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Roman Polanski

Arrested -- Finally

9/27/2009 10:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Roman PolanskiRoman Polanski will not be able to attend the Zurich Film Festival -- which was set to honor him with a lifetime achievement award -- because he got arrested for that whole statutory rape thing he's been fleeing from for the past 30 years.

The famed director was taken into custody by Swiss authorities trying to enter Switzerland yesterday.

Polanski pled guilty in 1977 to having unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor (she was 13) but then fled the United States before he could be sentenced. Polanski has lived in France ever since to avoid being arrested.

There has been no timeline set as to when or if he will be extradited back to the U.S.

UPDATE -- According to Sandi Gibbons, spokeswoman for the Los Angeles County district attorney's office, the U.S. Justice Department worked in conjunction with Swiss authorities in securing the arrest. According to the LA Times, they had come close to arresting Polanski several times over the past decade.

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There is a lot more to this story them TMZ is reporting. The mother is the person who should be on trial here, not Polanski, she was the one who pushed her daughter on him and lied about her age.

1843 days ago

Zuma Girl    

ROMAN POLANSKI is such a COWARD !!! So, he won't get a FAIR trial - be MAN - FACE THE MUSIC - SHOW THE WHOLE WORLD YOU CAN own up to your deliberate, barbaric behavior to young child.

How would Hollywood like a screenplay written about a wealthy pedophile who gets away with rape for 32 years. Do you think anyone will want to SEE the movie? His current wife was "seduced" by Polanski when she was 15 yrs old. - see the pattern. He continued his pattern of bad behavior all the while being protected by the French government.

Bring him back to America - give him a fair day in court - then lock his "sorry ass" up with OJ!

1843 days ago

Scott N    

Someone needs to ask Roman Polanski what he would do or how how he would feel if he found out at guy (of his age at the time) had sex with his 13 year old daughter

1842 days ago

David Wiseman    

I hope that your media outlet runs a story on this daily. The minute this goes away from the media is the exact minute he will be let go and the charges will be dropped. It is literally amazing to me the comments from people interviewed. Without going over the facts regarding her as 13 and him as 40 something, the drugs, the alcohol, the anal sex, people who are defending him seem to be relying upon the fact the victim is no longer concerned. It should never, and hear me loud and clear, NEVER be up to the victim. By placing the decision within the now adult victim's hands, she is faced with a potential backlash from the media and the general public. Her opinion is irrelevant, if it were relevant, the victim could often be coerced to let the offending rapist go.
They also seem to be finding their defense of Roman by suggesting her mother offered her up.
Listen, this girl was not 17 or 16 or 15, she was 13. A mother may not offer up a 13 yr old for sex, and relieve the man having sex with the 13 year old from having committed a crime.
How f-ing dumb are these Hollywood elites, really?

1839 days ago


Bastard is where should be - well, not yet, but close enough. Enough of this Jewish Hollywood mafia of perverts and murderers.

1835 days ago


Polanski is slime.

1848 days ago


I don't care if the victim is over it or if some people like his work. He comitted a crime and should be punished. The fact that it all happened decades ago is not a reason to forget what he did: he RAPED a girl. How is this less awful now then it was when it happened???

1847 days ago


I wonder if the people that are outraged over his arrest have little girls????? This guy raped a child, he should be in prison.

1847 days ago


TMZ should be asking every Hollywood celebrity whether they think Polanski should do time or not. I'd like to know which celebrities can apologize for a 44 year old drugging and raping a 13 year old girl. Don't let people off the hook - everyone should be choosing a side on this.

1847 days ago


Sorry Mr. Polanski, time to pay for your crime!!!!!!

1847 days ago


he was arrested and plead guilty to RAPE, yes that is right RAPE. He plead guilty, he is guilty. It makes me sick to see the words "allegedly" raped a 13 year old girl. He did rape a 13 year old girl and plead guilty to it. He should do his time.
It is pathetic that people are supporting him, pure pathetic. He is a rapist, a rapist. If it was a catholic priest that did this, there would be protests, and everyone denouncing. It is a sad, sad, society we live in. Celebrities supporting him are disgraceful, and might as well support NAMBLA. And France is so weak and pathetic, they are a joke and need to continue to stay out of US business.

1847 days ago

Kwame f    

Let's hope that the age of consent would be lowered GLOBALLY to AGE 10. Imagine society if the age of consent is lowered to 10. What would the results be like?

We are living in the Prohibition Era of Pedophilia. That's what I would call it. Many adults (varies by region by region, country by country) are arrested for doing unlawful sexual activity to minors. Even a female having sex underage male is also illegal.

I can't understand why the US drinking age is so high, most countries can drink at 16 or 18. Back in the 1920's America, alcohol drinking was illegal and many people were arrested during that time.


Jamie-Lynn Spears' boyfriend and Bristol Palin's boyfriend got away with this violation. Even Michael Jackson got away it.

Their boyfriends were legal adults when they impregnate that two.

Remember Barack Obama's parents, her mother was only 17 when she got pregnant.

I think California has the strictest sex laws in the US. Mississippi especially Alaska has the liberal laws, you can have sex at age 16.

Few years ago, the boy from Georgia spent time in jail for statutory rape even he wasn't 18 yet. The victim was only 15.

In China, 14 is the age of consent there. I think the Netherlands has the lowest age of consent in the world. People often cross state lines or go out of the country to avoid prosecution.

1846 days ago


Let's just release Charlie Manson and his family to France! If he fights extradition and wins. We should release the killer's of his wife and unborn child! At least they have been in jail for 40 years! Polanski has been running like a COWARD FOR 30 YEARS!!!!! Why doesn't the state of California tell him okay stay in Europe we'll just release the Manson family to Europe!!! Save alot of tax payer money! I wonder if all the Europeans will be bleeding hearts for Polanski then?? Oh! He is such a talented director, film maker! You forgot rapist and pedophile on the resume too!!

1846 days ago


I hate that people keep calling it statutory rape. Read the transcripts people! She repeatedly said no, even after being plied with alcohol and drugs, asked to be taken home and even tried to fake an asthma attack. It's rape. Whether she was 13 or 30, she said no and he raped and sodomized her anyway.
Also, Polanski was well aware of her age. He knew her mother and admitted it all. Again, read the transcripts. He has also gone on record stating that everyone "wants to f**k young girls".

1846 days ago


the people who are not Polanski supporters in that case, can sign our "contre-petition" on
With this petition, the citizens of all countries say they don't want a justice for celebrities and an other for you and me.
They also say that a celebrity has to be judged for his crimes as anybody else.

1846 days ago
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