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'Doctors' Doc Accused of Botched Nipple/Tuck

9/28/2009 1:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr Andrew OlsonNot that men actually need their nipples or anything, but one man claims a plastic surgeon from the TV show "The Doctors" is the reason his poor, useless pink spots went missing back in the mid 90s.

We've learned Dr. Andrew Ordon -- who stars on the Dr. Phil produced show -- was penalized by the Connecticut Medical Examining Board in 1999 for providing "negligent care to a patient," this according to documents filed in California in 2000.

We spoke to the guy Dr. Ordon allegedly messed up, who told us the doc performed a nose job and chest liposuction on him back in 1993. The patient (who asked to remain unnamed) says his nose came out crooked and his chest uneven.

The patient claims Dr. Ordon attempted a number of remedies to even out his chest -- including a procedure which removed most of the guy's nipples.

The docs show Dr. Ordon was reprimanded for his negligence and fined $2,500 -- and although he never admitted guilt, Ordon "chose not to contest the allegations" against him.

We called Dr. Ordon for comment ... nada.


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"Antithesis of Pinocchio"    

He ruined my face, put my boobs in the wrong place and scammed my insurance company for thousands$$$!!

He sheered off the end of my nose!
AND...apparently he cauterized a major blood supply to the end of my nose and now I can't have any more procedures to fix it without risk of the tissue dying.

He also broke the bone in the bridge of my nose in the wrong place (other subsequent doctors have told me so) which caused the side of my nose to now be visibly collapsed.

I went back for my 5 day check-up and he asked his assistant/bimbo he was screwing: "where is her cast" apparently he forgot to put a cast on my nose which, isn't that standard for my type of procedure? Where was he during my operation?
I asked to be a bigger cup size for a second breast augmentation (first not by him) & now I'm a whole cup size smaller than before I stepped into his office! The implants are in the wrong place which makes my cleavage 1.5" off center. They are misshaped and deformed looking one reason is because he severed my pectoral muscle! As he was taking my bandages off he kept saying: "Oooo they look like Playboy breasts". Please... I've got the before & after pictures to prove the botch!

He took my drains for my breasts out on the 5th day after my surgeries. As he did it it hurt like nothing I'd ever experienced. I was screaming bloody murder the entire building could hear me! Now... the whole left side of my torso is numb because of nerve damage.

He overcharged my insurance company $19,000 which included unnecessary tests by his cronies who were obviously in on scamming together.

Yes I did go back to him to explain my dissatisfaction. He didn't have the answers that made me feel confident that he could correct the mistakes. If he botched a 'virgin' nose, I'm not confident that he could fix it in a now more fragile state. I've learned through research and many reconstructive surgeons' consultations that fixing mistakes is exponentially more difficult.
He said there was nothing he would do to fix my breasts. I could tell that something was up when he exclaimed "this is why I'm never doing breasts again, It's not worth it". Hmmm... His reprimand still haunts him.

I've spent over $30,000 on my nose alone trying to fix his mistakes. My nose is only slightly better because there was not much of a nose to work with for reconstruction. I haven't had any attempts at fixing my breasts. I think my spirit and pocket book are broken.

It is very traumatic to go through such surgeries. You get your hopes up. You save your money... and to come out disfigured.... I still won't have my picture taken or wear a bikini top.

I interviewed other surgeons before Dr. Ordon. In hindsight, he came off so smooth and talked a fast game, he seemed easy to trust.

These are my experiences with Dr. Ordon. If you've had a positive experience, good for you.

I'm grateful I've had this platform to finally share my ordeal. If there are others with similar stories out there, please share.

1852 days ago


Revelation is always measured by ca-

1852 days ago

R U Serious?    

I work in the Cosmetic Surgery field and Dr. Ordon is very well respected among other doctors! I can not believe that TMZ wrote and article about a "nipple". And something that happened in the 90's???? Are you kidding???? One thing that we find in this field are many of the patients have very unrealistic ideas of what they will look like after the surgery. Many of them have psychological problems and blame all of their life's miseries on the surgeon. After reading many of the replies to this article, I can see that many of the psychos passed through the cracks of Dr. Ordons office staff.

If you want to go back in history...why don't you look at Dr. Rey (90210) and what happened to his brother. Now that is someone who deserves an article by TMZ.

