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Britney Custody Order Extended

9/25/2009 9:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears will share 50/50 custody with Kevin Federline at least through the end of the year -- TMZ has learned.

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline

An L.A. County Superior Court judge extended the order that was initially put in place for Britney's concert tour. Under the terms, Britney gets to travel with Sean Preston and Jayden James and must provide K-Fed with a place to stay if he wants to follow them on tour.

Sources tell us the sealed order is very detailed, but Britney gets minimum 50/50 custody and at times even more.

As for Kevin, in addition to the $20,000 a month Britney pays him in child support, he gets between $20,000 and $25,000 a month when the kids are outside of California.

At the end of the year the judge will reevaluate custody. We're told it's looking like a 50/50 split is the way of the future.


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listen to the tape before you comment    

50/50 and she STILL has to pay him child support? What a f at lazy turd he is. Get a friggin job K Chub (not a "club opener"), maybe start dancing again and work that gut off.

1823 days ago

for now    

Why are so many crybabies jealous of Father Of The Year Kevin?
Probably because he has a better life than any of them.
If Brit had not married him,she wouldn't have to pay him now.
Considering her wealth,she pays him very little.
Everyone agrees that he is a good father. I believe that Britney
is trying to be a good mother but it's not easy for her.

1822 days ago

Love is cute when it is.......

1822 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

KDud is a worthless SLUG!!! It's good that he can't read or he might get his A-Hole feelings hurt. What kind of a Moron would date that lazy, gold digging, loser K-Dud ? Hope he isn't eating the children's food - though I would't put it past him. What exactly is he spending Britney's money on?? She bought him a house, a car, his clothes, his food, etc., so what is he spending Brit's money on???? Only in California would K-Dud, the nasty dipstick, get away with being a thief. He is so UGLY in every way.

1822 days ago


50/50 was the original custody agreement. Kevin went for 100% only temporarily when she was acting scary (a very appropriate and responsible response to her actions), and was always willing to let her have more time with the kids than allowed by the judge as long as one of her parents was present and she did not drive with the kids in the car. He has always said that he hoped they could eventually get back to the 50/50 arrangement and that she needed to be in the kids' lives. And he has never blocked access of the maternal grandparents to the kids - I remember once during all the "troubles", it was reported that he asked Grandma Spears to stay with the kids at his home while he was out of town. Sounds like an ideal ex-son-in-law to me, as well as an ideal ex-husband. He hasn't been acting like some ex-spouses, using the kids as pawns in a revenge game, but has been making decisions clearly based on the kids' best interests. He doesn't act vengeful at all, but clearly wants to make sure the kids are all right and that he is part of their lives.

The amount of money he's been getting per month for the kids is peanuts, considering the need for long-term professional nannies and (because of Britney's fame) security as well as other things that their mother would certainly want for them (it's not as though he can move into a tiny apartment with them to cut costs, and if he didn't hire nannies you all would be ragging on him for not being able to go out on jobs...). The amounts mentioned could easily all go toward just paying such staff, including a retainer when the kids are with Britney so they don't take other jobs. It's very important to have professional and consistent childcare with kids that age, especially those who have had significant trauma (which they both definitely had over a prolonged period due to their mother's problems). If you want good people who will stay around for many years - you have to pay them very well and consistently with the cost of living in the area. He picks up plenty of money from his other activities (even paid for showing up places as a media attractant) to pay for his own personal expenses, although not anything near the amount Britney pulls in. (Which is why she pays him rather than the other way around.) There is no evidence that he is "embezzling" any of the child support money or using it for anything other than legitimate expenses for the children.

1821 days ago
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