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Mel Gibson DUI Document

10/6/2009 2:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here's a copy of the order signed by Judge Lawrence Mira, expunging Mel Gibson's DUI from his record.

Mel Gibson DUI Document


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The Most Dangerous !!!

Crazy truck driver turned to dust a car and killed its leader in a second...

See this CRAZY VIDEO from the blog:

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1812 days ago


How nice it must be to be rich and famous...

1812 days ago

who dat    

Does this mean sugar-teats never happened?

1812 days ago

Mel Gibson is a racist drunken moron.

1812 days ago


There are people that have done a lot worse than Mel, that are walking the streets due to overloaded prisons. Or how about the killers and rapists that are turned lose on a daily basis? I agree, it's wrong to drink and drive. It kills innocent people and there's no excuse for it at all. Mel didn't kill anyone, he's payed his dues, he's great actor, and it time to move on. Drop it TMZ, it's making you look real bad. I like Mel, I like his movies, and I really hope he's learned his lesson. Of coarse, there's no good excuse for it, if he does it again.

1812 days ago


Anyone can have a DUI expunged after three years. Sorry to dissapoint- no special treatment for Mel here...same treatment as everyone else- its the law, which TMZ and every other corporation with at least one attorney on staff knows...It is so stupid that everyone is making such a big deal about this- If someone has a DUI on their record after the three year time period then they are an idiot--it only costs a court filing fee to get it expunged from your record and again, anyone can do it.

1812 days ago


1812 days ago


WHO CARES???!!!! MORE MJ NEWS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1812 days ago


We live in a world were the rich get a do over for their crimes and we the people get the shaft. No Justice, No Peace!

1812 days ago

The Seer    

Just another case of pandering to Hollywood bigwigs. Seems Hollywood has its own moral code and the members of the "club" are above the laws the rest of us in the United States of America abide.

Gibson is a drunken lying, cheating, aging Anti-Semetic pathetic phony Catholic excuse of a human being. When he finally kills someone with his drunken driving, let THAT be on the consciences of all involved with "expunging" his record.

Absolutely disgusting.

1812 days ago


He is a drunken racist anti Semitic cheating pig.
Read the transcript of h is arrest.

And he deserves the golddigger who's with him.

No to more movies of his!

1812 days ago


did he give any $ to the katrina people?

1812 days ago


TMZ, if you're going to play on this, at least tell like it is. He received no special treatment. Explain that the average man can have their records cleared as well after a certain length of time, for a first offense.

1812 days ago


It is so wrong that the non famous poor people get screwed by the system and the rich and famous get off. The laws should be equal for both parties, no favorites.

1812 days ago

Old Enough    

What happened to Michael Richards from Sinfeld? The same fate should come to Mel Gibson. THe man's a bigot and doesn't deserve to have his record exponged or for anyone to give him a dime of money for any movie that he has anything to do with whether it's produce or act.

1812 days ago
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