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Kayley Gable

Rushed to the Hospital

10/2/2009 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1001_kayley_gable_ex_tmz_01-1We've learned the granddaughter of film legend Clark Gable was rushed to the hospital Wednesday night after she was found unconscious at her home.

Sources close to the situation tell us ... one of Kayley Gable's friends found her on the floor of her Hollywood pad and immediately called 911.

Law enforcement sources tell us the call was made at 9:41 PM for "unspecified medical aid." Kayley -- who was also a contestant on "Paris Hilton's My New BFF" -- was transported to a local hospital by ambulance.

We're told Kayley ended up ditching the hospital after an hour or so -- claiming it was all a misunderstanding and that she had simply suffered a panic attack.


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mrez golucky    

Yikes! Who?!

1846 days ago


O=M=G!!! PLEASE rell me I am 3nd!!!!

1846 days ago


I watched Kayley Gable on "Paris Hilton's new bff". Ok, it is a shame on me confess that I watched Paris's show, but, it is true.

1846 days ago


Kayley is a party animal. Hahahahaahahahahhahahahahahahaaahahaha.

Well, at least she was on the show. So, will be this "misunderstanding" something related to drugs???? I don't know...

1846 days ago

I am    

What's up with these Gables'? Stabbings, Overdoses...I guess all of the acting talent died with Grandpa.

1846 days ago


what a sad disrespectful way to live your life...this girl has been in so many drunken mishaps and just last week her brother was in the hospital after being stabbed?...what the hell is going on?..i adore clark gable...for family members of such a well respected,talented and adored man to act this way and be so trashy is beyond me...where did the class, style and morals of hollywood go?'s horrible..clark is rollin' in his grave is all i gotta say.thank god my kids don't act like this..seriously...and i'm not even famous!...hiltons, gables..thank god drew barrymore got her act together!!!...the others are all disgracing their namesakes and families..shame

1846 days ago

Your name:    

...Well that Legacys soiled.

1845 days ago


Clark Gable was such a class act. This girl is a big zero. I bet she tells everybody she's his grandkid as she stumbles from one party to the next.

1845 days ago


I like Clark Gable too butI don't think this apple fell fall from the familial tree. Clark rolled through Hollywood on drunken adventures for many years and there are many crazy stories about what he and his pals were up to. There was at least one car accident where he, while DUI, supposedly struck and killed a pedestrian and the studio quickly covered it up. Check it out on the internet. And his womanizing was the stuff of legends too. There were one or two marriages of convenience thrown in there as well to older, not so good looking women with money and connections.

1845 days ago


I believe the panic attack story. She was probably in a panic because her drug dealer got hung up in traffic.

1845 days ago


Does anyone else find it very very sad that a LEGEND like Clark Gable has a grandaughter that competed to be the best friend of a SKANK like Paris Hilton? What the hell?

1845 days ago


She looks like a "blow-up doll" in this picture. Granddaddy's li'l angel!

1845 days ago


Seriously, isn't there a better pic of this chick out there somewhere?

1845 days ago


"Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn!"...go look THAT movie line up, kids...

1845 days ago


#9 you are SO correct..and i applaud you....i am a huge "old" hollywood fan and collect what i can on all the stars/film)'s so sad that yes..her grandfather (clark gable) had many issues w/regard to alcohol, sex and scandal back in the are so right...and i respect and love this man and his was hidden back then by by the studios....and it's just unfortunate with the info that his son, john clark gable had he wasn't able to control and/or protect these kids more...i come from the same background i.e., my father was a huge alcoholic along w/same types of issues as clark's in the's up to the parents to take control of it and stop the abuse....i was was the hardest thing i've ever done in my life...but i have 2 children who are now adults who would never, ever participate in this type of it can be done....john clark and his wife obviously did not take control (i did it as a single mom so i know it can be done)....that's why these hollywood offspring ie. hiltons, gables, douglas' are such train's a disease and needs to be handled correctly in the beginning of lives before they ruin them and others...

1845 days ago
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