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Mackenzie -- 'There's a Time for Everything'

9/24/2009 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With members of her own family attacking her credibility, Mackenzie Phillips hit the streets of NY last night and defended her decision to go public with the story of her incestuous decade long affair with own father.

Mackenzie Phillips: Click to watch
Although her father John died in 2001 and can't defend himself ... the 49-year-old "One Day at a Time" simply explained her decision by saying, "There's a time for everything."

And, of course, there's a time to sell books ....

Randy and Evi Quaid Arrested After Struggle

Randy and Evi QuaidRandy Quaid and his wife Evi were just arrested in Marfa, Texas, TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us they were picked up by the Marfa Sheriff. We're told there was a struggle and deputies had to wrestle Evi to the ground as she screamed loudly.

Felony arrest warrants had been issued for the Quaids in Santa Barbara, CA for burglary, defrauding an innkeeper and conspiracy. They're accused of stiffing the San Ysidro Ranch near Santa Barbara out of thousands of bucks.

Story developing...

Guess Who This Lil' Girl Turned Into!

Before becoming the talk of the town, this blonde gal was just another 7-year-old growing up in Maryland. Can you guess who she transformed into?

who dat

Khloe and Lamar's Guests -- Total Cheapskates

Khloe Kardashian
and Lamar Odom's wedding guests obviously aren't the type to gamble on a three-week relationship -- because so far, they've only bought the cheapest stuff on the couple's wedding registry.

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom

The other guests better hurry up and get the other cheap stuff soon -- or they'll be stuck buying that ridiculous $500 margarita machine.

Check out the gallery to see all the incredible items -- including a kick-ass set of measuring spoons -- the brand new couple is gonna get.

Guess the Pup Pics

These pretty pups have super celebrity owners -- can you guess which stars have these canine companions?

K-Fat will Become K-Fit -- on Reality Show

Looks like Kevin Federline is tired of all the K-Overfed jokes -- because TMZ has learned he officially signed on to do the next season of "Celebrity Fit Club."

Kevin Federline: Click to launch
Federleezy has packed on the pounds of late -- see Exhibit XXL above -- but he's on a mission to reduce the rolls. Earlier today, a TMZ employee watched Britney's ex saunter onto the Simi Valley, CA set of the VH1 weight-loss reality show.

As TMZ first reported, Bobby Brown, Nicole Eggert and Kevin's other baby-mama Shar Jackson will also join him in trimming the fat.

Supermodels: Then and Now

Some of the biggest models in Hollywood have aged like wine. Others ... not so much.

super models - launch photos

Celebrity Sign Language

A picture's worth a thousand words and with a flick of a few fingers these stars are voicing themselves loud and clear. See what message theses stars are sending!


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The last sentence says it all - "And, of course, there's a time to sell books ....". What a pathetic has-been loser. Since she was fired from "One Day At A Time" the only time we've heard about her was when we she was arrested or going into rehab. Yesterday I printed out a picture of her and showed it to some people aged 12 to 26 - no one recognized it or her name. You'd think at her age and the number of times she's been busted, she'd clean up her act. No, she's just sunk deeper into the sewer by telling the world something about her dead father - who sure in heck can't tell his side of the story!

1857 days ago


To those parroting the "nobody's perfect" BS and how horrible us evil people are for giving this woman the attention she is seeking: You are RIGHT one is perfect!! So should we excuse the pedophiles that sodomize young innocent children on your dribble of unified imperfection? How about serial killers?

We need somekind of solid framework of what is acceptable and what is not. THIS IS NOT!! I hate to tell you namecallers this but the cruelest people here are those enabling this woman to prosper from her own filth whether it is the truth or BS. I strongly believe it is the latter, but either is filth that we don't want shoved down our throats. People can't say Jesus in public but we are sickeningly subjected to years, night and day of Lewinski giving BJ's, Viagra commercials and now this twit claiming to sleep with her own father. She needs help and a good kick in the butt.

1857 days ago


Well angel, you are right...we weren't there and neither were YOU, but you have no problem judging her father and you found a dead man guilty without a trial of any kind! I have encountered enough drug addicts(one very close loved one)to know that they are incredibly convincing liars...especially when they are scheming to get money for a fix. What about compassion for a most likely falsely accused man and his family? How do you suppose this effects them? Is it OK for you to judge him and belittle him on the word of a druggie but bad bad bad for the rest of us to judge her?

1857 days ago


Only doing it to sell books and get her name in the news.. All the has been actors do it just to keep the name in the news just making up stuff to shock and awwwww is. Don't work for me .. she also said someone else raped her when she was young. Next she will be telling she had a gay relationship with her Mom... maybe her kids.???? who knows. it will sell what ever she comes up with next.
Dog Mom

1857 days ago


Well said "Sam", its nice to get a comment from someone with intelligence. There are so many ridiculous comments it's no wonder women wait years to tell what happened to them. One comment even said, keep it private amoung your family ! As a victim of a rapist/molester from the age of two to six, what a pathetic statement. Family knows, they aren't blind, they deny it to themselves. Family would rather you endure the pain as to not having to act on it or ruin theyre way of life. Her sister already said it was true, even she knew what was going on. It's so common to wait till your perpetrator dies to reveal what happened to you. Then you go years getting enough nerve and strength to come out and say what happened to you. Of course everyone will say, oh why didnt you say something earlier, when once again, they did know... but he was the bread winner, everyones lives would be turned around. This is just the cold hard facts. More important than whether you believe her, is the fact that there are many, many men sexually abusing their daughters! Do not make one person coming out feel more betrayed then she already was.

1856 days ago


Her sister didn't say it was true because of any other reason than she thinks one would have to be insane to make it up. Many of us subjected to druggies know they walk the outskirts of insanity and frequently go downtown to frolic!!

1856 days ago


Joyce, I will give you a clearer example of ridiculous. Yesterday, I posted a comment under yours in the early evening and didn't come back on until this morning to find your same post dated for 3:11 THIS MORNING. Are you Winfrey paid? BUT, more to the point of ridiculous, you and her "following" have judged a dead man and his family on the ALLEGATIONS of a drug addict. Oh, but it's true because OPRAH aired this woman's story?!! Winfrey buys her popularity by giving pathetic souls a mere chance to get a free car or a new bra if they worship her!!!

1855 days ago
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