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Sharon Tate's Sis -- Polanski Didn't 'Rape'

9/30/2009 9:41 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Debra Tate -- the sister of Roman Polanski's second wife Sharon Tate -- doesn't want the director hauled back to the U.S. to be prosecuted.

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Tate went on the "Today" show this morning, claiming Polanski wouldn't get a fair trial stateside for the rape of a then-13-year-old-girl back in 1977 -- because our "system is broken" -- and the matter would be better served in France ... whatever that means -- France can't prosecute him.

Tate added there's a difference between "rape and rape" -- and this was "a consensual matter."


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Deborah Tate is a whack-job! What is wrong with her and Whoopi? Are they on drugs? So it's not rape if the man is a famous director. WTF?!!! I have often said that at least 50% of Hollywood is morally bankrupted but now it seems to be as high as 80%!! However not everyone is totally f**ked up! Kirsti Alley, Sherri Shepherd and Jewel at least have the guts to speak out against this pedophile! And thank you firefly for publishing the names of all the morally bankrupted p*kes who signed that putrid petition! Note that most of the p*kes are french? Just saying! I have a question for that mega-airhead Deborah....What if Manson had escaped to France (I'm sure he'd be welcomed there) and started making Oscar winning movies. Would you object to his being extradited back to the U.S to stand trial for your sister's murder? Probably not! After all, Oscar winners are above the law according the mentally unbalanced whack-jobs in the entertainment industry. So far only three celebrities have had the guts to speak out! I think those three should be rewarded by the American public while the p*kes who support that pedophile should be punished by having their precious movies, books, and endorsements BOYCOTTED!!!!!!!!!

1825 days ago


This women is a hypotric!! She was on Larry King, saying how the Manson Family was sentenced to their time and they have to serve it regardless that susan atkins had a brain cancer and requested a medical pardon and she DIED in Jail. Debra also said she forgave the Mason family but they still had to pay!! Now, it's the system is not fair to to Polanski. The system only works to their likeness. Put Polanski in jail with the rest of Mason family. He would fit in!!

1825 days ago


The only thing anyone in Hollywood needs to ask themselves to determine if Polanski is wrong and a pedophile is the following - If he were an average person on the street or some man trolling the internet would they still sign a petition for his release? If it were their child would they be so quick to sign this same petition?

He's a pedophile. Plain and simple. He could be the most talented pedophile on the face of the earth, but that still makes him a pedophile.

I understand why the victim wants this to go away but it doesn't have anything to do with Polanski being any less vile. It has to do with her privacy and the privacy of her family. But that doesn't put him above the law. I think what she fails to realize is that he's probably abused others and will continue to if he's given a pass. As most pedophiles do.

1825 days ago



Anyone with any moral fiber, any feeling for the innocence of childhood should stand up and shout against the fools who signed the above mentioned 'petition'. If those men who signed had any idea that their testicles would be cut off, as should Roman Polanski's - there would be no signatures. The women who signed should hide their faces in grave shame. Polanski may have had a difficult life, but that is no excuse for his disgusting behavior. His flight from justice makes him all the more disgusting because not only is a man who rapes and robs innocence from a young girl sick - running makes him a spineless, gutless wonder. May God and The Universe have mercy on Polanski - he's gonna need it far more than facing a Judge in Los Angeles.

1825 days ago


It has never been determined that it was consensual rape. The girl-turned-woman has never said that in ANY of the interviews with her. She just doesn't want it to go to trial because she doesn't want to be dragged into the press again.
Read the transcript to the grand jury at Roman took the girl into a house that she could not gt away from because she didn't drive and did not know the area. After he gave her chamapgne and half a Quaaluude he tried to seduce her but she said NO. He pursued her from a jacuzzi to a pool to a bathroom and finally a couch in a bedroom where he forced her to have oral, vaginal and anal sex with him.
When caught he spent 42 days - not 4 months as Ms. Tate alledges - in psychiatric evaluation. The judge had sentenced him to a 90 day eval but he got out early. When he heard that the judge might put him back into jail for the remainder of the 90 day eval he fled.

1825 days ago


I love to watch movies just like everyone else. BUT if Hollywood continues to support a rapist I will put down the movies & only read books.

I can't believe all the actors, directors & stupid people who support this jerk. He violated a child & if this was one of their children they would launch a campaine to have him jailed for life. But because this happened over 30 years ago & because he is such a great director they are willing to over look the fact that he RAPED a 13 yr old child.

If he did this 30 years ago you KNOW he must have done it again & again because in his dirty little mind he got away with it. Hang him by his PECKER to a tall tree, make small slices into his skin, pour honey over him & let the ants eat him alive.

1824 days ago


Has this beat up piece of crap every spent any time around 13 year old children. There is no such thing as consensual sex between a 40 year old man and a child. These offences should be punishable by death in this country. The celebrities supporting this garbage should be boycotted.

1824 days ago


What kind of an idiot is she? A 13 year old child cannot consent to sex. Coersion is ALWAYS involved. An adult man who convinces a child to have sex with him deserves to go to jail. This woman does, too. Her crime is stupidity. If she is involved in the lives of any children, they need to be removed from her care immediately, as she and her beliefs are dangerous to kids!

1824 days ago


he's nasty.

1824 days ago


BULLETS are cheaper than incarceration!!!

1823 days ago


1534 days ago


Roman Polanski a vecu un des plus horrible drame des usa ,il a perdu dans d abominable condition une femme merveilleuse enceinte de 8 moi: Sharon Tate ,comme il a du souffrir ,ça n excuse pas son acte mais ont comprend un peux son état au moment des faits ,c est de soin qu il aurait eu besoin, maintenant c est un autre homme qui trouvé sont équilibre , de le detruire ne changeras rien, le mal est fait ,la pedophilie n est pas sa nature c etait la réaction d un grave traumatisme ,mais je ne suis pas la justice ,j essaye de comprendre pourquoi il en est arrivé là .

1210 days ago
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