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Dave's Alleged Extortionist's Child Support Woes

10/2/2009 11:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Robert "Joe" Halderman -- the man accused of trying to extort David Letterman out of $2 million -- had to pay a pretty penny in child support, according to court documents obtained by TMZ.

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According to the divorce settlement agreement he signed with ex-wife Patty Montet in 2004, the "48 Hours" producer was required to pay $6,800 a month in child and spousal support for three years. That amount was reduced to $5,966.66 in May 2007.

Their house was sold and the proceeds divided during the divorce. And the credit card bills, totaling approximately $13,500, were split down the middle. Halderman agreed to pay for the unreimbursed medical bills for his two children. He was also required to maintain life insurance.

The agreement also provided that the court would have the power to order payment of the children's college education by either parent. One of the children is now 18 -- college age. The other child is 11.

The wife -- Patty Montet -- filed for divorce on grounds the marriage was "broken down irretrievably."


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Sounds like his wife is a practiced extortionist, too.

1854 days ago


Collects child support even after she used the child's identity resulting in a 12 year old having a bad credit report and judgments for unpaid utilities. Illegal but SD Court approved. Child support enforcement plays games to get maximum federal funding and grants. The child support officer perjury as shown by her affidavit which makes no sense. But in a town where you can get ticketed for speeding and get it reduced to jaywalking laws are fluid. Senator John Thune's home state where he sits on his hands and does not care about children or federal laws being broken.

1844 days ago


They're both skunks

1856 days ago


Dave is a puke. He is so immoral it is pitiful. He can dish it out, but can't take it. He is a classless piece of crap.

1856 days ago


How is $6,966.66 REDUCED from $6,800?

1856 days ago

low key    

Desperate times require desperate measures. Let's see 48 hours sweep this under the rug. CBS presents this program in color.

1856 days ago



1856 days ago

o rly    

he & Chef KOOKY tried to extort me too for something I may have or may not have done with SIMONE.

1856 days ago


What a dirt bag!! He had such a good job now he will have none. How greedy and sick. I hate David Letterman, but this was wrong. Long Live CONAN!!!!

1856 days ago


That's not alot of support for his ex and children with his salary as a CBS producer and only for 3 years. He also should have left the house to wife and kids not split sale of it. He's greedy and I'm glad David Letterman and the police caught him with the sting.
I don't even like David Letterman and this just shows he's also a dirty old man as didn't he have his now wife as girlfriend for years, so he was cheating on her. His staff probably went alond with the bedroom scene or else be let go, who knows?

1856 days ago


Now, I wonder if that idiot Mark Lauer will come to Letterman's defense again. Just like when Lauer interviewed Palin and was rude to her and implied/suggested that Palin had no right to be upset with Letterman for making those sexual cracks about her daughter..... now we know otherwise don't we.....

1856 days ago


Do you think Halderman's kids are actually David Letterman's kids due to Letterman's relationships with staff members?

If not, why do we care about Halderman's financial woes?

1856 days ago

same same same    

the alleged Extortionist dude should get a reward for exposing letterman! give him a damn trophy.. letterman is an a--h--- idiot. can't stand his big condesending mouth~ who in their right mind would want to do him anyway... maybe letterman paid the guy off for some publicity...

1856 days ago

Smooth Criminals    

I do respect Letterman's courage for explaining what happened to his audience live. Not many would have the guts to do that. Whatever happened is really between him and his wife. I don't think he should be fired for it. If everyone in TV was fired for cheating on a live in partner or spouse there wouldn't be hardly anyone left.

If Letterman does retire, it would be ironic if Leno did get his show. I liked Conan until he forced Leno out and took over the Tonight Show. I thought Conan was a real sleaze bag for doing that. The Tonight Show with Leno was number one in it's slot. It isn't anymore since Conan took over. I think Conan and NBC overrated his appeal.

Sarah Palin is obnoxious and inconsequential in more ways than one.

1856 days ago
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