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Tito Chastises 'Lazy' Homeless Guy

9/30/2009 3:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A self-described "homeless" man hit up the wrong person for cash -- because last night Tito Ortiz handed out brutal honesty instead of $10 bills.

Tito Ortiz: Click to watch
When the guy asked the former UFC champ for some cash, Tito flatly denied him, saying "I worked my ass off for my s**t ... laziness don't get you anywhere in life."

HomelessThis has been Tito Ortiz's motivational moment of the day.

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Hey Tito i got $10 wash my car!!!

1813 days ago


John L., did you beg for money on the street when you were homeless?
I didn't when my family was homeless. It is of extreme ignorance to assume that because someone is begging for money that they are going to buy necessities with it instead of drugs or booze. If they want food or shelter, that's what food banks and homeless shelters are for. No one is saying that the only way you become homeless is by being lazy, just that begging money, instead of hard work, is no way to get out of poverty.

1813 days ago

Rap sucks    

Stop bitching about Jenna guys, you know we all enjoy watching her do her thing. And how is that guy homeless if he knows who Tito is? Lazy ass. And Jameson is still hot you focks!

1813 days ago

Paddy B.    

Way to go, Tito. I've seen too many of these "homeless" people begging who were clearly not as destitute as they claimed. (TMZ interviewed a couple of these guys. One showed two pockets full of cash: one pocket with 100s to 20s, the other pocket for the smaller bills. Another one told the TMZ fellow when he usually went home, and how much his take usually is.)
There's no getting around that times are tough, but there are places for the truly destitute can go to. Tito's not buying that guy's story, and a lot of us commenting aren't buying his story either.
I remember dining on the patio of the Thunder Roadhouse on Sunset one night when some "homeless begger" came up asking for change so he could eat, as he was starving. I offered him a plate of chicken fingers, and he starts yelling about "eating off another man's plate."
Guess he wasn't so hungry, was he?
Keep your cash where it belongs, Tito. In your pocket!

1813 days ago


YES! Ha- so sick of bums where I goto college. And number eight you're right on, the TRUE poor are women and children, especially people in 3rd world countries. So tired of handing money to bums just so they can get wasted and mooch off more people. Props tito.

1813 days ago


Uhhhhhh Tito don't make me laugh. Half of Jenna's relatives are homeless, would you treat them like that too? You also live off the proceeds of 10000000000000000 men busting a nut in your wife's face, @ss etc and you have not had a 'career' for some time. A guy like you who lives off of your wife is nothing but a loser and I have more respect for a homeless person..at least they are not asking to suck you off for pay which is what Jenna has done (and still does) for years...you are a big fan of illegal steroids you idiot and believe me, you are in no position to judge this guy..Jenna may have worked her @ss off (hahahahahaha) nut you never have. Instead of berating people on the street perhaps you should put your effort into thinking about how you will tell your kids that mommy is a slore and banged 10000000000000000 men for $$$$$ and that daddy is a deadbeat lazy loser who can't keep a roid needle out of his arm, and nor can he keep a job.

1813 days ago


Tito is a racist and feels inferior towards black men because he knows how many black snakes were in all of Jenna's holes. His 2 inch weenie is no match for the enormous black pleasure rockets that Jenna has enjoyed, craved and probably misses so much she crys herself to sleep. Tito is a jealousssssss racist haterrrrrrr....hissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

1813 days ago

something smells    

you tell it tito. why do they have homeless people around these nice restaurant?

1813 days ago

Nacho Libre Rules!!!!!!!    

TITO!!!!!! YOU made my day today thanks for telling this lazy ass that lazyness is not excuse to not have a job. Many times all I see is these smelly dirty bums asking for money. And get this ppl they ask for 5 dollars or more forget the spare change coins they will throw them back at you... TITO thanks once again if your reading this 2 Thumbs UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1813 days ago

Zippy T. Pinhead    

Toto,Tito or Toenail, whatever his name is seems like a real azz-clown. Whenever they hit me up, I just say I dont have it. There is no need to give a lame azz speech about how you work for your money and he should pull up his boot straps and put his nose to the grindstone. He knows he a bum and thats probably how he prefers it. I'll keep this in mind 10 years from now when I see Toenail begging for money on some street corner in Cleveland.

1813 days ago


Tito is very well known as a cheapskate and a stiff
especially in Vegas.
This has nothing to do with work ethhic,
Tito opens his wallet for NOBODY, even his OWN bills
believe that.

1813 days ago


As always somehow the Obama comments had to come into this...I totally agree with Tito I get so damn tired of ppl asking me for money..I've worked multiple jobs just to make it in this world so I don't have to be like this guy on the street asking ppl for money...way to go Tito. And by the way, for those that are trying to make this about race as always on this site..I am black and I go to work everyday and have worked my job for the past 26yrs. There are bums in every race get over it.

1813 days ago


Ok so heres a little lesson I learned. About 2 years ago my husband I were vacationing in New York when we decided to go to a fast food place to grab a bite to eat. Some random guy came up and asked my husband for money for food and my husband refused thinking he just wanted some beer or to spend it on drugs. The lady behind the counter offered to buy the man a hamburger which he thankfully agreed to and literally wolfed down the hamburger so fast. I have never in my life felt so bad. But then we live in Texas and you can't even pump gas without being asked for money. And then one time my husband and I stopped at a convenience store and this lady stopped us and asked my husband for some "Change" so my husband reached in his pocket and gave the woman the change he had. She then looked at me and asked me if I had any money to spare and I told her that I didn't have any cash on me which I don't..only cards. So my husband carried on and went into the store and when we came out the lady approached me again and said "were you able to get me any money?" and I said "what!?" and she said "you told me you were going to give me some money" and I just couldn't believe what I heard!!! I was just stunned that she had just said that. It really changed my perspective on handing out money to people. I will buy a homeless person food any day and that's what I think everyone should do instead of handing out your hard earned money. If they refuse for you to buy them food then they didn't really need the money anyway. The amount of beggers keeps increasing because people keep giving them money. Have you noticed that all the homeless people in California hang out where celebrities and paparazzi are? So they can get more money! One person wrote on here that TMZ interviewed a couple of the homeless people and I actually saw that episode and all the homeless people pulled out WADS of cash!! And not just dollar bills either. I love helping people, but Im not just going to hand my money out.

1813 days ago


That's right Natasha. If you give 'em anything, get 'em food. My family moved to CA a few years ago, and couldn't believe how many people stalk you everywhere asking for money, so we started carrying a brown bag of imperishable food to give beggars... We called it a bum lunch.

1813 days ago

my two cents    

This is my exact point of why I think alot of homeless, welfare, EBT, WIC, people are so lazy. they do not want to work and earn their money. They just want handouts. At least I have respect for the illegals and day laborers who trying to earn a few bucks doing menial labor jobs.

1813 days ago
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