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Brave Nanny Enters Gosselin Family War Zone

10/5/2009 7:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While the brutal fight between Jon and Kate rages in the media -- their battle-tested nanny was left to fight the chaotic war at home. Talk about a war face...

Anyone wanna switch places?


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I'd rather eat poisonous jelly fish with a side broken glass....

1841 days ago


if sumone grab one of my kids like that she wouldnt be living anymore and she would be fired

1841 days ago

i still hate retards    

5. man, all those kids are retarded. they have long faces, their cross eyed. sort of look like little people/dwarfs.

Posted at 6:55PM on Oct 5th 2009 by mmafighter4life

hey, mmafighter4life. apparently you are looking at the children through your own retarded cross-eyes resulting from one too many punches to the head. as a matter of fact, that is one of the unique attributes about this set of sextuplets is that they ARE so healthy for such a high multiple birth count. usually one or more does have some affliction like downs or motor deficiencies, etc.--but they don't. please feel free to check back with me if you need any help understanding this post.

1841 days ago


If anyone cares to notice, the other three kids are crying and holding different areas of their bodies, where he hit them. Looks like he turned lose on them, and no doubt needs correcting on it. I had to double check for a min., thought the nanny was Kate. Looks and acts just like her. I wouldn't be too quick to judge her, not knowing all the details.

1841 days ago


4 of 8 are crying. That's not bad odds I'm so sick of this family, including the kids. Surely TLC there has to be a decent, non money hungry family you could be profiling - why these, why?
We're sick of all of them.

1841 days ago


Looks to me like about half of the 'litter' is having a bawling fit, but nonetheless, if that were my kid and that cow had her hands on it like she does this one...she'd be beyatch-slapped into next week and guaran-damn-T she'd never be able to have kids...not with my foot up in her uterus!

1841 days ago


This looks like the kind of nanny Kate would totally approve of. Those poor kids have a hateful nanny and two fame-seeking fools for parents.

1841 days ago


That Nanny resembles Kate...Might be why she chose her. I could not handle 8 those who hat is off to ya!

1841 days ago


Does that nanny look like Kate to you guys or is it just me?

1841 days ago

Jennifer Carter    

This picture is crazy, I can only imagine how hard it is to look after 8 kids, but this nanny needs to let go of this childs arm, someone should send this photo to the police or maybe Kate will see it and do something about it. If someone grabbed my kids arms like that, I would be behind bars

1841 days ago


She looks just like Kate and is acting just like Kate, a total Bitch! Those poor kids, are in evil hands all the time. Let them be normal little kids, but of course that will never happen because Kate and Jon got money hungry and thats all that they care about now. The damage has been done, I feel for the kids.

1841 days ago

A Picture Isn't the Truth    

Please remember that this picture is not necessarily telling the full story.....or even the true story. Talk about a lucky shot with great timing! I bet the photographer got lots of $$ for this photo. Children should be disciplined if they do something wrong (otherwise how do they learn right & wrong?) & we don't know the full situation here.

1841 days ago


I wonder how Kate will be able to afford to pay this nanny,apparently Jon stole all the money from their joint bank account.Maybe Jon and the nanny can work something out.

1841 days ago


I would be very concerned as a parent seeing the look on this babysitters face. She seems to be holding the child by the arm very tight. Time for these "parents" to start taking care of these kids.

1841 days ago


CLEARLY YOU PEOPLE ARE BLIND.she looks like she is hurting and being agressive but its clear that the one boy hit the other (which is why he is crying) and the nanny is giving him an ear full like she should. BOYS WILL BE BOYS DUH. You people are looking at things from the outside in. Dont jump the gun.

1841 days ago
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