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Letterman Issues On-Air Apology to Wife

10/5/2009 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David Letterman David Letterman issued a "sincere apology" to his wife during the monologue of his show earlier today -- wasting no time in addressing his controversial handling of the extortion plot against him.

It was Dave's first show back since he admitted to having sexual relationships with multiple female members of his staff.

Several audience members claim Dave went on "at length" about his situation, sometimes using humor ... and sometimes getting serious.

Letterman also apologized to the women who work on his show, telling the audience he's worried that people will think he hooked up with women who were never really involved with him.


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Conan is SO WAY better than Letterman. Letterman resorts to being nasty for pretty much every laugh he gets. Whereas Conan is actually FUNNY.

1842 days ago

Debbie W.    

I truly feel sorry for Dave's wife, Regina!! How many other women have there been BEFORE you got busted, Dave?? If you wanted to have it 'all', then WHY put your wife-who has stuck by you all these years-thru this crap?? Not to be religious, but 'God created Adam & Eve'...NOT Adam & Eve & Barbara & Mary & Carol & Sue & so on...!! Nobody deserves to be extorted...BUT, Dave, if you had been true to your wife,in the first place, NONE of this would have happened!! Would you want Harry to behave as his father did when he grows up?? ...Now, don't EVER make any other jokes about any OTHER man in the news, who has ALSO been caught cheating!! You now belong to the same fraternity!! Too bad! KEEP IT ZIPPED!!

1842 days ago


Are you kidding me? Leave the man alone. We have alot more low life politicians to rake over the coals. So far, not one woman has come forward to say the relationships have been anything but consensual. Is there even a written directive from CBS saying that their employees cannot fraternize...

1842 days ago



1842 days ago


Dave is the man. All you people wish you could be like him especially at his age. Go Dave!!!!!!

1842 days ago

Donna - Phoenix    

PIG! And I want to thank all of you women in America who sleep with your bosses to keep your jobs, get promotions, get raises you don't deserve, while you keep the rest of us women in the United States DOWN!

1842 days ago


Letterman could give a rat's ass who he hurts. He's gone after people who never wanted the spotlight, left his own kid illegitimate for years so he could screw around with his interns, and in general, is a mean, dirty old man. Did his wife not think he wasn't marrying her for a reason? I'll be he has a spectacularly cheap prenup with her too. She's just the mother of his son. That's all. If he really CARED he wouldn't have done what he did.

1842 days ago



Letterman has been with his wife since 1984ish. Years before the affair. They may have not been legally married during that time but I'm sure they didn't have an open relationship. How would you feel if YOUR boyfriend/girlfriend of many years stepped out on you?

If it was okay for Letterman to have sexual flings outside of his relationship, I don't think he would be apologizing to his wife. Ya think?

1842 days ago


Hey Regina, if I were you I would take the creepy imbecile for ALL you can- Gazillions, then just become a cougar, you wont have any trouble finding a decent looking man you can hook up with since Dave is about as ugly as they come---INSIDE and OUT~!!!!

1842 days ago


Has anyone asked who these women were and what they wanted with him, sleeping with the boss and all that? Takes two, doesn't it?

1842 days ago

Sex Slave Dave    

White Trash Queen Sarah Palin: "David Letterman pals around with Roman Polanski!"

1842 days ago

Sex Slave Dave    

And the number one reason women employees would have sex with Dave: 12 inches of Meat Packin' Thunder!

1842 days ago


My GOSH! The guy dated several women over the years. WHY OH WHY is everyone referring to them as affairs. Affairs are things you have IF you are married. He dated these women, and then decided on Regina and married her. I doubt very seriously that Regina didn't know there were other women in his life over the years. GIVE IT A REST....

The ONLY thing that Halderman dude can look forward to is PRISON!

If I'm going to watch a Late Night show, I watch Letterman. But, I don't watch every night. NOW, just to help his ratings I'm TIVOing on one TV and watching live on the other.

1842 days ago


Speaks to the nature of man: the very large majority of men who can get some WILL get some. us women have to either start doing the same or stop expecting monogamy from our men. i think dave's wife knew about the affairs. what i'd like to know is what perks did these women get for sleeping with him (besides f#%@%g a celebrity.

1842 days ago


...and can we mention the fact that having affiars is WRONG? That Dave Letterman, the extremely liberal comedian, is IN THE WRONG?
For crying out loud, people. Shame!

1842 days ago
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