" and all that nonsense. Well you all must live in a cave, or not in Vegas where the whole city knew/knows who she is. Get with the program. RIP blonde beauty.

1824 days ago



1824 days ago


stop already, so the two timing, shaft guzzling, pole smoking, jism gurgling, slut de jour is dead. murder is in no way cool but some skanks seem to beg for it to happen to them and some get their wishes fulfilled. all i have to say is make the world a better place, recycle the implants cause the bman said so.

1824 days ago

jim goosh    

REALLY??? REALLY ??? Who cares? Public memorial ??? What is she freakin Michael Jackson??? Who's gonna attend??? A bunch of "Johns"? While it is terrible that this "woman" was killed, Poster # 5 is 100% correct. She was a slut, that screwed multiple losers at the same time purely for money.

And to #12. Of course everyone in the sleaze town of Vegas knew who she was. So did half of America who saw her wrapped around a pole at the strip clubs she worked. She was a Tramp, NOT a Hero. A Golddigger to the tenth power, not " A Young Lady with stars in her eyes" as #10 has claimed. She WAS a STRIPPER/WHORE/ESCORT" and NOT a "MODEL".

And Please TMZ, STOP STOP STOP referring to her a s a model. I'm in the industry, I've seen models, I know what they look like. She was no model. Just 'cause some ugly person pays a photographer to take pics of them, and then they call themselves a model, does not a model make.

She IS the poster girl, for what not to behave like, for what not to do to your body, and for what not to aspire to. So I guess in death she finally is the model she lied and told people she was. I stand corrected.

And to all the other posters who are saying how cruel we all are for speaking the truth about her, If TMZ stops giving this bimbo airtime, then posters would not be annoyed into speaking the truth about her. Sorry if it's tough to deal with and to hear, but my assumption is, if parents let their daughters get to this level of debauchery, then they probably are ueaffected from the comments on here and are probably to busy basking in the underserved limelight. They're probably standing at the end of their " just off the strip", Vegas condo driveway, awaiting a fleet of white Rolls Royces to whisk them off to the public memorial, being held at UNLV with s slew of porn stars in attendance, and Ron Jeremy giving the eulogy and Nina Hartley doing a reading and perhaps the "now pure and innocent" , anorexic uber-whore Jenna Jameson and Tracy Lordes as pall bearers.

1824 days ago
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