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Letterman's Former Hookup Banned from CBS Set

10/7/2009 5:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Stephanie Birkitt -- the woman at the center of the David Letterman sex scandal -- has been banned from setting foot on the CBS set where the "Late Show" is filmed.

Birkitt used to be David's assistant -- appearing on the "Late Show" numerous times -- and later became his personal attorney. It was Birkitt's ex-boyfriend -- Robert Halderman -- who discovered Letterman's secret relationship with her ... and then allegedly threatened to release the scandalous information unless Letterman forked over $2 million.

Sources tell TMZ that security at CBS is well aware of Birkitt's ban from the set.

Worldwide Pants just issued the following statement: "Stephanie is on paid leave of absence ... she has not been banned from the Ed Sullivan Theatre."

But TMZ just spoke with someone associated with security at Letterman who just told us, "Security got a verbal order that she is 'banned' from the property for the time being."


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So funny to see un-substantiated, unknown sources pretending to offer "news."

1841 days ago


Wow! If she gets pissed off for being banned, here comes the sexual harassement suit. Top 10 reasons you shouldn't sleep with your employees;

1841 days ago


Great picture of Dave! He looks like he's been dead a few days. well done!

1841 days ago

Cherry Carver    

Uh, Letterman is the VICTIM here, folks.

As for Birkitt being banned from the set, there is every reason to believe that she had a hand in aiding Halderman in his extortion attempt, since he had possession of her diary.

1841 days ago

Hong Key    

You people need to get over Dave. Birkitt is equally as immoral for letting Dave put it in real shallow. She knew he had a wife, and because she has no morals she let him put it in and SHE wrote him love letters. Lets face it people, she wanted it just as bad, and he gave it to her. Why is she all of a sudden a victim when she wanted it?

1841 days ago

Dave Evans    

As for comments from Letterman, "I appreciated using her as a receptacle, unfortunately we got found, out so I gotta end it."

1841 days ago

Daddy wants some of the pie too.    

Two consenting adults having sex. So? Sexual Harrasment? Come on. Women are always going after celebrities and sports figures. Men chase female celebrities too. Always has been this way and always will be. Look at the informercials for get-rich schemes.You always see men surrounded by beautiful women that they couldn't get before. I have a Corvette--they are car groupies too. Music groupies too--all willing to have sex --just because. A celebrity had affairs. SO WHAT??? No different than your neighbors or friends at work that have them. Why some people think celebrities are perfect, can walk on water and never do anything wrong cracks me up. Some blogging here have loved ones being unfaithful to them right now yet they waste their time worrying about David Letterman. Perhaps thats why their spouse is straying. If you don't take care of YOUR OWN business someone else will do it for you.

1841 days ago



1841 days ago

the sea    

This is a non-issue. She isn't going to "set foot on the CBS set" or go anywhere near the theater because she would be mobbed by paparazzi.

Doesn't mean Dave couldn't meet with her somewhere else to get a little "something something" if he chose to.

1841 days ago


I wonder if someone asked Letterman if all this sex with underlings was worth the problems it created? It never is worth it in my view. When you make $30M per year on the job, you must believe you are bullet proof and can do and get away with anything.

1841 days ago

d-anna zobb    

i believe that jon and kate are just a act!This is all to boost their ratings watch they will end up back together and ratings will fly to see what happens. I dont think they ever intended to seperate, she tells him what to do and how to do it only thing is he got a little freedom and went wild. Believe me she in no way is ready to give up the power or money this is all for ratings. Notice how they're are all over talk shows people were getting bored of their hum drum organic boring life they had to step it up and what better way than scandal

1841 days ago


What a revolting human being he is. Was. And always will be. I can't imagine anyone watching him on TV let alone sleeping with him. Eeeeewwwwwwww.

If I were his wife I'd be calling the locksmith on my way to my lawyers office.

1841 days ago


At any other corporation, an old geezer boss who dates young interns would be reprimanded and dismissed. What do you say when your famous boss asks you out on a date? You have to say yes, even if your not interested. What young college student doesn't want to intern for CBS, its a dream job? Dave knew full well he was taking advantage and left these young girls in a comprising position. Either you date the boss or kiss your dream job good-bye. I have no respect for him and will not watch his show anymore.

For all of those who think it was consensual sex, dream on. If the president of your company started hounding you for a date, for sex, what option do you have? You either date him or risk losing everything. Who is going to believe you if you complain? He's
David Letterman and you're a noboby.

1841 days ago


Dave is just plain nasty & mean. A big bully
and not funny either.
His best days are over & this taint will follow him to the grave.

1841 days ago


The best thing that happened to the Letterman show was Leno moving to primetime and this scandal. Over the last few years he just appears crotchy to me.

1841 days ago
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