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Memorial Set for Ryan Jenkins

9/26/2009 8:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nearly five weeks after he hanged himself in the Thunderbird Motel in British Columbia, friends and family will remember murder suspect Ryan Jenkins in a private memorial.

TMZ has obtained the invitation sent out by Ryan's father, Dan Jenkins, inviting friends and family to the service to be held October 1 in Calgary.

As we've reported, a large public memorial is scheduled for Jenkins' wife -- murdered swimsuit model Jasmine Fiore -- on Oct. 4 in Las Vegas.

Buena Park Police tell us they're hoping to receive Jenkins' hard drive -- found with him at the Thunderbird -- from Canadian authorities within the next two weeks.


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It's sad that anyone had to die, had his father stopped using his money years ago in order to get his son out of his numereous violent offenses that he was charged (and at times convicted of)...and perhaps used the money to get him help for his anger issues than maybe no one had to die. It's too late now for Daddies money to save anyone, let this be a lesson to others now. I'm just saying.....and I can cause I have insider info on his youth exploits!!!

1851 days ago

My Opinion

I am ready to gag hearing what this woman says about her daughter....she is a lying con artist...and has said Jasmine has 5 more years to use men to set up her life. This woman has altered her story to make her daughter look like the girl next door...prostitute for money...drug runner....three cell phones to run her sex businesses....

This woman said the marriage was annulled in May when Jasmine went to pick up her ex Michael Cardiso from jail.....and felt it alright for her to do that and promoted it and went with her daughter to pick up her ex....mean while Jasmine agreed to go back to Ryan and was lying right away and doing things behind his back....that Robert Hasman was not her boyfriend for two years ....he was her client sexually...and when Jasmine didnot have enough money to live...she moved in with him....her mother is saying he was a boyfriend of two years.....disgusting

How can a person get their real estate a personal trainer.... and open a gym when you are all over the place in Las Vegas....and Los Angeles with your businesses (sex)...Jasmine was caught soliciting sex in 2004 and has had two DUI's (one July 2008).....and was using cocaine regularly as her friend Marta stated she and Ryan were both out of control in the Vegas scene (partying)...she didnot deserve to go out this was but I am surprised she didnot meet her fate a long time ago as she has been swimming with sharkes for least ten years....

She also said Jasmine earned that car...2007 Benz....Marta Matoya Jasmine's friend said Ryan bought it for her....

Jasmine's mother gives me the willies....real trash....Jasmine really didn't have a good role model for a mother...I'm sick of hearing her lies and makes me sick..

1851 days ago


Justsayin and Chris Carter, perhaps you two are the ones who need grammar lessons. "Hanged" is the correct usage in this case, read:

"Hanged" is the proper word when referring to a death sentence of suicide.

1851 days ago


Questioner, my husband has said that all along is that he doesn't believe Jenkins did it all by himself, he thinks he definitely had help or paid someone to do it. Being rich and all that's not a stretch.

One has to wonder if something happened to her after they left and perhaps she wasn't killed until Saturday morning like the coroner stated. Like some pre-planned thing.

And by the way my husband is SICK of hearing me theorize about this thing. It will be funny to see if that's what comes out of this, that my husband was right all along without giving it much thought. I guess I am sick of having to wonder if the gumshoes out there would figure this thing out already. Sloppy sloppy sloppy.

I saw on another thread the Jasmine memorial one someone said she was arrested in 2004 for soliciting. Does anyone know about this? That's the first I have heard of it.

1851 days ago


What city was she arrested in for soliciting? Curious to hear about that one. Will have to google it later.

1851 days ago

Sad sad    

Questioner are you going to the funeral?

1850 days ago


Rest in feces.

1850 days ago


My God! Can we give it a REST?!!??!!? Why are these unfortunately UGLY people given so much publicity?!

1850 days ago


Questioner ... keep up the good work, and ignore the haters! I appreciate reading your posts, and it all makes sense to me .. there is a possibility that the police work has been sloppy so far, and Ryan is not the killer. Again, it's a POSSIBILITY, so peeps need to keep an open mind. It seems like they just want to convict the guy without all the facts of the case. As for the police, well that's just unprofessional to convict a guy before all the facts are collected.
Also, the hanged versus hung posters .... give it break, it's TMZ ... sheesh! You're boring everyone to tears with your nonsense.

1850 days ago


What position was the driver's seat in when the car was found? Ryan was 6'0" and JF was 5'7". Only a 3 inch difference but that can make a difference in how the seat was placed. Of course if she was wearing heels, I guess it wouldn't matter. Surely they would have looked at that though.

1850 days ago


You know what's bothering me from your link Dawn, I thought that they had said RJ acted alone from the beginning and they were confident in this. Now they are not sure? WTF! So how can they be sure that RJ did this at all. I would also like to point out that RJ, Hasman and MC are all similar in build and height.

Who was the driver leaving the Hilton? I'm trying to figure out who usually drives when they go out. Could also be dependent on the car that is being driven. Maybe JF always drives her own car when they go out together or maybe there is a primary driver in the relationship despite the vehicle. JF obviously knows the area better so she would make more sense driving but RJ could obviously take directions from her. How did they get to the Ivy? Did they walk because they left the Hilton at 2:30 AM which again does not add up to me in the timeline. The police left the Ivy out of the timeline. Maybe they don't see it as important but I think it is.

1850 days ago


Sorry, I'm on a roll this morning. How could RJ have a friend help him with this deed? He was only in the states for 5 months, not to mention they lived in Vegas first. He made a few trips to Canada, and left for at least 6 weeks to shoot ILM3. Since her death only friends from Canada have come forward to speak of Ryan. The friends he had I think were JF's friends and not really his friends. How did he have connections to hire someone to do this?

JF was obviously very trusting to marry this man after only 2 days. Being that we have photos of her PRIVATE memorial tells me that someone sold these photos. Marta Montoya says JF was opportunistic, it seems so was someone at her memorial. Even in death, JF did not know who her true friends were. Sad.

1850 days ago


ok this is not posting timely again. I wrote a long one that should show up before this i am hoping. i don't want to have to re-think and re-type it all again!

I wouldn't say JF was trusting necessarily. She could have seen an easy meal ticket and it seems anyway that Jenkins was very charming. Reports say that when he met Chiemelecka that she was engaged in Vegas and she moved to be with him in Canada within a week of meeting him. So he sure had his ways with sweeping women off their feet, but that's not to discount the fact that she knew he was rich and could take care of her. No one knows for sure but her really. even her mom sounds like she didn't know what was going on since she thought the marriage had been annulled in may just because jasmine told her so.

1850 days ago

It's saying now that RCMP may not turn over the laptop to the gumshoes at Buena Park PD.

1850 days ago


Actually I have to take that back LL did have a breakdown as Hasman was speaking. She is angry as she should be. In that article you posted Dawn with the butterfly, I just really felt for LL. I hope that the family can get the answers they need and have closure if that is possible in this situation.

1850 days ago
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