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Memorial Set for Ryan Jenkins

9/26/2009 8:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nearly five weeks after he hanged himself in the Thunderbird Motel in British Columbia, friends and family will remember murder suspect Ryan Jenkins in a private memorial.

TMZ has obtained the invitation sent out by Ryan's father, Dan Jenkins, inviting friends and family to the service to be held October 1 in Calgary.

As we've reported, a large public memorial is scheduled for Jenkins' wife -- murdered swimsuit model Jasmine Fiore -- on Oct. 4 in Las Vegas.

Buena Park Police tell us they're hoping to receive Jenkins' hard drive -- found with him at the Thunderbird -- from Canadian authorities within the next two weeks.


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My Opinion    

Why would a soliciting charge in 2004 be odd....Jasmine was married to Jenkins since March and she carried on with her so called secret lifestyle....or life of prostitution as others are saying she had three cells to keep her businesses straight...

Also I heard that Michael Cardosi knew of Jasmines work and was OK with it....also that Robert Hasman knew Jasmine was married...why would he introduce himself as Hans and Jasmine as Ginger in Cabo San Lucas then if he wasn't trying to hide something that he was with a married woman....Jasmine lied to everyone including her mother to get what she needed out of life at the time and place she was at...her mother is looking like a complete fool saying some of the stuff she has said publically because of Jasmines lies and manipulation

1830 days ago


OMG My Opinion! I was actually just thinking about that tape in Cabo. I was thinking how it was wierd that they were using fake names and how some random person was just taping them. How did he even recognize them to send this tape in to the news? I was sort of thinking this may have been a PI. So you think her secret lifestyle was prostitution. I thought the porn thing and then an escort service.

1830 days ago

My Opinion for sure....I guess Escort is a glorified word for prostitution...and usually includes sex if the client wants it....along with her phone sex business, party line...I feel for both was a sick, sick one deserves that...

I do think Jasmine was also into drugs and drug selling...sometimes you hook up with the wrong people (may owe them alot of money) Vegas is all run by underground or the Mob...apparently Santa Cruz is the Meth capital of USA...

1830 days ago

My Opinion    

I do believe you Questioner....but Jasmine seemed to pull from everyone in her path to get what she needed at that point in her life and time in her life...she may have been a cocaine addict herself....and owed someone a huge amount of money....I don't think this crime is related to Michael Cardosi also....

All these men that have been mentioned in her life (Michael Cardosi, Ryan Jenkins, Robert Hasman..don't know everything about Jasmine and her life....only what she wanted them to know...and her dealing with them...

Her manager didnot know she was married (what did her manager, manage her for?? interesting) Jasmines kept most of her lifestyle a secret to everyone around her and lied and manipulated the men to get what she needed in life at that point in her life...

Yeah...they interviewed Chuck Liddell after this happened and he said he had not seen or had contact with her in years or since those awards or whatever that was in yeah I believe she was charging by the hour or whatever...

1830 days ago


In this context it is definitely 'Hanged' (not hung, as many of you are stating). Look it up in the Oxford Dictionary people - its right there in black and white!

1829 days ago


Irrespective of what this guy has/hasnt done - it is really in poor taste to publish this invitation. Shame on you TMZ! He is still someone's brother/son/nephew/friend - people will be grieving for him, despite how his life ended. To publish something so personal for entertainment value is sickening.

1829 days ago


Who is RJ's publicist that was saying that RJ would be in contact with the police in the near future? When did they speak?

1829 days ago
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