This Little Piggy Went to Paris ... Hilton

10/9/2009 4:00 PM PDT

This Little Piggy Went to Paris ... Hilton

One lucky little pot belly piglet is about to live a life of luxury -- Paris Hilton style.

TMZ has learned Hilton has ordered a $4,500 Royal Dandie™ miniature pig from a breeder in Oregon -- who'll hand-deliver the piglet to Paris in 4-5 weeks.

Paris' piggy -- who'll be named "Princess Pigelette" -- will be nine weeks old when she arrives and is "closely related" to the piglet pictured. We're told she's black, white and pink -- and is already litter box trained.

A rep for Hilton tells us, "Paris is thrilled! She is a major animal lover and is excited for the arrival of her new piglette."

The breeder tells us these mini pigs are healthy, friendly, clean and more intelligent than a dog.

Tinkerbell -- if she's still around -- isn't gonna be happy about this.