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Randy Quaid's Wife Sued for Brush with the Law

10/7/2009 6:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Randy Quaid's wife opened a can of paint -- now a police officer is opening a can of legal whoopass ... suing Evi for defamation after she plastered a giant sign on the side of a truck accusing the cop of taking illegal bribes.

Deputy James Davis -- the target of Evi's attack -- filed the lawsuit today in Presidio County, TX.

Evi painted the sign after she and Randy were arrested by Deputy Davis last month -- after warrants were issued for their arrests for allegedly stiffing a hotel in Santa Barbara.

Davis' lawyer, Jason Snell, tells us, "I represent a man who's been in law enforcement for 32 years and he's being accused of engaging in illegal activities, something he's never done."


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Paddy B.    

What the hell has gotten into Evi Quaid. She's in enough legal trouble as it is, and what does she do? Imply that Deputy Davis is on the take! How stupid is that?!
It's been my experience that most cops are honest, but when it comes to accusations of wrongdoing, they'll come to each other's aid and God help the person(s) accusing the police of any misdeeds.
If there's one thing I've learned, it's that you should NEVER piss off a cop! Whether he's in the wrong or not, don't piss'em off. You only invite more trouble. Deputy Davis could sue the Quaids for slander, and I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if the Quaids legal troubles keep adding up.

Be polite to the cops, and let the lawyers handle it.

1779 days ago


I suggest she and Randy get away and check into a hotel somewhere ... ahhhhhhha oh wait. Never mind.

1779 days ago

jen jen    

good!! i hope that crazy ass bitch gets what she has coming for all the hell she put me and my co-workers thru trying to collect payment from her at the hotel. she gave us a bad cc # once and the girl that booked her reservation didnt run a pre-auth and almost lost her job. evi would literally hide until the spa was closed, thinking we wouldnt find her. yes, we had to hunt her down to get payment out of her. she is a bitch and a self centered lunatic. i am so happy to see this story!!

1779 days ago


jarrod, you need to lay down....ass

1779 days ago


For a cop of "32 years" you'd think he had a thicker skin !! Surely an accusation a lunatic like that would be water off a ducks' back to him?? I mean really.

1779 days ago


Then why didn't he arrest her or file a lawsuit at the time? Why wait now? Good luck getting any money. Stand in line and wait just like the rest of us.

1779 days ago


This cop is a good example of a bad cop. Why didn't he arrest her at the time instead of waiting to file a lawsuit? Why did he talk to TMZ about everything instead of doing his job? He just wants TMZ to keep posting his name and giving him publicity instead of doing his job. Good luck getting your money Deputy Davis. Get in line with the rest of us.

1779 days ago


Evi is a whole lot of crazy. His family is scared of her, but Randy loves her. Please monitor her meds.

1779 days ago


I wonder if Evi has a sister.

1779 days ago


Can she spell CRAZY too?

1779 days ago

wait, what?    

You can't arrest someone for defamation all you can do is sue them. I hope he gets a hefty check from these losers.

1779 days ago
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