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K-Fed's Trashy Pad -- Bad for Brit's Kids?

10/7/2009 11:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained dozens of photos of the disgusting, filthy rental home Kevin Federline is accused of destroying -- but the real question ... how the hell could he raise his two little boys in a bona fide dump with dismantled smoke detectors and exposed electrical wiring?


The photos show the Tarzana, CA home wasn't only dirty, but extremely dangerous -- with cigarettes and glass bottles tossed all over the yard, and broken pieces of tiles and pottery right near the play area.

So the question ...


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This is a prime example of someone (britney) getting bad advice (sam lutfi) and someone (K fed) being pushed by sharks for greed. no way those kids were better off with him than a sane, properly medicated britney. he's a moocher and a piece of crap

1842 days ago


Trash attracts trash. Perfect example: Brit-Brit and K-Fat. Another example: K-Fat and all that trash in that house.

1842 days ago

Billie Jean    

You can take the boy out the trailer....

1842 days ago


AHH! First...He is a Dirty, Fat Slob. WHY does Britney have to pay him ALL that money to do nothing. Look at him. He doesn't work, that's why he's turned into a pig. To me he has always looked dirty, but this just proves he is dirty. Anywhere the kids live with him Family services need to make regular visits. YUK! GROSS, all those cig. butts, can you imagine how filthy his teeth are, and what he smells like...???

1842 days ago

whats up Doctors    

I looked at the pictures, lots of cig butt's, But some of the pix should not be there ,Broken tile ,roof tile.A birds nest on a lite. I think your digging a little to far

1842 days ago


It's Britney and her father's fault. She is the one that never asked for him to take a drug test or be looked into. They bowed down to his every demand ignoring that he was known to choose partying over his kids.

1842 days ago

jim goosh    

This should prove to everyone what a travesty it was the his lawyer was ablt to get this uncaring self serving PIG dirtbag custody of those kids. It should have gone to Brit's parents while she was getting better. She was being drugged by Lufti and Adnan and probably this schmuck for a while as well and had males feeding off of her instead of being men and providing for her and her kids. It's disgusting but is a true testament to the TYPICAL LA MALE FAME WHORE

1842 days ago


It does look like your reaching abit. I thought you said he hasn't lived here for six months. Some of this could have occurred after he moved out. Has anyone gone in an photographed Britney's home. She's pretty trashy so God knows what her place looks like. Kids are living in far worse then this in everyday America.

1842 days ago

Sand D    

It isn't as bad as some. Looked more like landlord problems that he should have fixed in exchange for the rent and remember he was moved out and left it as is.
If you think this is bad you should see MJ's pads omg those were awaful...awful not even a rat should have lived in those...oh wait one did! what was his name oh yeah Jacko, he even sang a song for the rat! But really he lived in expensive junk piles, rooms full of high priced junk.....all that glitters is not gold.

1842 days ago


This is the definition of "white trash"...........what a pig!

I am white so, save your negative comments.

1842 days ago

whats up Doctors    

I believe he got fat on purpose, so he gets on that TV show that will pay him 1 Million dollars to loose the weight. Hope they cancel the show,,rotflmao

1842 days ago

letz byonest    

K FED ITZ NOT OK!!! i mean seriously you make so much money to eat
and watch your kids...Pay the rent!!! Spit stains? Seriously???

for more ITZ NOT OK NEWZ click here...

1842 days ago


What a PIG!

1842 days ago


Definitely reaching in some of those pics. Looks like poor quality workmanship on the building of the house. The cigarette butts are gross but I've read that Britney lets her dogs peep & poop all over her house.

1842 days ago

who dat    

Is this really a surprise. KFat is a slob with no control. Total loser. Can you imagine what it smells like after he takes a dump. Between his diet of slim jims & pork rindes, he probably bubbled the paint in the bathroom to. Great visual, isn't it.

1842 days ago
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