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Lawyers from MJ Molestation Case Want Money

9/29/2009 2:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

MIchael jacksonAnother day, another creditor's claim filed against Michael Jackson's estate.

The law firm Mesereau & Yu -- who defended Michael during his molestation trial in 2005 -- filed a claim on Friday against the estate.

In the claim, it says Michael owes the firm $341,452.05 for work done between July of 2005 and February of 2006.

And well worth it ... Michael was acquitted on all 14 charges.


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doc murry    

another bill that didnt get paid and im sure it wasnt wackos fault,nothing is his was uhhh uhhh uhh dr murrys fault,,err no it was uhh uhh joe jacksons fault,,nope it must have been uhh uhhh ,,that freak cant pay his bills so he killed himself ,,very simple

1815 days ago

Zonny VanRant    


1815 days ago


Man, what kind of accountants did MJ have? So why did everyone wait till after death to claim MJ owned them money? And lastly, I believe MJ worked in the entertainment industry, a type of BUSINESS,so of course he has some liabilities, like a lot of big businesses. I guess you will stop at noting to keep the sensationalistic stories that MJ was broke. Give this man a break and let him rest in peace.

1815 days ago

MJ's KIDS    

6. Why are these people coming forward after so long...3 years later?

Posted at 1:11PM on Sep 29th 2009 by diane

What part of they want their money don't you understand???

If someone owed you money I'm sure you would like to get paid back now wouldn't you???

1815 days ago

doc murry    

im confused..i paid 600.00 for mj tickets to the movies but i went there and the place was empty and they were showing get smart movie which i had already seen,,this must be a conspiracy against my boy michael..

1815 days ago


Tom Sneddon, Diane DiMond, etc should pay...Why the hell should he have to pay for something he never did...In the UK if you are found NOT GUILTY all the expenses get paid.


1815 days ago


Okay, all you school kids writing in capital letters please take yourselves bsck to school. Stop playing hooky. Only teenagers engage in name calling, especially of the dead. I'm sorry your parents didn't raise you right. Go to class!

1815 days ago

doc murry    

shows you all what dumbass's mj fans are..i dont care if it took 10 years if someone owed me that much money you can bet your ass if i had to i would digg up that grave and take it from their ass,,geessss what if your paid 50 for tickets to see this stupid mj movie and they canceled it,,are you just going to say hmm okay no big deall,,im sure..what a dumbass

1815 days ago


OMG, a lawsuit that makes sense. What is this world coming to.

1815 days ago


Could anyone bring me up to speed on what is going on with maybe criminal charges against any of the doctors who have beomce drug dealers? or is it only in LA you can get away with murder?

1815 days ago

Deorah hill    

hi can people leave Michael alone
rip my wonderfull Michael gone to soon xxx

1815 days ago


This is getting ridiculous....Soon bubbles will sue MJ for giving him up to the zoo!!! SMDH

1815 days ago


What? Didn't Masereau claim that he was paid in full when they asked him if MJ was broke in some interview? I guess you have to died first to really know who your enemies are. Too bad we can't come back from the dead to confront all of them. Tmz what is happening with the investigation? Where is Murray, Thome and Klein?

1815 days ago

doc murry    

damn wacko should have wrote a book about how not to pay your bills,,what a loser.....hmm lets see..he never had any problem finding money to pay for all that work he had done to make himself look like a monster..deadbeat singer who was a freak..ha ha say that 3 times in a row..
deadbeat singer who was a freak
deadbeat singer who was a freak
deadbeat singer who was a freak

hey i did it..what do i win??????/

1815 days ago

doc murry    

I'm sorry to say but I am beginning to think this guy had real problems.

1815 days ago
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