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Judge to Jon & Kate -- Settle this Mess!

10/13/2009 10:48 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The judge in the Jon and Kate Gosselin divorce clearly has had it up to here ... he didn't rule on any of the epic conflicts but ordered Jon and Kate to settle up and work it out with the arbitrator. The judge said he'll be down with anything the arbitrator decides ... with one provision -- it has to be in the best interests of the children.

Jon Gosselin: Click to watch
The judge said any monies taken improperly from the joint account should be returned, but he didn't get specific. He also admonished Jon and Kate to keep things "private" and "amicable." Good luck with that.

Before the short open hearing, lawyers met with the judge in chambers for about an hour but no settlement was reached.

They're due back in court on October 26.


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If there is a God, he/she will make these two pay attention to their eight children and quit boring us with their every move. It's hard to believe that these are the adult parents in this scenario. Hope they have saved up enough money for the kid's therapy. They are both losers. To read "Please, I'm begging for a Jon and Kate free-zone" go to;

1779 days ago

Successfully Divorced Without Media    

2 pieces of advice for Jon & Kate:
1) Are we not out of high school yet? Grow up & get your sh#$ together without subjecting the rest of us to the relentless daily doses of moronic stupidity.
2) Put the money back - it will come in handy when you get hit with the bills for the years of extensive therapy the children will need as a result of the infantile behaviour exhibited CONSTANTLY on both your parts.

1779 days ago


116. I said it before and I'll say it again -- Jon needs to write a book detailing all the stupid idiotic rules Kate made him follow as well as all the quirky obsessive things she did while he was around. Nobody realizes we have a mentally ill person here (Kate) that holds waaaayyyy too much power.

Posted at 1:47PM on Oct 13th 2009 by clear
Finally, someone with some truth to what they write. Jon has been so misrepresented in all of this. Kate is a real looser of a wife and mother. She only portrays herself otherwise on that stupid TLC show.
Friends and family have shut the door on Kate. She is a fake.

1779 days ago


keep things "private" ??? not a single part of this divorce has been private. Since day one Kate is getting on every TV show she can and into every magazine she can to run her mouth about the divorce and Jon became sick of her constantly making him look like the bad guy and her the victim so now he is talking to press and going on TV shows to get his side of the story out.

Notice how he keeps looking at his lawyer in the video, probably because he told him to keep his mouth shut. The judge probably scolded both Jon and Kate for there actions of talking to the media constantly about what is going on.

I think they have both made very poor choices since the divorce started but I do have to lean a little towards taking Jons side. Jon was trying to just have fun and hang with his friends and before kate started going on tv and talking to the media Jon did not speak really about anything concerning the divorce, he did not start talking until Kate started going to everybody with story after story and where does she get she is broke and has no money to pay bills? Last I checked you get paid to do interviews and go on shows so she is full of it not to mention you expect everyone to believe her Jon blew threw all the money they made from the show?

Jon has made poor choices with going out and partying and all but at the same time I can kind of see why he did that. His marriage was falling apart and maybe he was just trying to have fun in his life and be as active as possible so he did not have to think about it or fall into some kind of depression. Alot of people who go threw tragic events such as a divorce will start going out and partying and keep active to try and not think about the situation.

When I got out of a 2 year relationship with my sons father I was out constantly partying and I had not done that since before my son was born but it kept me from thinking about it and kept me happy instead of me burying myself into this black hole. Now for others they handle it differently by throwing themselves into work which is what I did when my grandmother passed away or they allow themselves to sink into depression and do not want to do anything and just end up constantly thinking about the situation and it tears them apart to the point where some think about suicide and some even go threw with it

1779 days ago


116. I said it before and I'll say it again -- Jon needs to write a book detailing all the stupid idiotic rules Kate made him follow as well as all the quirky obsessive things she did while he was around. Nobody realizes we have a mentally ill person here (Kate) that holds waaaayyyy too much power.

Posted at 1:47PM on Oct 13th 2009 by clear

So true!

1779 days ago


he should have the book thrown at him for littering!!

1779 days ago


I found this video on Youtube where Kate demands her money back from Jon -

1779 days ago

sensible grandma    

Jon is the one who has to shut up. He has been all over TV land spewing lies to anyone who will listen. Yes, Kate has made appearances, but she has not trashed Jon. She just answered questions that were asked of her. Jon is very desperate, and next he'll be turning on his kids. You had better stop & think, Jon, because you will be going back to poverty if you keep Kate from supporting the kids. Don't think you are going to support them. You are too busy acting like a kid yourself.

1779 days ago


Hmmm...douchebag Jon doesn't have much to yap about anymore does he. I hope he ends up in jail as Bubba the Love Sponge's new special friend.

1779 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

Here is a classic example of a sick little BUSY BODY! Go back to GWOP with your super private gumshoe made up assumptions, what a fruit loop you are! Get a life of your own, stop obsessing over Kate Gosselin's. You are like that small town little coffee gossip, the old miserable lady who is a busy body.

78. Reality Check, don't call a person a moron, because they bring up Steve's name. I strongly believe that Kate cheated on Jon with Steve and maybe someone else. I could be wrong and I am not afraid to stand corrected, but I will not just go on Kate's word. She said she never cheated on Jon. Yet, she cheated on her ex-fiance.

Gosselinsuck, Kate cheated on Jon and it will come to light pretty soon. I know that Steve's wife name is Gina. So, tell me Gosselinsuck, why doesn't Steve wear a wedding ring?

Posted at 11:51AM on Oct 13th 2009 by Arch

1779 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

the walk of shame! LOVE it! Bet that lawyer totally could empathize with Jon's embarrassment, since he too has been guilty of being a thief and liar like Jon Gosselin.

What a true BROMANCE LMAO!

1779 days ago


To all you nasty bloggers and you know who you are why don't you keep your nastiness to yourself? I don't mind any body having an opinion but some of the words used to describe these people is immature and disgusting.No matter who was wrong(and in my opinion both were) they have to go to counseling to learn to co parent . There are 8 kids futures at stake .God only knows how any of us would have ended up in their situation.And for those who said they never should have done a reality show, what would you have them do to to support the kids?Any one of us would have done the same.I wish the Judge would insist on counseling for them. It's a sad story that srtarted out so good. I for one wish them well. They have to be parents first and put their hatred aside!

1779 days ago


tink11, the dow just hit 10,000. Maybe we're finally coming out of this recession. Now if the unemployment rate could just go down we might be getting somewhere!

1778 days ago


Jon Gosselin should have appreciated what he had. Instead he has become obsessed with Kate's every move and has gone out of his way to hurt and humiliate her. He has really lost it and I believe it is because he has a drinking problen, and quite possibly a drug problem as well. He needs to get help from AA and or NA as well as some other type of anger management or therapy. He also should go to Church and pray for his family and for some strength. A real man takes responsibility for his behavior, and since most people see that his actions are more than distasteful, maybe he should acknowledge that and make better decisions for himself and family. Actions speak louder than words Jon and you need to open up your eyes and see what everyone else is seeing and do something about it.

1778 days ago


No the judge should get some balls and earn his monies.
Your honor,,,, settle this mess!

1776 days ago
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