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Kanye West --

They're Just

Not That Into You

10/2/2009 1:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kanye West and Lady GagaIf Kanye West doesn't regret hijacking Taylor Swift, he will now -- we're told his concert tour with Lady Gaga was scrapped because ticket sales sucked. And "sucked" happens to be a nicer version of the word we were told.

And not only that -- our insiders say another factor in the cancellation was West and Gaga's people were at each others throats like their last names were Gosselin.

When it came down do it, we're told Gaga decided she'd be better off playing smaller venues ... and far from the headache caused by Kanye's ever present drama.


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99.9% of your all called it absolutely right on. KW needs to think before he speaks but never will. He continues to eat foot. If it hadn't been Taylor it would have been someone else. He's just a bad boy from the 'hood' who never had any manners let alone any class. I think he just needs to go away for a while (hopefully permanently).

1784 days ago


I am sorry I love Kanye and I am happy he stood up for what is right! He is awesome and Beyonce deserved the award.(we all know that is true not matter what you say)!! Love black men who stick up for black women. He should not be punished. People are just mad because he was right. I just think he did it in the wrong place and time. He should of blogged about it or said it in a video or something.

1784 days ago


Ohmigod!!!! Smaller venues??? WHOOO! That means close to rochester? OH GOD YES! MUHAHAHA!

1784 days ago


but i just love fish sticks. what's wrong with loving fish sticks.

1784 days ago

Linda Mott    

Kanya and all those who think it is ok to sabotage a performance deserve to have a boycott on tickets. He has enough star power that he will not suffer too much for his lack of remorse. I feel sorry for Lady Gaga. Maybe she should ask Taylor to take his place on the ticket.

1784 days ago


It was a bad combination but not all Kanye's fault. He has apologized more than enough for that and everyone should be over it. What the problem is on the other side is GaGa. GaGa should have been up front like RuPaul and would have a longer career. "Hiding" things is not the way to show you are an honest performer. I thought the MTV performance was gross and in bad taste. We have soldiers dying in wars, people being murdered on our own streets without the display of fake blood and death. Tacky as all the getups GaGa wears. Definitely a drag queen.

1784 days ago

Pee Wee    

Kanye has exuded a extreme arrogance for a long time. No Kanye is NOT the best rapper of all time and never will. Yes he is very talented but the way he carries himself as a person speaks volumes and the average American has no care or respect for someone who acts like that. His classless act at the VMA's was the straw that broke the camels back for alot of people.

1784 days ago


I supported his music and saw the glow in the dark tour. It was amazing. But he deserves this. Lady Gaga sucks and he is a deusch. Time for these celebrities to learn how to be humble. His CD's made great frisbees out my car window

1784 days ago


ohhhhhhhhh Karma it sucks huh Kayne... hahahaha

1784 days ago

Tiger's Help Sucks Too    

Every time Kanye does something incredibly moronic now, he always blames it on losing his mamma. How long does that excuse work? Plenty of people have tragic things happen to them without being a-holes. Kanye's not one of them. He never takes responsibility for his own childish, temper-tantrum behavior. What excuse did he have for all the stupid things he did while Mamma was alive?

1784 days ago


Kanye ruined any chances he had to do his mother proud. If it had been a person on "non-color" that pulled his disgusting display of racism, they would be so fired, blackballed, made to grovel, sent to PC treatment, you name it. Why is this hater getting off so easily????? He and Michael Vicke should be shunned for life as far as I'm concerned. But nooooo, the stupid "fans" will make sure that Vicke makes more millions for their silly little intertainment needs. Morons, at least boycott Nike.

1784 days ago


I heard Lady Gaga on the radio and she didn't sound like she was going to cancel or not be in concert with Kanye the douche. She had so many great things to say.

But who could be a cover

1784 days ago


haha GOOD

the world needs less of BOTH of them

Kayne has no talent and would not have any "hits" without sampling other peoples work

Lady Caca is finding out that people are fed up with her trying to be so strange and it's no substitute for real talent

GOOD DOWN with BOTH of them!!!

1784 days ago


Kanye West is a blatant racist.

1784 days ago


Lady Gaga and her manager were smart to distance themselves from the likes of Kanye and all his egotistical drama.

1784 days ago
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