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All-American Superheroes Lose Olympic Bid

10/2/2009 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

You know you're screwed when the supreme intergalactic powers of President Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey combined aren't enough for a successful bid to host the 2016 Olympics in Chicago.

Chicago was just eliminated from consideration for the 2016 Olympics -- in fact, it was eliminated in the first round of voting.

The winning city was Rio de Janeiro -- which, if you think about it, is awweeeesome!

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LOL....had to comment on this:

40. tamara, you probly like detroit too!...lol. I live in Los Angeles! we have hosted them!!!
now run and tell that..lol
Posted at 2:23PM on Oct 2nd 2009 by xtian

this is the funniest thing I've ever read....are you serious? I live in LA too, and it's the BIGGEST F*cking sh*t box i've ever been to... Congrats to Rio, I'm sure if Rio lost, you wouldn't find a bunch of Brazilians talking sh*t about their own country....you people suck, and if you haven't been, I suggest going, because Chicago is a fine city...best in the country as far as I'm concerned....and please...don't bring up crime.... last week in LA a shooting at a party too place and a pregnant lady carrying her baby was hit...killed, and her baby lost a few fingers..... ignorance is bliss i guess.

1783 days ago


S.S.D.D....,Same Shi* Different Democrats

1783 days ago


Hi everyone, i'm from brazil - Rio de Janeiro...!

1782 days ago


The rest of the world and now over 50% of the US has figured out that Obama is a clown. He is also a low life racist crook from the cesspool of politics, Chicago. One of the shames of his Presidency is that this disaster will make it next to impossible to ever elect another black man to the presidency. That’s a shame as there are some really good ones out here and Obama has ruined their chances.

1782 days ago


Oprah Winfrey, The Obama's, Reverand Wright, and the reportedly questionable Czars from Chicago are the guilty ones who the Olympics for Chicago. I believe the world understands how narcissistic they are. I wonder why they aren't spending their money to elminate the black on black crime of youth in the Chicago. Oprah goes way over to Africa to help people and there are problems right in her town. The Obama's have wasted more taxpayer dollars with their frivolous trips when we are in a recession. Why didn't they use the money for the youth of Chicago? Of course, Reverand Wright is busy spewing hatred for America - so wonder there is violence. The Czars - they probably spent monies collected to fix the problem on their own personal stuff. The poor young man who was killed recently (the one who had great hope) would still be alive if they took care of their own backyard.

1782 days ago


There has been a lot of talk about crime in Chicago. Say "hello" to Jacksonville, Florida, where hardly a day goes by without a single or, multiple murders occur. Drive-by shootings are not rare, either. Not too long ago, a young girl, at home in her own room, was killed by a drive-by. These horrible crimes go on, and on, and on. If anyone wants to go to Florida, for goodness sake, do not stop in Jacksonville, keep going!

1781 days ago


THANK YOU "JESUS"!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU "JESUS"!!!!!!!!!

1781 days ago


The overplaying of the race card needs to stop.
I attended a conservative rally in DC over the weekend and Herman Cain spoke along with several caucasions.
Only during his speech did someone from the audience yell "____ for President." After which a crowd of over 1,000 cheered loudly.
I would love to see Herman Cain run against Obama in 2012! We need to get past the race issue and get on to the real issue - people who oppose Obama are NOT racists - they simply don't agree with him.

1781 days ago


I wacked doff once there

1784 days ago


Dear Mr. President,

Now can you get back to running the country ??

1784 days ago


CrotchyTheClown...Wacc TV AT&T presents from hidden cams and players DDD XXX

1784 days ago


Haha...that's what they get! Oprah & the Obama's make me sick! Thinking they are hot sh*t going in with their noses in the air and assuming they had the win! Maybe now they will go back doing what they do best....preaching to America how African Americans are sooo mistreated and we should be kissing their as*! Not me. Good to see them taken down a notch or two!

1784 days ago


Gee, So Obama's ego was so big that he thought his mere presence would bring the Olympics to Chicago. He had no problem spending tax payer dollars to take the trip to Denmarl. Also this ego boost was more important that speaking with his general in Afghanistan. And the unemployment rate went up to almost 10%.
Great job d-bag!

1784 days ago


The Obamas have a tragic overestimation of their own appeal. The whole world doesn't swoon every time Barack gives a speech.
Oprah is not worshipped anywhere else the way she is here. Nobody cares.
Congratulations, Rio!!!

1784 days ago


I guess Nancy gets to step aside from ruining the country to allow Obama to get back to work ruining it himself. Why would the IOC want to hold the Olympics in Chicago? All the media show of the U.S. are all the bad things going on here...you know, like thugs beating an honor student to death for not reason. 2010--you can't come soon enough!!!!!!!!!

1784 days ago
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