1851 days ago


People save up for plastic surgery because they are unhappy with what they were born with or were disfigured by an accident, childbirth, etc. Therefore: These surgeons wouldn't have JOBS if people LIKED what they looked like. Furthermore: If one is ridiculed for years over how they look (during childhood, for instance), most people have to wait until they are adults, working, and therefore have the money to correct a lifelong source of anguish. There is nothing "psycho" about hating being flat-chested if a woman has received constant derogatory comments from men she has dated that she doesn't look like Pamela Anderson. I can tell you from personal experience that my nose was elbowed when I was a teenager and it was crooked, huge and ugly through NO fault of my own. Picture my hopes getting dashed when I FINALLY saved up enough money to have it done (insurance didn't cover it because it was solely done for cosmetic purposes) YEARS later, when I was an adult, and having a nose which was positively NO smaller, even though the surgeon, NOT Dr. Ordon, who I hadn't worked for in exactly ten years at that point and whom I NEVER would have had touch my face because his noses weren't good in my opinion; I was hardly a "psycho" for being so disappointed. One: The surgeons ALL demand to be paid upfront, so once they get paid, they don't CARE what YOU want. If they were like a plumber or a carpenter, whom you could pay a deposit to before the work, then pay them after the work is completed to your satisfaction, you could withhold payment until things have been done surgically to your satisfaction. I battled MY surgeon for close to three years on his supposed "guarantee" that he would fix it for free if I didn't like it. Why WOULD I like a nose which was still enormous? I am extremely self-conscious about it. I am only 5'2" and my head isn't any bigger than a cantaloupe, so it it very obvious how large my nose is. So reading everybody's horror stories here, including living through one of my own (I went to the head of UConn for my nose job, and he was Board Certified and all that other nonsense and was and still is a surgeon for a good 45 years now, o I did NOT go to some hack/charlatan), makes me sick with disgust. And no, the surgeon did NOT make good on his "guarantee" and fix my nose; he allowed me to battle him until the two-year statute of limitations ran out. During that time, I tried to get the main medical malpractice attorneys in Connecticut to help me, Koskoff, Koskoff and Bieder, and they wouldn't take my case because they claimed juries never find on behalf of plastic surgery victims (patients) because plastic SURGERY IS ELECTIVE SURGERY and not surgery which is performed for life-saving measures. I didn't agree with them, but no lawyers would help me. I was not trying to get money awarded; I simply wanted my surgeon to fix my ugly nose. That hardly makes me psychologically deranged. Unless somebody has paid up-front for surgery and heard their surgeon's smooth-talking speech, then have had the grotesque results on their face (or body or wherever) that they are stuck with forever after, and yes, like the other poor lady above, I have consulted with three other surgeons who said my nose was so poorly done that they refused to touch it no matter WHAT I paid them * one shouldn't laugh at or ridicule those of us who were promised something, we dutifully paid upfront, and wound up looking worse than before. I feel so badly for people who've gone through what I have endured. And now I get even MORE comments. What was the point to look worse afterward???

1850 days ago



1854 days ago


Nip butcher!

1854 days ago

sandy eggo    

Dear Chef Kooky,

I'm not a big fan of Broccoli Cheese Pie, can you share a different recipe?

Your biggest fan

1854 days ago

Dylan Saint-Saëns (    

What a surprise that FRAUD "Dr." Phil McGraw puts out such _garbage_. Isn't he just a glorified podiatrist, or something? A gym teacher w/ a PHD. F-ing blowhard. Has a deadbeat son (Jay) who MOOCHES off his dear old dad and gets jobs via nepotism and has a yen for WHORES.

Read more:

1854 days ago


And? He's a surgeon, not a magician. Plastic surgery is NEVER a guarantee -- it's always a gamble. It's a risk you take by going under the knife.

1854 days ago


OK. Do a plastic surgery could be very risk. But, plsstic surgeons should have enough preparation to reduce this risks and not to let people with physical defects for medical unskillfulness.

1854 days ago


I have done a rotation with Dr. Ordon. He's an amazing surgeon. Leave him alone. If it was really that serious,he would have lost his license!

1854 days ago

SoCal Razzles    


1854 days ago

barry Gordy is genius    

If this physician is commiting botched and felonious crimes under the disguise of "medicinal professionalism", then he must've been trained by Conrad Murray.

1854 days ago


ONLY IN HOLLYWOOD ... you people never cease to astound me with your self-centered weirdness! only good thing about this 'news' flash is the recipe in the comments!

1853 days ago


And, I can just hear Dr. Phil now saying, 'And here is one of the country's top plastic surgions'Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!! He should be barred from Medical profession.

1853 days ago
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