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Beyonce's Dad Slapped with Paternity Suit

10/2/2009 9:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned a woman has filed a paternity case against Beyonce's dad, Mathew Knowles.

Matthew Knowles

We've learned Alexsandra Wright filed the case in L.A. County Superior Court. Wright lives in L.A. -- she works in the name-branding business. We're told she's in her late 30s.

Wright, who is 6-months pregnant, filed the case last week, alleges Knowles is the father. Sources say Wright is repped by Neal Hersh, who is currently repping Lamar Odom in the prenup negotiations with Khloe Kardashian.

Mathew has been married to Tina Knowles since 1980.

Mathew could not be immediately reached for comment. Ditto Neal Hersh.


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18. Why everybody keep comparing Matthew with Joe Jackson, there can only be 1 Joseph Jackson in this world. Matthew is just plain no good. Joe Jackson is a straight Psycho, but he took his psychoism all the way to the bank!!! HELLO!!!!

Posted at 6:25PM on Oct 2nd 2009 by Claudia


i fell about laughing at that one! beyonces contention that they were better than the jacksons just got punk'd lol!

1817 days ago


Men cheat all the time. Just because they are celebrities doesn't mean it won't happen. Some of you need to stop being so judgmental of others and sweep around your own door. I also wonder why when its a black man you act like its so awful and white actors do it all the time and very few if any make any judging comments about them. What's that all about?

1816 days ago


I still don't know why folks are bashing Joe Jackson. He is 81 years old. Yes, he did some not so nice things in his life but his own son said that he had changed and was a totally different man. His wife, the only one that matters in this scenario forgave him. Marriages have rough spots and people get through them. At least people used to. Now so many want to throw in the towel when they hit a rough patch. Joe and his wife celebrated 60 years this May. Most people on this board will leave their spouse after the first argument or probably already have. Life isn't pretty, it's hard and people aren't perfect. In the end anyone's marriage, Joe's or Mr. Knowles is their business and trust me neither of them or their spouses or any mature sane couple will be seeking advice from or even care about TMZ. I mean, seriously, why are you all up in these folks issues? No life????

1816 days ago


Another child for him to pimp. Hopefully, this one will actually be able to sing. Jamie Foxx said it best in Dreamgirls as he was in Character...."Her voice has no debth". Beyonce cannot sing so please TMZ Readers, stop putting entertainer and Singer in the same category. She wears a bathing suit (everytime I might add) on stage and can dance yes......sing.....No. Has anyone ever noticed that time with Jennifer Hudson is due to make an appearance or even when she came out with her album, all of a sudden, here comes Beyonce again....shaking her bathing suit, singing the same ole type of raggedy songs. Beyonce is no competition for Jennifer's voice. IN the end, J.Hudson will be left standing.....or should I say....Singing.

1816 days ago


The baby isn't even born yet and this woman is already wanting a paternity test. Doesn't that have GREED AND MONEY written all over it? Wow, talk about a low class golddigger.

1816 days ago


Golddigging sluts are always on the lookout for a sugardaddy. I bet she thought she hit the lottery when the pregnancy test came back positive. Now she'll be able to lay around for the rest of her pathetic life.

Matthew, buy condoms. You can afford it.

1816 days ago

Jamie D. BABY!    

What's worse>? The fact that she actually slept with him or the fact that she did not use protection?
Not enough money in the frigN world... ewh ewh ewh

1816 days ago

sayy it aint so    

is he trying to tell the woman that the baby is not his , thats what gets me about these old worn out dro*e d**k men they sleep with these women and then they either tell them that they will pay for her to get rid of the kid or its not theres . and this woman was not trying to trick matt i believe that she loved him until she told him that she was with child now he does not want her mudding up the water for him well the hell he preach. its time for you to pay the cost to be the daddy matt if its yours. i am not suprised at this at all if the truth be known there is no perfect families unless they are the flintstones. real people have real live problems in life and that goes for all of us. what make your case so different matt is your superstar daughter has told the people that she comes from a perfect family and you matt has made her one of the biggest liars in the entire world to me you are a business man, teacher, father, music production company owner, manges the top act in the whole entire world and when you look at your actions here lately it adds up to you being one of the biggest clowns that the circus has ever seen.

1816 days ago


*His daughters just last year got into a "feud" with Ms. Jackson over some things they said about not being like her family (aka better). Looks like there are even more similarities. I'm not shocked by sex scandals anymore. I'm just waiting for the next man in the lime-light, or something like it to be caught up. I wonder who it'll be.

1816 days ago


If this is proven to be his child he should pay child support. I don;t care if she is a golddiger or whatever it takes two to make a child,.and he should have know better as a married guy.I feel for his beyonce solange tina and the unborn child.

1816 days ago


why the hell is everyone feeling sorry for beyonce her mother and her ugly goon of a sister? beyonce is a fake piece of trash that treats everyone like crap; solange is a wannabe with a nasty attitude and a chip on her shoulder; and tina knowles is a tacky designer and from what i hear just as jealous and nasty as her daughters. that said, this family deserves every once of bad karma they're receiving.

1816 days ago


Definitely cosign you on that, every word.

1816 days ago


Typical.......don't forget bill cosby

1816 days ago


why the hell is everyone feeling sorry for beyonce her mother and her ugly goon of a sister? beyonce is a fake piece of trash that treats everyone like crap; solange is a wannabe with a nasty attitude and a chip on her shoulder; and tina knowles is a tacky designer who, from what i hear is just as nasty,jealous,and low down as her daughters. that said, this family deserves every once of bad Karma being thrown their way; every once. stop feeling sorry for them and hope that beyonce and her family will finally go away.

1816 days ago


I believe this story is true. He seems to have a history from what I have read in the past of cheating. Do we blame him for cheating? or Mrs. Knowles for staying? The real innocent is the child who will never share emotionally in the love that Mr. Knowles displays on his daughters Solange & Beyonce. Sad. Poor Baby!

1815 days ago
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