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MJ Camp -- It Ain't Just Michael's Song

10/12/2009 7:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John Branca, the special administrator for Michael Jackson's estate tells TMZ Paul Anka is right -- "This Is It" was not written by MJ alone, it was co-written with Paul Anka.

Paul Anka

Branca and his people are negotiating a settlement with Paul Anka's lawyer.

Branca tells TMZ, "We acknowledge that Michael and Paul wrote this song together."

As we first reported, the other special administrator, John McClain, told Anka "We'll give you whatever you want, whatever it takes we'll do the right thing."


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Stop Milking his name    

Branca & mcCLain are messing up big time.

WTF is Anka calling MJ a thief, if he co wrote the song?


1845 days ago

seeking the truth    

Hey fellow MJ fans STOP hating on Paul - he is a legendary songwriter and has every right to question this and demand money as he owns 50% of the song. Its Sony's fault for not planning it well not Paul's.

1845 days ago


If they both own the copyright then noone stole anything

1845 days ago


Why did they pick that song? And, how much did Paul Anka contribute to the song? If this continues, I will not buy anything Michael Jackson, it just seems like everyone is trying to capitalize. It's sad.

1845 days ago


wow, its paul anka's lucky day!!! he will be rolling in the dough! if that isnt lucky i dont know what is. how awesome would that be for your song to be released 20 years later and be so popular!

you are right though, its sony's fault not michael's. they are the ones who should pay.

1845 days ago


I am happy that they are willing to make this right. Paul Anka is a good man. Far better than the other man was......

1845 days ago

uk girl    

Surely it's gotta be 50/50,and how lucky for Paul Anka,with a capital W, that Michael died,Christmas has come early!!!!

1845 days ago


I remember this actually, wonder what happened.

1845 days ago


MJ did not "rip-off" Anka and he is not a thief, so stop telling that TMZ! They wrote the song TOGETHER, it's not just Anka's song!

MJ then recorded it for himself, which he had every right to do. He never claimed he wrote it alone (the Safira song was credited to both men). He never released it, probably never even intended to release it, because let's be honest: most songs he wrote alone are a lot better than this, so he didn't need to steal songs from Paul Anka. Stealing a song is when you claim credit to a song you didn't write, but since Michael co-wrote this song he is not a thief.

The mistake was made by Sony who didn't credit it to Anka and who didn't grant him his royalties. Michael, who didn't choose to release this song, shouldn't be bashed over this!

1845 days ago


Good for Paul Anka! I knew MJ was a deadbeat (not paying his bills), not to mention what he did to Paul McCartney. But now, he's a thief as well. If I were Paul, I would pay close attention to any of MJ's unpublished catalog and make sure he didn't copy any more of Anka's songs or try to make money off songs that weren't entirely his to begin with.

1845 days ago


Way to go Paul get all the money you can. Boy I like when they bring all this sh*t out on MJ. Just proofs he's not a saint. Paul you are entitled to half of all the money it brings in. GO PAUL GO

1845 days ago


Sharon - Could you be any more ignorant? I think you are just a caucasion racist who is till sore that MJ bought the rights to the Beatles songs. That and the fact that he married your King's daughter.

1845 days ago



Did you actually read the articles or just the sensationalist headlines by TMZ? Jackson and Anka wrote this song TOGETHER. So how do you steal and rip-off a song you co-wrote? Not to mention that MJ probably never intended to release it.

And what did he do to Paul McCartney? He beat him in an open auction for the Beatles catalogue. Tough luck for McCartney, but he could have paid more and then the catalogue would have been his. That's business.

1845 days ago


As we first reported, the other special administrator, John McClain, told Anka "We'll give you whatever you want, whatever it takes we'll do the right thing."

Take it all Paul you deserve it all.

1845 days ago


And the nightmare gets bigger and uglier---damn...will this ever stop??!! ANYTHIMG FOR $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!!!!!!!!!!

1845 days ago
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