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Jenkins' Father to View His Son's Suicide Note

10/7/2009 1:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ryan Jenkins' father is eager to see the letter his son wrote three days before he was was found hanged in a motel room -- so he's making a trek to Buena Park, California to check it out.

Dan Jenkins tells TMZ he's been in contact with the Buena Park Police Department since finding out Ryan wrote a letter on his computer titled "Last Will and Testament" -- which cops called a "suicide note" -- and has set up an appointment with the BPPD to see it sometime next week.

As we first reported ... in the letter, police say Ryan never admits to murdering his wife Jasmine Fiore -- but he does apologize to his family for all the pain he caused them.

The BPPD tells us nothing found on the hard drive changes their view that Jenkins is responsible for Fiore's murder.


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lisa lepore    

In Reply #53 #55 I wannaknow. I did not hear of any physical abuse by Ryan,of jasmine,from her..I didn't change any statements.I said that she kicked him out of the place they rented together within the first month of renting it,due to his dis-respectful behavior,and breaking her trust in him,in his ability to be true to his words,to be reliable,and honest. How would you feel if you came home after a few days and found all of you clothes moved around and hidden,to make it look like you didn't even live there? He did very hurtful things to her,so she kicked hime out.that is not actually considered abuse,it is more like being a fake.

1838 days ago

lisa lepore    

In Reply to #36 Angeleyes,you are the only one that has the story right on.thank you for your opinion,it is refreshing to read a woman's viewpoint about relationships with old boyfriends or husbands.They actually can be purely platonic.You are correct in your opinion about Jasmine being over it that night with Ryan,he was extremely annoying,and I also believe that she just decided that she was done,and called Robert who has a plane,to come and get her the heck away from him,cut her losses,and get on with her life without him..She had a good life planned out in front of her,and didn't need the stress of him,even if he owed her a bunch of money for moving,etc.It is sad that one moment of rage can remove someone's life,and ruin so many others.Just one very bad night.Women get killed everyday by men who cannot control their rage and violent behavior.No one deserves to be taken out like that,no one.

1838 days ago


How could there be no abuse that you are aware in the relationship? He was arrested in June.

1837 days ago


"it sounded like they weren't even around during those two or three days Ryan was at the apartment. He was told by them that Jasmine had left him to go to Vegas, which is corroborated by Robert Hasman's story that she was heading to Vegas to be with him"

Who are "they" and "them" that you are referring to?

1786 days ago

lisa lepore    

Reply Questioner I have recently driven from Vegas to LA,it is definitely a 6-7 hr drive.depending upon traffic.Jasmine and Ryan were driven by limo downtown,and driven back to the poker event,where my daughter's car was parked.You guys will hear all the gory details when the Detectives release their story to the press.My daughter was not heard from after early Fri. a.m. because ryan had the phones,and then she was not alive this so hard to figure out? He was texting as though he was her,on her phone.She just wanted OUT.A private plane,a car,a taxi,anything but being in the presence of that guy anymore! She was over him,is that not obvious? He didn't take well to the facts,and re-acted in a violent way,a deadly way, that Jasmine never saw coming.Sad story,strong woman,lost to un-expected violence.happens almost everyday,I am sad to say my girl is gone in this way.

1832 days ago


Lisa I am so very sorry for the loss you are suffering of your lovely daughter. It's been easy to see she was a pretty young woman with lots of dreams and spunk and desire to make a good life for herself - The people who knew her best spoke so well of her.

Do know that there are many who feel your loss and know that though Jasmine is not in this world any longer she now is in one of God's many mansions. Bless you dear and look after yourself.

1831 days ago

lisa lepore    

#78 Angeleyes,Mahalo to you,(thank you in Hawaiian)I only am knowing about this site,due to Vegas people reporting,and probably making money! to TMZ about my PRIVATE memorial.So,I started responding,and you are kind,most folks are shallow minded,and cold-hearted,and make very disgusting comments,based on mis-information,and their own issues of whatever they are.I will not be focusing on this site much anymore,I was maybe just waiting for an intellingent comment,like yours,to appear, to give it a rest..Aloha,Lisa

1831 days ago


What is the holdup with the autopsy results? That would clear the time of death for me.

I would also like to hear about RJ's TOD also. Maybe the calls from the police came when he was already dead? I'm thinking he killed himself the night he wrote his last will and testament. The manager said he had been dead for awhile and the room smelled like death whatever that means.

