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Alleged Travolta Extortionists Haggled on Video

9/24/2009 2:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Alleged Travolta Extortionists Haggled on VideoSecret police videos have captured the alleged extortionists in the John Travolta case in deep conflict ... with one defendant accusing the other of trying to settle way too cheap -- this according to law enforcement sources.

As we first reported yesterday, authorities have at least two videos of paramedic Tarino Lightbourne and attorney Pleasant Bridgewater demanding millions of dollars from John Travolta's lawyers, in return for not making a document public.

Our sources say Bridgewater is caught on tape demanding many millions of dollars, but another video shows Lightbourne outraged that Bridgewater demanded what he considered such a paltry sum. His demand was exponentially higher than hers, law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

We're told the videos show them haggling over money -- and although it's been reported the pair allegedly demanded $25 million, we're told they finally agreed to $15 mil.

We're also told lawyers for Bridgewater and Lightbourne will make a motion today to suppress the videos, on grounds they were illegally recorded.

And there's a sticky problem -- we're told one of the key Bahamian cops in the video sting was seriously injured "under suspicious circumstances" and is unable to testify.

Travolta has not finished testifying. We're told he has left the Bahamas and will return next week to complete his testimony.


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mrez golucky    

Yikes! Caught on tape!

1855 days ago



1855 days ago


These people are truly sick. I hope they get what they have coming to them.

Stay strong Travolta Family!

1855 days ago


This extortion's story is very strange.

1855 days ago

just me    

illegally recording of illegal activity.. HAHA

if they are claiming they did nothing wrong then why worry about the videos?

1855 days ago


Whatever the sentence would be I'd triple it. I would have killed them first and ask questions later. Scamed the wrong family. Can't imagine the judge preventing the video from being used as evidence.

1855 days ago


Still doesnt matter, he signed a waver to let the attending physicians no liability to avoid going in an ambulance to the hospital.. STUPID IDIOT!!! fly his half dead kid home to a scientolygy hospital in florida.... I dont care how much he cries.. he literally contributed and helped kill his son... who cares if half way to his plane he changed his mind!! and to hide the fact your kid has autism??? WTF!!! what are you doing?? That information is important to attending physicians, and to doctors, and whomever attends to the patient in question? J Travolta is an idiot!!! Period.. how his wife stands by this terrible choice is beyond belief?? He should be jailed for hiding information about his child.. It was never known.. because these idiot scientologists believe not giving pills.. it should be fixable witlhout medication.. Why do u think it was hidden?? Poor frigging kid has autism.. and his family doesnt even give him a few pills to help the sitaution, and help him feel better?? thats literally child abuse.. and I dont think this is over!! If this happened in the USA.. hed be facing negligence, and possibly criminal charges for denying his son proper treatment... he can get away with it in bahamas.. but the only one that loses is his dead son Jett.. and him.. having to live with the fact he never acknowledged nor helped his son.. I know theres many types of programs.. to avoid these seizures.. but he just let it happen...!!! and for 10 plus years!!!!!??? Go visit Tom Cruise and shed no tears!! for your a loser and deserve to suffer mentally FOREVER!! for your scientology bull crap... when you have cancer, or get a similar disease.. lets see if you stick to your no pills, and no treatment except psycology, and eating different foods!!! Good friggin luck! I will gain back respect for you if u do that.. but I guarantee youll be scared, and cheat out.. unlike your son, atleast you have a choice a-hole!!!

1855 days ago



Your use of language reveals you to be a person with very little compassion, and even less brains. The man did nothing to cause his son's death. Yet you would blame him. You have no personal knowledge as to what the family did or did not do to help their son. Just because the Travolta family made a decision not to tell the public, prior to their son's death, about his illness, doesn't mean that they nothing to help him. You are an idiot.

1855 days ago


Please support Michael for Nobel Peace Prize.

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Thank you.

Love you MJ. Rest in peace.

1855 days ago


11. Please support Michael for Nobel Peace Prize.

"Michael Jackson Nomination 2010 Nobel Peace Prize"
Pls search Google and fill the petition. Takes only 1 minute.

Thank you.

Love you MJ. Rest in peace

You have WAAy too much time on yur hands.. what the heck does MJ have to do with this story... and noble peace prize......please... are you serious?? hes dead, gone, done... get over it... he was just a good musician.. dint do anything to change the world?? donated money.. but that doesnt get you the nobel!! ALthough I think he;s innocent, many dont.. so it aint happenning.. so take your petition and shove it.. has no merit in this conversation for one.. and its just not possible.. and the fact you need to intrude on other stories to recruit people shows you how much confidence you actually have.. If he deserves it... NOT.. he would get it.. what a petition is going to get it to him.. are you nuts?? By doing ehat your doing.. you diminish his good deeds... but whatever.. keep living in Nerverland in your mind.. because NEVER should hopefully stick!!! lol Waaayyy to funny.. and I like, and thnk MJ was brilliant.. nobel peace prize??? No way... Common now.. the guy was a dope addict.. and probably has at best grade 10 highschool... doubt even that.. but if MJ deserves a nobel peace prize.. then what about the other musicians.. like.. ACDC, Bob Dylan.. BOB marley, LED Zeppelin... comon.. dtraighten yur brain out... maybe we should give one to britney spears!!?? put yur head back in the sand.. save it for some other day... dummy

1855 days ago


God Bless the Trovolta Family and Stay Strong, and don't take no hostgages. I hope the Trovolta Family stays strong enough to ride those Prosecutors until they prosecute that Paramedic and that Official to the full extend of Felony law in the Bahamas. Under HIPPA Law, I hope since Mr. Trovolta's son was a U.S. Citizen that they can be prosecuted in the U.S.A. also. STAY STRONG, GOD BLESS YOU.....

1855 days ago

The Truth    

ha ha

1855 days ago


"motion today to suppress the videos, on grounds they were illegally recorded."

I dont give a rats ass who recorded who, it's a crime and if thats the proof that is needed 2 catch these people then thats what should be used.

1855 days ago

doc murry    

my sources tell me that john travolta was in cahoots with dr murry to take care of his son if you know what i somone else posted on here..he had 6 million dollors life insurance on the tard..i mean who really wants a mongoloid kid hanging around,,they do stupid things so its better if they check ourt early if you know what i mean,,i also have been informed by my sources that michael jackson is still alive,,,check it out,,its true..

1855 days ago

doc murry    

didnt these people work for wacko jacko..i think there is more to this story than meets the eye ball if you ask me,,michael jackson never liked john travolta so i think he had his son killed but it backfired and dr muurry kiled him first because john travolta took him for a plane ride and paid him off.....

1855 days ago
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