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Daddy, Is That You?

10/11/2009 11:06 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After a moment of uncertainty, one of Jon Gosselin's daughters finally concluded that the man in front of her was in fact her father.


Or, as her mother calls him, "That bastard."


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CAL. Thanks for the link. I hope others see the real story. I go to every site you post. Thank you for being 'real' Always know, there are many here that appreciate people like you who speak the truth and not paraphrased crap from the media or paps. Keep it up. If only for the sake of the children.

Thank you.


1803 days ago


I'm amazed at the unthinking racism shown by those who are deciding that one or more of the children have Down Syndrom based on some paparazzi photos (apparently these diagnostic whizzes also don't let the lack of any professional qualifications on their part get in their way.)

Get a grip, people, regardless of what you think of either or both parents!!! People of Asiatic (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.) ancestry normally have a distinctive eye shape due to the present of an epicanthal or epicanthic fold in each eyelid, regardless of the individual's intellingence. The reason that Down Syndrome children were once referred to by that rightly discredited slur, mongoloid, was that most children who are born with that genetic condition also are born with an epicanthal or epicanthic fold in each eyelid regardless of the child's ethnic/racial heritage.

Jon is part Korean; therefore his children are also part Korean and their hair, skin tone, and eye shape reflect that fact to varying degrees. It says nothing about the intellectual level of any of the children one way or the other.

1803 days ago


how many family reality shows do we have to see destroy a family before the tempted families just say no? There REALLY isn't a very good record for these shows. Only the really 'special' families can last through all the cameras, money and attention, ie. Osbournes, Kardashians and Heff's gross harem.

Must change vow to: Till finale' do us part.

1803 days ago


It makes you wonder, how this man could put fly by night sluts over this little angel who will love him unconditionally.

1803 days ago


"Hannah looks special" do you immature idiots realize you're making fun of a 5 year. Get a hold of yourselves. Those kids are absolutely adorable and lovable. Grow up.

1803 days ago


Someone needs to do something to protect those children now. With all the nasty , filthy and hurtful things that people post in their comments it is just a matter of time before the children start hearing these things. Karma, people; some of the nasty things that you post will come back to haunt you some day. Soon I hope.

1803 days ago

ex lax    

them kids sure have some imbread acting parents

1803 days ago


Whatever Jon's reasons for pulling the plug on that show doesn't matter, those kids shouldn't have to work to support themselves, and their parents.

Its the parents responsibility to cloth, feed, and provide a roof over their heads.

These are children!

1803 days ago


I LOVE TMZ's comments. They are soo funny. Great job!

1802 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

Nothing says..... "restoring family values", "actions speak louder then words", "it's time for me to grow up", "trying to be cordial", "I'm taking the high road", "I love my children and have their best interest at heart" Jon Gosselin's Contradictive IT IS ALL ABOUT ME WORLD TOUR the last month!

Yep, real daddy material, great playmate for the kids, but that is about all he amounts to, not a man of morals, values, credibility, integrity, strength, or a man who should ever preach about how he wants to write a book so he can TEACH OTHER DAD'S HOW TO BE A DAD! Yeah, great role model who promotes family values.

I think the South Park Toilet Turd could do a better job of restoring family values and being a Dad to the Gosselin children, then Jon Gosselin, himself.

Kate was on to some thing when he jumped him for breathing too loud.

Stupid people should not breathe, period, so hold your breath Mr. Douchaliscious....start on the count of 3...1......2.........3......GO!

1802 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

I've a great idea Jon for your next career move. A TV program "Jon Gosselin Party of the Working Class" and each week America can vote what type of job you should go work at for an 18 hour day....I choose a pig farm pitchforking manure as your first episode. Working on a farm and getting dirty and actually burning some of that self deprecating and self indulgent tummy flub off of your waistline and working up a sweat to appreciate the hard earned dollar in America these days! To actually get a taste of physical hard labor. I'd love to see you wallow in the muck and whine and play the role of Eeyore!

1802 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

haha little Hannah is trying to help her Daddy enunciate ...D.O.U.C.H.E.B.A.G

Good Hannah!

1802 days ago


I wish you people would give this story a rest. Why is any of this important?

1802 days ago


To those of you who get perverse pleasure out of the mess that has become the Gosselins life , you should be ashamed. It's so easy to sit back and criticize every move they make. If any of us were in their situation i wonder how great we would do.If you have an opinion fine, but don't call either of them disgusting names.They both have made mistakes which seemed 1,000 times worse because every move they made is photographed and filmed.I hope they can work things out so the kids will have Mommy and Daddy back in the same house at the same time.

1798 days ago
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