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Judge to Jon & Kate -- Settle this Mess!

10/13/2009 10:48 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The judge in the Jon and Kate Gosselin divorce clearly has had it up to here ... he didn't rule on any of the epic conflicts but ordered Jon and Kate to settle up and work it out with the arbitrator. The judge said he'll be down with anything the arbitrator decides ... with one provision -- it has to be in the best interests of the children.

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The judge said any monies taken improperly from the joint account should be returned, but he didn't get specific. He also admonished Jon and Kate to keep things "private" and "amicable." Good luck with that.

Before the short open hearing, lawyers met with the judge in chambers for about an hour but no settlement was reached.

They're due back in court on October 26.


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Basically all this Rush-Rush to Court was a big Waste-Waste.

Why didn't they just make the appointment with the "Arbitrator" instead of the Judge ??

The Judge said he'd honor anything the Arbitrator decided . . . .


1800 days ago


Did anyone notice that he just threw his cigg on the that not littering???

1800 days ago


I can't believe Jon, he says he wants his kids off TV, then takes Entertainment Tonight, to the bus stop to pick his kids up on the twins birthday. What's up with that? He is making a fool of himself each time he appears on TV. Kate, I feel is just trying to get her side out there, and if there is no more money from TLC coming in I say get it anyway you can. Famous of not children hear and see all kind of things because of divorce, they will pull through, it's been going on for years. I don't see anybody trying to shut down the Little People show, or the Duggars show because it's bad for the kids, neither is this show. I live for this drama, that's why I watch it, if your sick of seeing it quit buying the mags, and watching the entertainment shows and then they will be off the air for good.

1800 days ago


Arch Kate obviously has a brain unlike Jon who seeks out the paps just for attention. I would hide too if I was followed to the grocery store everyday. Hiding proves nothing. And Jon had no right to secretly withdraw money from that account as per a court order. It was a slimeball move and you can tell from the look on his face that he is scared now because it is all spent and he has been orderd to put it back.

1800 days ago


Neither Jon nor Kate was authorized to touch that account for anything other than everyday family expenses, which were determined by the court. This was dictated by a court arbitrator, and Jon and Kate signed an agreement stating that.

The only $$ to be removed from that particular account was if Kate wrote a check for something like tuition and overdrew the everyday checking account - the bank was authorized to do that. If the court finds out that Kate took any unauthorized money from that account she would also be liable to replace it.

Why don't people understand this?

1800 days ago


I laughed watching Jon walk into court. He was scanning for the paparazzi the whole time. Kate, meanwhile, kept her head down and motored on in. When Jon left the court you could see it was KILLING him not to talk. And, oh, the smirk. That narcisisstic smirk. He is such an awful creature, such a waste of perfectly good carbon and oxygen.

1800 days ago


The look of panic and fear on Jon's mug today after court was because of the following:

Jon and Kate entered and exited court separately after meeting with their lawyers and a court-appointed arbitrator to discuss their financial situation.

The judge and counsel went into chambers for approximately an hour and after returning ordered parties to put all of the money back into the accounts and return to court on October 26.


1800 days ago


Good for the judge. Guess it wasn't all as cut and dry as Kate claimed, or else he would have ruled against Jon. Seems like both of them have been taking money they shouldn't.

I think the Judge should fine either party $15,000 for every time they talk to the press/tabloids. That money would then go into a trust for the kids. It would only take a week or so, before the kids would actually have most of the money that they had earned. LOL

1800 days ago


USUALLY, I DO NOT TOOT MY OWN HORN BUT, I suggested early on that the court needs to appoint a Guardian ad Litem to protect these precious children from such self-absorbed, selfish, publicity seeking parents who were totally unknown until birthing eight babies. Jon and Kate have demonstrated, repeatedly, that they are just a low class couple who happened to strike it rich. Tell that to the millions of decent and loving parents and, SINGLE PARENTS, who are struggling to keep their precious children from going to bed, each night, from HUNGER. Unfortunately, this is all too true.

1800 days ago


thank you sigh....hopefully people can understand now although i'm sure ARCH still won't get it

1800 days ago


The look on old Jon Juans face says it all; I hope he is squirming because it looks as if he has to find all that money somewhere (probably half already spent on the lawyer's retainer) and return it. Look for his toys to go on the market soon. At another site the first microphone I saw was ETs so obviously he tried to sell his story to them but now there is no happy ending for the douche bag.

1800 days ago


His fat face makes me want to punch him

1800 days ago


I wish that every tabloid, entertainment show on tv, or any media spewing system would STOP even posting this clown's picture. I mean, the show made a name for him so to speak. The media is publicizing him as if he were "someone." He's a nobody who had 8 kids, cheated on his wife (who granted is a biatch, but c'mon), and is parading around town (all the time) as if he were the ish. He deserves no face time or no publicity whatsoever! Let people forget about him by NOT posting his pics, stories or comments up. BTW, I love how TMZ puts him on the spot when they have him on camera! Love it! Jon you're a douche!!

1800 days ago


Pat, Kate loves the paps as well. If she didn't love the paps, then she would shield herself and her children from them. What's wrong with her covering her face with her hands or something? She loves being seen as well.

Kate needs to be a mother and spend time with her children. The nannies are with them more than there mother. Since they live with her, they should be with her more than they are with the nannies.

She can't show single mothers what it's like to be with her children, if she's not with them.

1800 days ago


I said it before and I'll say it again -- Jon needs to write a book detailing all the stupid idiotic rules Kate made him follow as well as all the quirky obsessive things she did while he was around. Nobody realizes we have a mentally ill person here (Kate) that holds waaaayyyy too much power.

1800 days ago
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