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Joe Jackson to Branca: 'Mr. Who?'

10/2/2009 2:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Jackson just arrived at the L.A. County Courthouse in the Michael Jackson probate case.

Joe Jackson: Click to watch
As we first reported, we expect some family members along with attorney Brian Oxman and possibly Katherine Jackson's lawyers, to challenge John Branca as the named co-executor in Jackson's will. We're told they have a document showing Jackson fired Branca. It's true, Jackson fired the lawyer several times over 29 years, but Jackson rehired Branca a week before his death.

The judge will be all ears at 1:30 PM PT when the parties discuss how well Jackson's 3 kids are doing with the guardianship.

By the way, when asked about Branca, Joe said, "Mr. Who?"


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None of the Jackson's know how to handle money. At least MJ admitted he couldn't. The two men MJ appointed to handle his estate do it for a living. I'm sure Katherine experienced spousal abuse for most of her marriage and witnessed MJ being abused by Joe. If the judge is crazy enough to let her have a say so that leaves the door open for Devil Catfish Joe to have a say. Hopefully that won't happen.

1844 days ago


Joe what you did to your son when he was young is chid abuse. And the sad part about it you dont even realize it .Im sure when you pass away some day your children will tell the truth. Right now they dont want to hurt thier inheritance. The emotional pain you caused Michael was deep. I pray hes at Peace now away from all the bad press and emotional pain.

1844 days ago


# 31 You are right about the child abuse, but in those days it was not considered child abuse it was DISCIPLINE and it is a part of OUR BLACK HISTORY most black children were whipped with a belt or a switch from a tree in those days, so of course Mr. Joe Jackson does not feel as if he did anything wrong because HE DID NOT that was the way black families discipline even your neighbor could whack you a few times if you were doing something wrong.Lay off Mr.Jackson he raised NINE children the way he knew how!!!

1844 days ago



1843 days ago


Old Joe is bad news. He's a skunk. He shouldn't even be there. What's he doing there??? The judge should bar him from ever attending any of these occasions. Also bar ALL Michael's siblings (apart from Janet). They are ALL parasites.

1843 days ago

Daphne Lorincz    

To #30 Andy - I heard someone said the same thing over lunch. That the cataloque might be sold to sony to pay debts. Although I disagreed with them, as the executors said that despite speculation, the cataloque will not be sold as it would be worth more for MJ's children. I like Branca, and I certainly hope & trust that he WILL NOT let us down. you know, we will wait & see. I hope and really hope the Branca team, will not let us all down, as I think very highly of John Branca (I dont know much about McClain). He just might merge MJ's own cataloque with the ATV one, just to boost the value of the overall cataloque. Its easier to pay down/off debts. MJ did have an awful lot of debts. Just wish the world is perfect & that he returned to touring 10 yrs ago, one world tour would have paid off his debts, rather than, now, just one big financial nightmare.

1794 days ago


I like MR.Joe JACKSON keep up the great work...If your family feels as if something is not right... fight for what is right...hope the children and Katherine are doing well and staying away from these GOSSIP BLOGS because most of these posters DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT RUMORS AND SPECULATION...SAD SAD SAD... WHERE WERE THEY WHEN THEY NEEDED TO FIGHT FOR MICHAEL WHEN HE WAS ALIVE...HIS FAMILY WAS CALLED ON INCLUDING MR.JOE JACKSON A FEW WEEKS BEFORE MJ DIED HE CALLED FOR IS FATHER'S HELP...SO THESE PEOPLE ARE JUST VENTING WITHOUT MERIT.

1843 days ago


WOW... I am shocked by what these people are saying most of what you are hearing on u tube is edited... I've heard comments about Michael is turning over in his grave and this maybe true it is because of THE PEOPLE SAYING ALL OF THESE NEGATIVE WORDS ABOUT MICHAEL AND HIS FAMILY...IF YOU WANT TO BLAME SOMEONE FOR HIS EARLY DEATH IT WAS ALL THESE NEGATIVE PEOPLE...MICHAEL WISH WAS FOR PEACE, LOVE AND KINDNESS IN THIS WORLD...I THINK THE MAJORITY OF YOU NEED TO FOLLOW MICHAEL'S WISH FOR THE WORLD...RIP MY BROTHER

1843 days ago


Why does the media keep asking Joe anything he does not have an answer for any thing. I don.t hold any thing against him but i think him,Latoya& Jermaine should just stay out of the media. Now that Michael is not around every time we look up it is the same three family members that has something to say.Latoya was the same one who was in the media and stated that something was not right with Michael hanging around the little boys.QUOTE she said you tell me what 35year old man spends so much time with a child at his house for a week & does not leave the room,& then goes away with a another child somethings not right those were her words then turn around & said he was GOD like.Then she said at the hospital he looked so good like he was sleeping & reports were saying his face was so bruised that is why the casket was closed come on now get the story straight.Somebody is lying.Dr Murray said he has faith that the truth will come out was he trying to tell us,because his video on you tube made no sense at all and where his he now umh!

1842 days ago


Joseph Jackson is a creep, he must be drunk most of the time too because he acts like he is out-of-it but wants to be "in it". the beginning when the Jackson boys were young, in the movie about how they started it was suggested that Joseph exploited them because he wanted to get out of Gary, Indiana when he discovered that they could sing. He took them to night clubs and contests to perform. The night clubs would prove disturbing for the young kids, mostly Michael because he was the youngest in the group.
Joseph lived his dream through them, he pushed them to do the best because he wanted to be successful and rich. He cheated on Katherine too, the book I am reading said that he took the boys on tour without Katie along so he could fool around with "groupies". Michael 's brothers had "meetings" with groupies in the same room and he was subjected to watching what went on between some of his older brothers and the girls. The song Dirty Diana is about groupies. I don't know why people didn't believe him when he said he was innocent of any crime because his face had truth written all over it, his eyes were not shifting, he looked straight at the camera from his home and said he was innocent, if he was lying he wouldn't have been looking into the camera but trying to cover his face with a jacket or looking in another direction because liars don't look straight at you if they are lying to you and don't want to really speak on camera but if they do, they try too hard to look like they are not lying.
Michael wasn't lying, the kid was lying because his father wanted him to. He was caught in a web of greedy leeches before he died, I believe Conrad Murray and the other doctor were also greedy participants.

1838 days ago

Lavinia Williams    

This whole scenerio is crazy. Joe should sit his old butt down somwhere and shut up. He sounds like a fool when he talks.
Latoya should go somewhere and hide. Her goofy self has had her 15 minutes of fame. Jermaine should also stop talking. He wanted that fame back but he is done with it.
How could you be late to a funeral aqnd make people wait. If it was me there, I would have left. The funeral was not about them but about Michael but they wanted their moment in the spotlight.
The only person who seems to have any sense is Rebbie. The rest of the family should just sit down and shut up.

1831 days ago


i love the jacksons.

1845 days ago


FIRST !!!!!!!!!

1845 days ago

barry Gordy is genius    

MR. JACKSON hired Branca ONE WEEK before His death? And all of a sudden, MR. JACKSON dies a week later???? WTF.

1845 days ago



1845 days ago
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