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Lohan & Gosselin: Father Knows Worst

10/12/2009 11:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There was a d-bag dad summit in Pennsylvania this weekend, as Michael Lohan paid Jon Gosselin a visit.


Topics covered during the momentous meeting included: alienating your children, fame-whoring your way to the bottom and how to bad mouth your ex and come out looking worse.


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I never thought I'd ever say anything even remotely positive about Kevin Federline but has anyone seen anything coming from him in months that indicates that he is still interested in ML's Divorced Dad Club project, if he ever was? Also, the consensus appears to be that when Britney was going through such a terrible series of one crisis after another that he provided a stable home for their two boys and certainly does not seem to have done anything to damage their relationship with their mother. I still thing he was a gold-digging publicity hound who dumped his pregnant partner to bag Britney, but he has conducted himself with far more discretion post-divorce than either Gosselin or Lohan.

1835 days ago


Whenever Jon's been at the house, with his questionable friends, does Kate have the place fumigated b4 setting foot inside? Just seeing a picture of these two makes me want to grab a disinfecting wipe to clean everywhere they touch. ewwwww.

Jon is such an idiot. He let Kate lead him around by the nose for ten years instead of being an active participant in the marriage, now he's being led like a lamb to the slaughter by his friend, manager and "lawyer". He can't make a decision on his own to save his life.

1835 days ago


ew look how disgustingly fat john is getting. the dude needs to die already. for real.

1835 days ago


Parent alienation (PA) happens. It happens to fathers and mothers. It happens to custodial and non custodial parents. To live through it is heartbreaking. Most parents, when the separation/divorce is fresh, are guilty of PA in mild forms and it usually subsides after a few years.
The worst of the worst aggressively alienate. It seems as though they decide that the children must chose them over the other parent. These parents, some with mild mental illnesses, don't have the ability to see the value of the other parent in their children's lives. Either the children are with the alienating parent or against them. There is no middle ground.

I don't know if either parent is aggressively alienating in this case. PA goes on in secret or on the sly. It is very difficult to prove and the state where Jon and Kate are located doesn't even recognize PA. The US, in general, is well behind Canada in its recognition of PA.

FWIW, Gardner didn't invent PA, there was a previous book published by the BAR Association which talked about brainwashed children. I believe it was published a decade before Divorce Poison.

From my experience, I believe that aggressive parent alienation is more common in high conflict divorce situations. Conflictual people see things as win or lose, are pervasive blamers (their problems are never their own fault) and have the "either you are with me or against me" attitude. Conflictual people live for and create constant conflict, while claiming to be the victim.

I hope none of you ever have the misfortune of being in a high conflict/PA situation. It is truly heartbreaking.

1835 days ago

Rather be an Athiest    

I have a friend who did time with Lohan and he said Lohan is a piece of sh*t. Lohan was a jealous, lazy, hypocritical, smuggler and had his gay shower buddy take it on the chin for him when Lohan had a disagreement with a supposed mobster. They gay guy spent two months in the hospital and Lohan escaped unscathed. Lohan also loved telling stories about doing women under tables and also doing his daughter's stunt double during PT filming. Praise Jesus, Michael.

1834 days ago


Despite all of the low-brow coverage and commentary about the Jon and Kate situation, anyone who has followed the situation honestly has to realize that both of these parents aren't going to be doing very well by their children.

Kate was clearly a controlling, overbearing, domineering, and abusive wife and mother (at least verbally so).

Jon didn't do anyone any favors by taking what Kate was dishing out, nor with his behaviors and actions in the aftermath of their split.

We talk about this case as a sad example of what can happen when a divorce and custody dispute goes high-conflict. Both parties are susceptible to parental alienation, and more often than not - the parent with the most physical custody have a higher likelihood of engaging in such negative behaviors that are so detrimental to the children.

In less salacious situations - which go on thousands and thousands of times across the country each day, parent-child relationships are being severed by vindictive, malicious, high-conflict ex-partners who care more about their hatred of the other parent than the love the children need from both of them.

1822 days ago
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