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Cops: Suicide Note Found on Jenkins' Computer

10/5/2009 5:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Buena Park Police Department tells us they found what they consider to be a "suicide note" on Ryan Jenkins' computer -- the one found in the motel room where he hanged himself.

Cops say they found the page-and-a-half long letter titled "Last Will and Testament" -- which was written on August 20th -- three days before he was found dead at the Thunderbird Motel in Canada.

We're told Ryan never admits to murdering his wife, Jasmine Fiore, in the letter -- but he does apologize to family and friends for the pain he caused them.

Cops say in the letter, Jenkins blames Jasmine for the situation he was in -- professing both his love and disdain for her.


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See, I think that same thing OC. Pretty coincidential that she is dead within days of seeing of MC. I don't think he did it and I think he was trying to start over and that he honestly did love JF but we don't what someone else would do if they were mad at him.

1834 days ago

My Opinion    

Why is Michael Cardosi's mother saying they were planning on getting back together (in one report)....was that just her thoughts on both her son and Jasmine?...

This is what she said about Jasmine:

“They loved each other very much but the truth was Jasmine was capable of having multiple relationships. I liked Jasmine as a person but she and my son were too similar in a lot of ways. They both liked to party and have a good time and their relationship was very volatile at times.”

If Jasmine was annulling the marriage to Ryan and the paperwork of June 2, 2009 surfaced...why do anything with Ryan (cut it off and end it for good and move on once and for all)....why go to Las Vegas and stay at the Palms Hotel (beginning of August)...and put on your wedding bands for Ryan (why lead Ryan on)... and did he put more money on his credit card to have her in his presence and for her to be with him..probably so..because I think he thought it was going to work this time around (and I'm sure he used his card instead of cheques or cash because he knew he could cover a $30,000 credit card amount like nothing as he obviously got money from MWAM being a second place winner (an unknown amount and was waiting for his payout from I Love Money 3 $250,000. I wonder what Jasmine's form of income was? hmmmmmm)..and then three days before her murder....pick up her ex Michael Cardosi (which was planned months in advance according to her mother and he was not invited)....its pretty superficial to me and obvious she was playing Ryan (I doubt he knew about it or would have been OK with her picking up her exhusband from prison)....did Jasmine really know what she wanted out of life? .....I don't think so....she was utilizing the resources around her (playing men against one another...Robert Hasman knew about Ryan)...that was her personality...she was bound to met someone sooner or later that was going to lose his temper...and lose it...and that is what happened...

Jasmine would run from one man to another man...

I am sorry for your loss (horrific crime)...but this is not a one sided story...

Jasmine always needed someone to run to and move in with (one of her many men she had on a string)(when things were not going the way she wanted with one of her multiple partners and relationships) if that is not superficial and a very mixed up person and a user..I guess you can try to correct me than....

and I am not trying to say she was getting back together with Michael Cardosi....but she was definately running back to Robert Hasman...and leading Ryan on at the same time....

1834 days ago


As much as Jasmine made mistakes, Ryan did as well, they were both consenting adults and Jasmine was a victim. We live in a imperfect world where we all make mistakes, some larger than others. So really consider the victims family feelings before posting comments and respect those that have passed on.
Lisa did nothing wrong,she was the mother of someone she loved very much, her daughter didn't deserve this no matter what mistakes she made. please respect her when posting, she is going through her darkest days,the pain that is in her heart no one should have to endure. Her daughter was brutally murdered, there is no closure for her, a apart of her closure is listening to everyone ripping Jasmine apart.
Lisa take your power back, you don't listen to this or respond, who cares what these people think. Look at what site they are on, are they any better? In my eyes, they are worst then Jasmine's killer.
You know who Jasmine was, cherish those memories, do something that honors your spirit and Jasmine's life. You don't have to defend yourself to these monsters.
I don't know Lisa or her beloved daughter Jasmine, I felt compelled to post because I felt that the energy needed to be shifted. Both families have endured enough pain, I am challenging people to post thinking with their hearts first, sending both families healing energy, in their time of need. I am not sure who the killer was, but I am sure that both families deserve respect and the time that they need to heal.


1832 days ago

lisa lepore    

in reply 101 grace, you are sensitive and intelligent,thank you for saying that I did nothing wrong,cause everyday i am sure that I did.I watched my daughter leave her apt. with that guy,in her car,and never saw her again,so I do feel like I could have done something different,even though it is not a rational idea.thank you for your opinion,it is always hopeful for me to see someone be objective and considerate. women,beware!! Don't let emotions get in the way of being safe.Jasmine had a great life,a new business she was happy about,and good friends.I am sad to not see her dreams come true.she was a sweet,and kind person,and I miss her every day. Thank you for your kind words.

1821 days ago

My Opinion    

Dawn...maybe Jasmine told Tonja it was a green card marriage and it really wasn't....they all seem like superficial people Jasmine was associated with including Jasmine...her biological mother seems really sketchy also....(weird that one report stated that Lisa Lepore was setting up a bank account and when he heard a woman was found in a dumpster or found dead...she got the woman working at the bank to do a google search on Jasmine...seems really cold and callous to me).

Why did't any of these people that were so close to her (including her mother...since she claims Jasmine kept in contact daily with her) file a missing persons report also...They probably are all into organized crime including her mother.

1818 days ago
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