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Justice Delayed for Kate -- Judge's Wife Dies

10/7/2009 10:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the judge in the Jon and Kate Gosselin war has canceled today's hearing because of a "family emergency." Court officials tell us Judge Arthur Tilson's wife died of cancer early this morning.

The hearing will be put off until at least next week.

Here's the problem -- as of now there isn't an order in place prohibiting Jon from spending the money he's taken out of the account without Kate's consent. It would seem her lawyers will go into court and get some kind of emergency order stopping Jon from spending the loot.

Stay tuned ...


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Tee Cee    

That's what happens when you "pimp" your kids...the pimp always ends up with all the money. Greedy for money has wrecked your home, ruined your marriage and put your business all out there. When will people learn that to lust for money means disaster???? Kate, take your kids, give them a real life and stop all this stupid stuff! For Pete's hasnt gotten you nor Jon anywhere!

1788 days ago

Darla Creech    

That judge probably wasted time dealing with Jon and Kate and should have been home with his wife. So sad!

1788 days ago


I think it's a sign that they need get their sh-- together and do all they can to work it out, maybe divorce isn't the answer at this time. It's too easy to call it quits.

1788 days ago


OK # 110; GREAT JOB ; You proved that there were withdrawals taken out of the account. Now prove that Kate did not take money out of the account. Oh and while you are at it prove that Kate does not have money in other accounts. Well can you prove anything. Anything at all. I thought not. Stupid!

1788 days ago


Team Kate!!!!!!!!!!! We just love watching a woman abusing her husband.

1788 days ago

Witch Kate    

instead of Mommy Kate, yes come on where's your proof of what Kate has in the bank. Did you think Jon can make it that you can only have $250,000.00 in each account in order to have the FDIC (federal deposit insurance ) in case the bank goes under especially in this day and age it is happening and Jon said she has 11 accounts because of the limits imposed. Come on you can add that up 250,000.00 X 11 = how much money does she have in the bank. She is used to him not touching any money for the past 10 years and she was in AGAIN TOTAL CONTROL FREAK KATE AGAIN AND WHEN SHE IS NOT IN CONTROL SHE CAN'T STAND IT. Tell your kids you are going to have to get a job at McDonalds cuz daddy stole all the money... I guess she forgot she is a nurse? right? or maybe that was a lie too.

1788 days ago


If we all band together we can get TMZ to stop the coverage of the Gosselin's. The fans at "E" Entertainment did it over Spencer and Heidi Pratt from "The Hills". "E" put up a poll on their website asking if they should stop all coverage of "Spiedi" (as they were called). And the we astounded to get the response of 82% Said STOP, and only 18% said Keep them.

This would be the best thing for everyone. We could get some other news and Gosselins could get their lives back on track. I really think if everybody butted out, Kate would shut up, Jon would go back home and the kids would have a normal life after all. Good Luck Jon, you are going to need it!

1788 days ago


Is everyone gone mad? Have you watched more than one episode of this show. I have not seen many myself, but when I began to watch Jon irked me so terribly much. He is supposed to be a man but instead he made the show seem like Kate plus nine. If he wasn't acting like a child she probably would not have had to treat him like a child. And where does separation give you license to run all over the world with your new girlfriend, especially when kids are concerned? You don't see Kate exhibiting this type of behavior. Jon is simply sour because his role on the show was diminished. For those that say they should get regular jobs, I think Jon was in computers (IT) and Kate was a nurse if I'm not mistaken. They both decided to do the show because it would allow them to continue to live a comfortable lifestyle with six additional mouths to feed. So what! There have been no child labor breaches. Get real! They only tape 3 sometimes 4 days a week. I hope it works out so Kate can add more to the children's accounts.

P.S. The show would not be gearing up for season 5 if the viewership was not there.

Um jus sayin'!!!!!

1786 days ago


Jon,do you think you r happy at the end because you succed to be away from your family?I think not,later all your money will lost,no one will accept you.You underestemate your wife Kate because she cannot move on of her 8 children with her,but remember nurses are intelligent and wise,she is skillful and knowledgeable.When your kids become big,they are the one who kick you and figth with you.Since they are still a child,no one will help their mother.Go on with your happiness because your parents and you are broken family.Latter you suffer the responce to you.

1785 days ago

your daddy    

Kate is a selfish and stupid BITTCHH. Most of smart a$$ in here STFU!!!!! Obama's rule Jon won! Kate gets lost, go clean up your kids poos and stopped hidding the money.

1783 days ago
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