1827 days ago


Lisa, below is a quote from you to a news report on Aug 18. Is it true or just something the article misquoted:
Jenkins telephoned Lepore on Monday to say her daughter had vanished and that he had filed a missing person report, she said. "He told me Jasmine dropped him off at the apartment (that weekend) and went to do errands," she said.

Read more at:

1822 days ago


Hello lovemj. I had read that article a long time back. Here's the thing, everyone in JF's family says RJ was a liar, manipulator, etc. When he puts in this missing persons report and tells the family he did so, they believe him? That shows to me that they put trust in this guy because you do not hear anything about how anyone else filed the report so this does not go along with the statements saying these terrible things about him. This is where I am confused, if it was my daughter in the situation, I would have filed the report myself to many reports cannot hurt the situation.

1821 days ago


It's an excellent point lovemj. I'm glad you put up the post for everyone to read. Thank you.

1821 days ago


Hi Christina, i posted that to remind some of things they are quoted as saying early in this case, but they keep changing as it go along. there's two stories going on here in my area that reminds me of this case. last night, they released a former policeman that had been convicted of murdering his wife. now they know he did not, but he said he was going to kill himself if they had not found this info and released him soon-he couldn't deal with knowing he was innocent and still sent to jail and the hell they put him through. so much for these ppl here that says ryan wouldn't have killed himself if he was innocent, right! he also said he has seen first hand how totally wrong police can be when they hone in on someone they THINK did it and once that happens, they pretty much dont WANT to accept new information proving they have the wrong person. he admitted he was like that when he was on the force, and it took him going through this to realize just how often this is done. if ryan killed himself (i'm not convinced he did), i would bet it's because he went through hell in jail, being the "soft" man he was. there's no telling WHAT he went through there and couldn't go through that again. i believe he said as much to his father when he was jailed before. The other case, one man was the KNOWN (in the media) suspect of a murder but then the police locked up an ex-con on a parole violation. Turns out they believed he killed the woman but couldn't prove it yet...hum!

1821 days ago


Pretty interesting lovemj. I completely agree that RJ's suicide may not be that he was guilty. He told his father months ago he would rather be dead than go back to jail which is probably the reason he is dead. The thing that concerns me with the police in CA is that the city is bankrupt. Do they have the money needed to further in this case to make sure or are they just going to stay with this story they have now?

RJ was never proven guilty before he was convicted in my opinion. Had things been handled differently, I think that the story would have played out alot differently. I would like to hear LL's response to your question because it is an excellent question. Let's see.

1821 days ago

lisa lepore    

Reply #98 My Opinion,Where did you find that quote about someone throwing money at Jasmine? It definitely wasn't me,although I have been misquoted often.There was a second police report made,to the LAPD,by Jasmine's business partner,on sun.She is the one who made ryan make a claim on Sat.He conveniently made it with the Sheriff's dept.who don't look at reports on missing adults until Mon.morning,when the regular cops come to work.It is very hard to convince a police dept.that an adult is seriously missing,on a Sat. night in LA.Jasmine's business partner (in the gym she was about to open) was going ballistic at the station,and insisted that they take her seriously.At LAPD.They are the ones who connected the found body in Buena Park,on Sat. with the missing persons report by Jasmines friend.Not Ryan's with the sheriff dept.I know that you guys like to think that Jasmine owed a bunch of money to some bad person,but actually ryan is the one who owed money,in many areas of his life.Jasmine's bills were paid on time,up until she died.She didn't owe anyone anything.She made a tragic mistake,when she let ryan back into her life after kicking him out in June.Otherwise she would be happy with her new business getting off the ground,and enjoying this time of her life.

1808 days ago

lisa lepore    

This story is getting pretty old now,but at least i found the Quote about money being wrote some stuff in the beginning of this story,and it was in reference to Jasmine's view of modeling.In her eyes the media was throwing $$ at her,to model.They reported stuff about Jasmine that was so far from the truth,it is shocking to me to read it.That woman Marta Montoya should get a life,and stop running her mouth about my daughter.She didn't know her very well,,and has so much interest in the spotlight of the media,it makes me gag.She makes it sound like jasmine was broke,and then met ryan,and was chasing his $$.Which is so ridiculous.She walked away from men with far more $$ than him.Enough already.he is the one who needed cash.her life was in good order,financially.Untill she met him.

1804 days ago
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